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How to Extract Attachments from EML Files? Simplest Ways

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 4th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Overview: This blog informs every single detail of how to extract attachments from EML Files in brief. Read a complete blog and stay tuned with us for more information about this issue.

We know that an EML file is a single message file, which preserves the original email formatting, headers, and attachments. But there are many users who want to extract attachments because of some official purposes. Computer users also search for solutions to perform the task of extract attachments from EML files but end up encountering some issues. Therefore, in today’s post, we are going to cover different methods through which users can get attachments from EML files.

User Query: Hello! I have important attachment files in my EML Folder. Now for the official purpose, I need to extract attachments from EML files asap. I have bulk attachments and don’t have enough time to do it one by one. Kindly help me out from this situation and suggest best – suited solution for performing this task. Thanks in advance!
– Klein, Russia

The Reasons to Get Attachments from EML files

There are multiple reasons due to which users are looking to extract attachments from EML files. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • To keep a copy of their attachment files.
  • Extract attachments from multiple EML files into one file
  • If the user wants to share attachments with another person
  • Attachments can be presented in courts as evidence.

Apart from the above–mentioned reasons there are numerous reasons due to which users need arises to extract attachments from EML files. These can vary from one user to another. Reasons can vary from person to person according to their need.

Some users want to extract a few attachments and some want bulk extraction of EML Files. Let’s have a look at both methods to help users in completing this task smoothly.

Methods to Extract EML Attachments

There are two methods that will help users in performing the extraction procedure:

  • Extract attachments One-by-One Manually
  • Automated Extract Attachments from EML Files in Bulk

Download Attachment from EML file One-by-One Manually

There are users who look for extract attachments from EML files free.  The very first method of extracting attachments one by one is to open each EML file and then extract attachments from it by downloading them for free of cost. This approach is only possible for those users who want to extract a few email attachments only. Also, this approach demands a lot of precious time with patience to perform it. After all, downloading a single EML and then extracting attachments from it is a tedious task.

Also, users may have to face some drawbacks as well for performing the task. Users may end up losing their crucial information sometimes. This procedure is time taking and lengthy, so investing time here doesn’t make any sense.

For avoiding those limitations and extracting bulk EML attachments at once user must refer to method 2. Let’s have a look at it.

Extract Attachments from EML Files – Automated Approach

4n6 EML Converter Tool is the most reliable tool which can help every type of users. This application is one of the best software for performing the task in an appropriate manner. As the manual method is only available for extracting a few attachments, it is best for users to opt for this method for executing this task without facing any hassle.

This application is capable of converting single as well as multiple EML files in few clicks. The best thing about this application is it can be used with ease and no technical skills are needed to use this tool. Both professional and home users can use this tool with ease. Users can also save attachments from EML Files at their desired location.

For executing this task, it is important to know the complete working process of the application.

Step to Procedure of Extract Attachments from EML Files

Users have to follow some simple steps for completing this task in the best possible manner:


1. First, install and run EML Attachment Extractor Application on your system and choose the Open button.

EML Attachment Extractor

2. After that, browse EML Files using 2 modes i.e., Choose Files and Choose Folders.

Choose Files

3. Choose the folder option which enables you to preview your email in different modes.

complete preview

4. This conversion tool offers various extraction choices from each message. Users have to select extract only attachments option for performing this task.

Extract Attachments from EML Files

5. After that select the destination path and click on the Save button to proceed further.

Get attachment from EML file

Concluding Lines

In the above blog, we have explained about extract attachments from EML files. The methods to extract attachments are mentioned in this blog. There are users who search for extracting few and bulk attachments. So, we have kept this thing in mind and provided solutions for both scenarios.

We hope after reading this blog users will not have to face any kind of issues in performing this task. This procedure is simple if the user follows the right process to do the task. Users can also make use of a free trial version of the software to understand the tool well.