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Convert EML to MBOX Files Without Any Loss Of Data

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 3rd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Do you want to convert multiple EML files to MBOX with attachments? Also, looking for some instant and cost-effective solution to convert EML to MBOX format? So read this write up to the end and explore as much as possible!

Here, we will offer you the most reliable and tested app by which you can easily fulfil your requirements.

How to Convert EML to MBOX File ?

Manually converting EML files to MBOX format is difficult task. Therefore, we have developed the best EML Converter Software that can easily accomplish this task. With this app, you can export unlimited EML files into MBOX format without losing information. The application also allows you to export EML files in MBOX format in batch or selectively. With this app, one can easily import EML files to several savings like Gmail, Office 365, Exchange, Zoho Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, and more.

You can follow these simple steps to understand all the functions of this best EML to MBOX conversion program.

Steps to Convert EML Files to MBOX by Automated Solution

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With the trial version of EML to MBOX Converter Developed by 4n6, users can export the first 10 emails from any folder for free. There are two ways that users can use EML files or folders to load EML mailbox into the application window. This application is easy to install and use on Windows computers. In the meantime, we spend a lot of time managing the number of users. You can transfer as many user mailbox files as you want. For example email, attachments, etc. Follow these simple steps to complete the Convert  EML to MBOX conversion process.

Launch 4n6 MBOX to EML Converter and select one option from Select File or Select Folder to add a mailbox (MBOX) to the software catalog.

select eml folder

Now you can check the complete preview of EML files in the software panel.

complete preview

The application offers numerous saving formats, choose EML as saving format because in this post we are specially discussing the process to convert .eml to .mbox extension.

select mbox option

Then enter the desired location and click the Save button to continue.

select destination path

From the above, it can be easily concluded that this is one of the best solutions available recently. Also, it is very convenient for non-technical users. You do not need advanced technical knowledge or advice to complete the EML to MBOX migration process.

select save option

Watch Video Tutorial:

Feature of Best EML to MBOX Converter Software

  • Move EML Files to MBOX in Bulk: This utility saves users a lot of time by providing a batch conversion function for exporting/importing EML files. This feature allows you to import multiple EML files simultaneously. Mass installation saves users time and energy.
  • Search within EML Files: This EML to MBOX Converter tool was developed using advanced algorithms. Use Quick Search to find words in emails. You can also search for related messages using several advanced filters.
  • Convert EML Emails with Headers: Email headers are the most important information in an email. Among other things, the user learns about the sender, recipient and e-mail route. It enables you to convert EML files with email header details.
  • Gives Advanced Compact View Option: With the conversion EML to MBOX, you can hide system folders during conversion. If you are running the application on a Windows computer, look for the “Compact” option. Hide subfolders to make exporting multiple EML files to MBOX easier.
  • Maintain EML Data File Hierarchy: Transfer EML files to MBOX format without any change in original content. Because the best EML to MBOX converter maintains all the email properties while converting EML files to MBOX, PST, HTML, Text, G Suite, and more formats.
  • Convert EML data with Attachments: The software manages attachments, subject, label, internet header, date, time, HTML links, to, cc, bcc etc. without manipulating the original details. The program that converts EML to MBOX provides perfect and 100% accurate results.

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MBOX Files & Its Preferability

MBOX files are very flexible. Here, flexibility means that the file is neither platform nor OS-dependent.

Now, what if the files are independent?

It opens with every application. There are no requirements for the file. You only need to have the file stable on your computer to read it.

For MBOX files, you do not need:

  • Specific Operating System
  • Setup of Supportive Email Client

The application is not dependent on all these requirements. It can be read by any operating system. Also, you do not need any support email client installed on your machine to read the files.

Final Words

In this blog, we have suggested the best solution for convert EML to MBOX format. Therefore, if you want to export EML files to MBOX format, please use the suggested software. This allows you to safely export your EML to MBOX without changing or losing any information. We also recommend using the demo version first. When you are satisfied, use the licensed version of the tool. So, download the software and start export EML files to  MBOX folder.