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All-in-one software for bulk EML File Conversion and saving in different healthy formats. 4n6 EML Converter can convert EML files generated by any email client.

  • Convert EML Files in 2 Popular Email File Format: MBOX and PST
  • Export EML Files in 4 Document Files: PDF, HTML, TEXT, & CSV
  • Migrate to Gmail, Office 365, & IMAP Account Using EML Converter
  • Convert EML Files with Emails, Contacts, Attachments, Calendars, Tasks, etc.
  • EML File Converter Supports to Batch Convert EML Files/Folders At Once
  • Maintains Email Properties, Email Header, File Header, and Data Integrity
  • Mail Filter to Convert Selected EML Files/Folders as Per Requirement
  • View EML Files in Different Modes: Content, Header, Properties, & Raw Message
  • Extract Option in EML Converter to Extract Attachments, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers
  • Date Filter to Convert EML File by Date, Month, Year, or Date Range
  • Download EML Converter and Install It on Windows 11 or Below Versions

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EML File Converter Tool

Best EML Converter Tool

Easy and Safe to Convert Multiple EML Files

EML file converter has received a very positive feedback from industry experts. This tool was developed in order to address the concerns of every possible type of user. In addition to this, we have provided our users with a graphical user experience that is really simple and straightforward. Users are able to convert EML files on their own without requiring any external help.

Steps to Use 4n6 EML File Converter:

  • Step-1: Download EML File Type Converter and Launch
  • Step-2: Add EML Files or Folders in Software
  • Step-3: Preview Email with All Attributes
  • Step-4: Select Export Option & Start EML Conversion
EML Converter Tool

Recommended for Forensic Investigators

It is a highly-recommended for Forensics Investigators. Before converting EML files to another format, the tool displays all the file's details in a preview window. One is able to preview EML files using a variety of modes, including content, email headers, hex view, and raw messages. This preview is quite useful for performing an in-depth analysis of the EML files.

Advantages of Choosing 4n6 EML Converter

  • Lifetime Valid License: Buy EML File Type Converter just once and use it for lifetime
  • 100% Safe Software: It is verified on different parameters of security check
  • 24X7 Free Support: Experts are available to solve your qeury round the clock
  • Fast Processing: EML File Type Converter is capable to export complete data in fraction of time

Wide Range of Export Options

EML Converter Tool - Supported Export Options


Everyone is aware of the popularity of the Portable Document Format. It is the most common, portable, and safe file format that can be used to store any kind of information. This format is successfully supported by our software. In order to safeguard your important emails, you can quickly convert EML Files to PDF format using this EML Converter tool.


It is a personal storage table, a file type used by Microsoft Outlook programs to store data such as calendar events, contacts, and email messages. This EML converter software supports this file type and allows you to change EML files into Outlook importable format along with all their attachments. Also, you can open EML files without Outlook with this app.


It is a universal file format that is utilized by a wide variety of email clients. If you need to convert your EML files to any platform that supports the MBOX format, you can easily do it with the help of EML converter tool. It is able to enable the conversion of EML to MBOX with no information being lost.


The term HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML files are text-only documents with highly-interactive information that is specifically built for digital consumption. If you need to open your EML files on a Web page, then you must store them in this format. The 4n6 EML Converter Tool allows you to convert EML files to HTML document in a few simple steps.


A CSV file with a particular format that allows you to save data in a tabular format is referred to as a CSV (which stands for comma-separated values). This EML file converter software provides this format as a saving option and can safely convert messages from EML to CSV format.


These files are a specific kind of digital file that are not executable and can include letters, numbers, symbols, or a combination of all these. ASCII files are another name for this particular file format. If you ever need to convert your EML files to Text format for any reason, you may use this EML file converter. The TEXT format is successfully supported as a saving option.

Main Features

Key Features of EML File Converter Tool

Move EML Files to Popular Email Services

Users are able to safely convert EML files to major cloud-based or desktop-based email services with the help of this EML Converter Tool. This wizard allows the conversion of EML files into Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, Yahoo, AOL, Amazon WorkMail, Zoho Mail, Thunderbird, Exchange Server, Roundcube, and many other services. It also lets you convert your EML files directly on cloud with complete security.

Convert EML Files with Attachments

EML converter tool allows users to open EML file with attachments or just the attachments from the EML file. When you right-click on an email attachment in an EML file to save it, you will get options like Open, Save, and Save All. Select the appropriate option as per your requirements. To store multiple EML attachments at one go, select the Save All option.

