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How to Import EML to Exchange Mailbox Directly without Downtime?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
September 20th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Introduction: This 4n6 blog is helpful to for users looking for the instant and direct tool to import EML to Exchange mailbox without facing hassle.

While working on different sort of EML queries, we have observed users who wants a solution to import EML to Exchange Mailboxes. Before we go any further, we would like you to have a look at the questions included below:

“Hi, I have extracted so many EML files from my Thunderbird account. Now, I must import my exported EML files into my Exchange Server account for official purposes. However, I have never performed any type of conversion before. Please provide a method that supports importing EML with attachments and other properties to an Exchange Server account.”

“Is there any solution available to import EML to Exchange Mailbox account along with attachments and headers? I looked around a lot, but I couldn’t find a way. If anyone knows how to do it, please tell me.”

Do you also need to import EML files to your Exchange Server account? If so, you will find the ideal solution for your needs by reading this blog until its conclusion.

A Complete Solution to Import EML to Exchange Mailbox

4n6 EML Converter Software is a complete, reliable, and excellent application to resolve all type of issues. The tool is helpful to import unlimited EML files to Exchange Server account without facing any type of issues. With this utility, it is also possible to convert multiple or selected EML files to Exchange in easy steps. The utility successfully supports to convert EML messages to Exchange Server account along with attachments and metadata properties.

This EML to Exchange Server application has a very user-friendly interface for help. Therefore, you can make use of it even if you have never performed any kind of conversion in your life. During the process of importing EML files to your Live Exchange account, you will not have any kind of difficulty. In addition to this, the process of conversion only requires a small amount of your time and effort.

Would you be interested in learning about the quickest and easiest way that this program can be used? Could you please take a look? Below, we are going to provide an explanation.

Steps to Import EML Files to Exchange Server Account

1. Firstly, download EML to Exchange Server Converter for free. It is a trial edition which helps you to test its working and complete functionalities without investing anything. Additionally, it will be of use to you in the process of importing some EML files to your Exchange account. In the following steps, we will carry out this procedure utilizing the demo edition.


2. Once this amazing utility downloaded, install and run it properly on your machine. Then, click Open to begin this task.

click open to import eml to exchange mailbox

3. Now, this solution will give you two options to select Files or Folders.

select files or folders

4. After selecting files or folders, this solution will load all of them on the left panel.

loaded files

5. Kindly, click on the loaded data and preview all your EML files information such as content, message headers, and more.

preview your data

6. Now, click Export and select IMAP as saving.

choose exchange server

7. Enter the login credentials of your Exchange Server account along with IMAP Server details.

enter login details

8. After filling them correctly, click Save to begin the process.

saving process

See the Live Working Status

You can see on your software screen that the software starts importing EML files to Exchange Server account. This importing process will only take some moments. You will receive notification that the process has been finished once a few moments have passed. After that, sign in to your account on the Exchange Server and examine the output it produces.

Check Out the Most Powerful Features of EML to Exchange Software

It is an incredible app that was developed after extensive investigation. Amazing functions that assist users in achieving their goals have been incorporated into this platform. In the following content, we will discuss some of the most popular features that the application has to offer. Could you please take a look?

  • Successfully supports to import unlimited EML files or folders to Exchange mailboxes without facing hassle.
  • Ability to import selected or multiple EML files to Exchange Mailboxes as per the requirements.
  • Using this app, one can easily preview all the information including content, messages headers, and other data.
  • This utility allows users to import emails to other savings like PST, PDF, Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, and more.
  • With this app, users can safely extract email addresses, attachments, and more from EML files or folders.
  • It is a direct process to import EML to Exchange mailbox without altering and damaging information.
  • EML to Exchange software not require installation of supportive app to perform the migration.
  • You can download and run this app on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and earlier versions.

The Wrap Up

Above, we have suggested our most incredible and powerful utility to import EML to Exchange mailbox. Using the recommended app, one can easily import unlimited EML files or folders including attachments, headers, hex values, and other information. We give you the guarantee that our app will give you 100% accurate and safest result in some easy steps.