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How to Convert EML Files to CSV Format in Easy Steps? Best Guide

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Nick Rogers
Published On
April 5th, 2024
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Do you want to convert EML files to CSV format? If you answered yes, continue reading this article to export the EML data.

Multiple users on the Internet are finding a specific way for converting EML files in a portable format such as CSV.

EML files have been supported by multiple Email Clients and services such as Gmail, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, etc. On the other hand, CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a type of format that stores the information in a proper manner. Most organizations store contact details in this format as it is easily accessible.

Since CSV format has been used to exchange a large number of databases it is mostly preferred. We have also received multiple user queries for the same. Some of them are:

User Query:

“I have had a lot of EML files in my computer system for some time now that I want to convert them to CSV format so that they can be put in one sheet. I also tried to do it using a manual solution but I didn’t get any response. Anyone who can help me convert EML files to CSV?”

“I was using a thunderbird email account for a long time, whose data is kept with me in EML format, but now I am trying to figure out how to convert all my data to CSV format? Since I want to move the data to another email client which supports the only CSV file format. I had used some internet tricks but they are taking a lot of my time and effort. Anyone can help me convert these file formats?”

How to Convert EML Files to CSV format?

By using the 4n6 EML Conversion tool, users can easily convert EML files to CSV format. The software allows users to convert multiple EML files in a specified manner without any kind of data loss. It also provides an Advanced Search option to search for a particular email from a large amount of data. It has been developed with a special algorithm that allows users to do multiple tasks within a single time period.

download button

Most professional experts also use this software as it saves most of their time and effort. With this app, it is also possible to convert EML files to several savings like PDF, Outlook PST, MBOX, Office 365, and more.

Instruction to How to Use this Utility and Convert EML Files

Use the Step-By-Step Guide and You can Easily Import EML Files in CSV format:

1. Start the given utility and Click on the Open button.

eml to csv converter

2. Select the Choose folder/files >> Upload the data directly on the Software panel.

select eml files

3. See the data and Click on a particular email to view its content properly.

eml file preview

4. Select the required emails according to your needs and tap on the Export Menu and select CSV as the file format.

select csv file format

5. Enter the destination Path and click on the Save button.

click save button

After that, wait for a couple of minutes and see the resultant prompted message on the screen.
Therefore, to convert EML files to CSV format is simple and easy. By clicking on the Open folder, users will be able to view the resultant message on the screen.

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Specialized Features of the 4n6 Software

  • Bulk Conversion: Users can do bulk migration of EML files into the CSV file format. While converting the data in numerous numbers, there will be no data loss.
  • Data Consistency: The actual structure of data is maintained throughout the process. And, it will be the same as the one shown in a particular Email Service.
  • Folder Hierarchy: While uploading the files on the Software panel, the folder hierarchy has been managed properly and the data will be shown in an organized manner such as Inbox, Archived, Trash, Sent, Important, and others.
  • Extraction of Data: The EML Files to CSV Converter can be able to retrieve the email meta elements such as downloading attachments, saving email addresses, and also retrieving phone numbers separately.
    Advanced Search Option: By using the option, the users can be able to find a particular email using different intents such as To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Email header, Filename, and File size.
Note: Users can use the software  for free and can easily convert 10 EML files to CSV at once using the Demo Version. To convert EML files to CSV in bulk, it is better to continue with the Licensed version.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many EML files will I be able to convert at once?

A: You can import multiple EML files into CSV file format within a single cycle.

Q: Will I be able to use the software on the Mac OS system?

A: No, the software currently does not support any versions of Mac OS.

Q: Can I be able to extract attachments?

A: Yes, you can easily download attachments from the EML data.

End Result

As a result, we have discussed one of the easiest solutions to convert EML files to CSV format instantly. The tool is simple and easy to use and can work according to the needs and requirements of the users.
And provides extraordinary features that are difficult to come by. And, can do safe and secure conversion with 100% desired results.