Dual Option to Convert EML Files or Folders

EML file converter software is a self-contained app that lets you convert .eml files into multiple formats. Users can convert EML files in two ways: by choosing a folder or by selecting a file. The Choose Folder mode allows you to pick a folder containing multiple .eml files, whereas the Choose File mode lets you select a single file or several files by pressing CTRL +.eml. The program can detect .eml files written by Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, many other platforms.

Batch Convert Multiple EML Files At Once

EML converter wizard offer the facility of batch conversion of files; thus, allowing users to save a lot of time and effort. You can easily perform bulk conversion of EML messages and their attachments into the required format by using the Folder mode. It means that it is not necessary to choose EML files one at a time in order to convert them.

Conversion of EML Files with Headers & Body

An email files header provides vital information, such as the sender, recipient, email’s route and more. 4n6 EML file Converter tool allows converting EML files with the email header information. You can also get the complete preview of all email headers. This feature plays an important role while investigating emails for fact finding purposes in forensics. To convert email headers along with the EML files, enable the option "Including Email Headers" and the app will do the rest.

Advanced Search in EML Converter Tool

EML conversion software is designed with an advanced algorithm. It helps you find word inside an email using the Quick Search option. You can also search in respective messages using the multiple advanced filters such as search by Date, Name, Time, CC, has Attachment, Content, Property ID, File Name , Property Name, File Size Unit, Property Value, File Size. This software to convert EML files is completely secure and offers accurate results.

Advanced Compact View in EML Converter

EML file converter tool allows you to hide system folders during the conversion process. To hide folders, you need to check out the Compact option available at the left bottom of the screen. This hides the subfolders and eases the conversion of multiple .eml files.

Secure and Standalone Application

EML converter software comes with a user-friendly interface that all types of users can easily access. It is free from all errors and allows you to save converted EML files at the desired location. This tool does not need any external installation for the conversion procedure. It is a standalone wizard that offers quick and accurate results.

Extract Selective Data from EML Files

EML file converter allows users to filter and extract only the desired data from an EML file. This helps to save the conversion time, the effort involved in the process as well as the storage space occupied by the resultant files. The tool provides various extraction options for the selective conversion of EML data, such as: extracting only emails addresses or only phone numbers from a text file.

Successfully Supports All EML File Platform

We know that EML files are supported by many email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook Express. Using this EML converter tool, you can convert the EML files created by any email application to any file/document format. Also, you do not need to install any supportive application to convert multiple EML files or folders.

Software Specifications

4n6 EML Converter Tool - Requirements

Software Download

Size : 44.9 MB

Version : 3.0

Trial Limitations

EML Converter freeware allows you to convert 10 emails from each folder. It is recommended buy EML file converter full version for complete data conversion.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
131.1 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz Processor

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008

Electronic Delivery

The delivery of the 4n6 EML Converter Software is automatic. After the payment has been completed, you will receive an email containing the product download link and activation key within minutes.

Software Screenshots

EML Converter Tool - Working
click on open files
select your eml fiels or folders
preview your eml files data
choose file saving option
eml converter

Software Video

EML File Converter Tool - Working Explanation

Software FAQ

EML Converter Software - Asked Questions

5 Simple Steps to Use EML File Converter:

  • Step-1: Download EML Converter Software and Launch
  • Step-2: Browse .eml file / folder in Software Panel
  • Step-3: Preview Email and Click on Export Options
  • Step-4: Select One Export Type and Browse Path to Save Output
  • Step-5: Click Save to Start EML File Conversion Process

It is quite simple to save EML attachments using this EML file converter software. All you need to do is to select, extract & choose attachments options and save all the attachments in their original file format. For example, if an email consists of a PDF as an attachment, then that PDF file will be extracted in the selected location in your system.

This EML converter tool does not require any external application for the process. It can easily read EML files of all email clients, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, and Windows Live Mail.

Yes, 4n6 EML file converter tool supports the conversion of only selective emails to any file document format. You can also conduct searches using multiple advanced filters such as search by Date, Name, Time, CC, Has Attachment, Content, Property ID, File Name, , Property Name, File Size Unit, Property Value, and File Size.

Yes, this EML converter allows you to view the hex values of EML files before converting them to another file saving option.

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