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How to Extract Phone Numbers from EML File?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
February 4th, 2023
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In this blog post, we have briefly discussed extract phone numbers from EML file. Users can go through this blog to perform the task without having any issues. Stay tuned with us for more information.

User Query: Hello! I urgently needed a program to extract phone numbers from EML file. Due to some official reasons, we have been instructed to do so. Kindly help me out from this situation and suggest the best-suited application for completing this task on time. As I have to extract bulk phone numbers so don’t want to go for a manual solution. Thanks in advance!”

Just like the above user, many others are facing the same kind of issues. There are many reasons to get extract phone numbers from EML. It is good to have compiled data of phone numbers for future references and for other reasons as well.

Therefore, in this blog post, we will provide the best solutions for our users so that they can accomplish their tasks without facing any hassle.

About EML File Format

EML file is a commonly used file extension that is compatible with several email client programs such as Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, eM Client, DreamMail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. These EML files are single email files which mean respective email clients create hundred EML files to store a hundred emails.

Chances of corruption are very low in EML files. The best thing about EML files is that users can easily open them by double-clicking on the EML files. Thereafter, the EML file will open using your default email program’s GUI.

Why Users are Afraid of Using Manual Approach?

Multiple users were seeking a manual solution for performing this task. But there is no manual solution available for accomplishing this task.

Users can only download one phone number at a time. This is only suitable to extract a few phone numbers. But for those users who want to extract bulk phone numbers, this method is not suitable for them as it is a very time taking process. Here, we are now mentioning some drawbacks of using this approach.

What are the Limitations of Using Manual Technique?

Some limitations of using manual techniques are mentioned below:

  • Extract only a few phone numbers: By this manual technique, the user will only be able to extract a few mobile numbers. The bulk of files extract phone numbers from EML file is not possible with this manual technique.
  • Lengthy Procedure: If the user starts downloading phone numbers one by one then, it will take a lot of time to extract the entire EML file. Hence, it is a big disadvantage of this technique.
  • Requires technical assistance: Non-technical users don’t have any kind of technical knowledge to perform this task. Therefore, it becomes difficult for home users to perform the task without any technical assistance.

4n6 EML Phone Number Extractor – Direct Solution

Proudly use the best 4n6 EML File converter which is one of the best solutions for performing this task effectively and efficiently. This tool maintains the complete folder hierarchy of the EML file even after the completion of the extraction process. Also, the tool provides the option of Add Folder option for batch extraction of phone numbers. EML phone number extractor is always compatible with all the latest Windows versions.

This program completely focused on solving the user queries related to extract phone numbers from EML files and it solves them in the best possible way. Also, this program is reliable, efficient, and automated as well. One of the best things about this application is there is no need for any technical assistance. It is comfortable for both technical and novice users.

Steps to Extract Phone Numbers from EML File?

Follow the below–mentioned steps to perform this task quickly and without any hassle:

First, install and run EML Phone Number Extractor on your system and then select EML file items.

EML Phone Number Extractor

Now, browse the EML Files using two modes i.e., Choose Files and Choose Folders.

choose eml file folder

After that, users have to choose the folder option which enables the user to browse a folder containing bulk or multiple EML files according to their requirement.

select eml file

Also, the user can choose a file option that enables the user to browse a file containing EML files and click on the particular EML file to preview all types of folders.

complete preview

Thereafter, users have to click on the Extract option and then select the Phone Numbers to proceed further.

Extract Phone Numbers from EML File

Now, browse the destination path and click on the Save button to extract phone numbers from EML files.

destination path

After completion of the process, a pop–up box will open. Click on OK to exit.

demo version

Final Conclusion

The above blog contains information about extract phone numbers from EML File. There are many users who were facing issues in performing this task. This blog contains all the information regarding this task. The software mentioned here is the best program to accomplish this task.

We hope after reading this task user will not face any issues. Users can also make use of a free trial version of this application. By this user will be able to know more about the tool. If the still issue persists then contact our live support team.