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How to Import EML to Roundcube Webmail While Protecting Integrity?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 21st, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Overview: This article is intended for individuals who wish to import EML to Roundcube Webmail. Here, you will discover a fantastic way to import EML files directly to Roundcube, independent of the account from which the EML files were extracted. We advise you to review all the information in the sections that follows in order to find the best answer.

Benefits of Maintaining EML Files in Roundcube

  • It supports drag-and-drop, which is a feature that greatly simplifies the process of managing email. As a result, Roundcube will assist you in better managing your EML.
  • The user interface is well designed and easy to understand and utilise.
  • There is a complete collection of important precautions that may be used to protect one’s privacy as well as one’s safety.
  • It’s possible that using templates for pre-written answers may assist your process become more efficient.

How to Import EML to Roundcube Webmail?

We recommend using 4n6 EML Converter Tool to import EML files into Roundcube. This tool supports EML files from Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and other email clients. As a result, you will encounter no problems when converting EML to Roundcube. You should also not be concerned about the integrity of your data while using the tool because this it is completely safe and keeps the original email structure during the transfer procedure.

With this app, one can also export files to several file savings like Exchange, Zoho, Hotmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail, PST, MBOX, and more.

To learn how to utilise the programme to export EML into Roundcube Webmail, follow the steps outlined below.

download button

Step-by-step Process to Export EML Files into Roundcube

1. By clicking on the link that is provided above, you will be able to get the EML file to Roundcube migration tool for your Windows device. Following that, finish the installation process, and then start the program to convert EML File to Roundcube.

download eml to roundcube migration tool

2. At this point, you have to click the Open After that, you’ll have a choice between the following: Choose Files and Choose Folders.

choose files or folder option

3. You will need to browse all of the EML files that you wish to import into Roundcube and then upload those files to the tool.

browse eml files

4. As you can see, the left pane of the tool has been updated with the EML files that you selected. At this point, you may preview EML files and the characteristics that are linked with them.

view eml files

5. Now, navigate to the Export option and select IMAP from the drop-down menu.

select imap as saving option

6. Inputting your Roundcube account credentials and the name of your IMAP server. After that; be sure to choose the Save option to import EML to Roundcube.

click save to import eml to roundcube

So, this is how you may use the tool to import EML into Roundcube, which appears to be a fairly straightforward process given the few steps require. Now, let us proceed to learn more about the tool. We’d like to demonstrate a few of its capabilities to help you understand it better. As a consequence, have a look.

Find Some Traits of the EML to Roundcube Migration Tool

  • Easy to Use: The graphical user interface of the EML file to Roundcube migration programme will immediately put a smile on your face. It is simple, easy to comprehend, and uncomplicated in its presentation. We guarantee that the conversion from EML to Roundcube will go down without a hitch.
  • Migration in Large Numbers: When many files are convert, the EML to Roundcube converter operates at its peak efficiency. The utility supports to import EML to Roundcube in bulk at once. It is possible to convert an unlimited number of files at once.
  • The Preview Capability of the Utility: The preview function provided by the tool is quite helpful. It is imperative that EML files be inspect before to being import into Roundcube. If you don’t have access to any other EML viewer, please use this one.
  • Operating System Support: If you want to import EML file into Roundcube and you have a device that runs Windows, you can use a converter that convert EML to Roundcube. Any version of Windows before to Windows 11 and including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 makes it simple to export EML files.
  • Standalone: There is no need for any other software to convert EML to Roundcube. This software is self-sufficient and capable of completing the work without the support of others.


Now you can effortlessly import EML to Roundcube Webmail along with all of the related data. Our approach is comprehensive and provides you with a wealth of fantastic benefits. It allows you to manually select the desired EML folder or files to export them. It also allows you to import EML files into Roundcube, in addition to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Zoho, and more. Therefore, you should think about utilising the device if you wish to convert EML file to Roundcube or any other account.