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High-rated software to batch convert EML files to PDF Adobe files. Software supports all mail client file conversion from EML to PDF format with all associated attributes.

  • Software Enables to Convert EML to PDF, HTML, Text, and CSV File Format
  • Allows to Export in Two Different Email File Format: PST and MBOX
  • Convert Multiple EML Files into PDF Format At Once with All Data
  • Supports Conversion of Large-Size EML Files to PDF File Format
  • Allows to Convert EML to PDF with Attachments, Messages, Task Etc.
  • Preview Complete Data Before Converting EML Files to PDF Format
  • Advanced PDF Options: Show Page Numbers, Properties, Headers, Etc.
  • Search Option: Selectively Convert EML to PDF Document File Format
  • Download EML to PDF Converter and Install on Windows 11 and Below Versions

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Best EML to PDF Converter

Simple and Reliable Tool to Convert EML to PDF

EML to PDF converter is the most dependable and user-friendly software for converting EML files to PDF documents file format. The graphical user interface for this application is very simple. This software is so simple to use that even non-technical users should have no difficulty using it. Users can use this tool to perform the safest and simplest conversion from EML to PDF without losing any data.

  • Step-1: Download EML to PDF Converter and Install
  • Step-2: Add EML Files into Software Panel and Preview
  • Step-3: Select Export Option As PDF and Browse Path
  • Step-4: Hit Save Button to Start Conversion of EML to PDF
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Analyze Files Before EML to PDF Conversion

This EML to PDF converter software is also recommended for forensic investigators because it is the best available. This application displays a thorough preview of the EML files before converting them to PDF documents. The contents of EML files, can be viewed with email headers, hex values, attachments, and other data, can be read with relative ease. This option allows users to perform in-depth analysis on their files before converting them from EML to PDF.

Main Features

Eye-Catching Features of EML to PDF Converter

Convert EML Files into PDF in Easy Steps

The EML to PDF converter can efficiently convert all the required EML files into PDF format. An EML file is an electronic mail or email in short which is a file extension for mails received in email applications such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail etc. EML file comprises of two sections: Message Headers and Message Body. Headers consists of header information like sender email address, recipient email address, subject of email, time and date stamp of message. Message Body enclose primary information of the email in the form of text, images, hyperlinks, attachments. This tool can comfortably export all of the data including message Headers and Body from EML into PDF.

Single or Multiple EML to PDF Conversion

The EML to PDF converter wizard can convert EML files either individually or all at a time also. This software is capable of exporting only a single or convert multiple EML files to PDF as per user’s preference. This software also provides two browsing options: Choose Files( for single files) & Choose Folders (for multiple files). You can also select or de–select the necessary check boxes on the left panel of the screen containing files to be converted into PDF. If the user selects only a single checkbox which contains the file required by them to be converted into PDF, only that particular file gets converted into PDF. The rest of the files remain unchanged. The same can be performed for multiple file conversion also.

Convert EML to PDF with Attachments

An EML file consists of data like messages, attachments, meta data (i.e. information about the mail). While converting EML files to PDF, all the data present in the EML file also gets converted into PDF keeping the data intact. The email properties like subject, email content, attachment properties, file size, format, etc. will remain unchanged. The tool maintains integrity of the data and will not result in any deletion of data contained in the EML file.

Preview EML Files Before Conversion

EML to PDF converter also enables the user to view the EML data files before export operation is performed. The application supports several preview modes, such as Content, Message Header, Hex, Raw Message, etc. The content available in the EML file like attachments, time, information present in the body, date, etc. can be accessed to notice if there is any change in the data or if that the required file to be converted into PDF. Thus, the user can re–check their files which are getting converted before export is performed.

Several PDF Export Options Available

EML to PDF converter software offers a wide range of PDF export options for the user to make use of. After selecting the required EML files which are to be exported into PDF, the user can also select the required PDF Export Options like show page numbers (this will embedded page number on the top right corner of the PDF ), save attachments in folder ( this will save each .eml file email in PDF & save attachments in separate folder with attachments in original format), include email headers, include properties, (these properties will be saved in the PDF as a separate section during the export which can be important for legal procedures by investigators or lawyers) etc. The user can simply choose the required toggle buttons and the changes will be observed in the exported PDF file.

Two Ways to Browse EML Files or Folders

It is the best software to batch convert EML to PDF with attachments. It has options to browse the EML files in two different ways:

  • Choose Folders: This option can be prescribed by the user when they want to browse the respective EML files containing folders available on the desktop. This will enable to convert multiple EML files to PDF format.
  • Choose Files: This option can be prescribed by the user if they want to directly browse the EML formatted files available on the desktop. But it is suggested to use the Choose Folders option to save time and efforts.

Advance Search Feature for Users Ease

The EML to PDF Converter has an advance search feature availability within the tool itself. The users can make use of this feature if they need to search a particular EML file with respect to date the file was viewed or created. They can either search all the available data files by using keywords such as subject ,sender name & the tool will highlight & filter emails containing the Keyword. Thus enabling to export selective emails at once or only emails individually.

Supports All EML Platforms

EML to PDF converter functions with various email client applications like MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. It accepts EML files regardless of email application. There is no requirement of installation of any other separate EML file-based email application to access the mails. This software tool has an in-built capability to access all the EML data files.

Large EML Files to PDF Conversion

EML to PDF converter software can easily export any number of EML data files into PDF. If there is an EML data file which is of larger size or many data files which are smaller in size, this software tool can smoothly export any of the above types into PDF format without much complications. You can also convert EML to other file formats such as : PDF, MBOX, PST, HTML & TXT & into cloud mail clients like Gmail, Office 365 & IMAP Servers.

Supports All Windows Operating System

EML to PDF converter software is compatible with various Windows versions like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, etc. The user can download this software in all of the above mentioned or earlier versions also. In order to convert EML files to PDF format, you don't need to install a supportive application. You can directly convert EML files to PDF document format.

Software Specifications

4n6 EML to PDF Converter Software - Requirements

Software Download

Size : 44.9 MB

Version : 3.0

Trial Limitations

Free trial version of EML to PDF cConverter allows users to export 10 messages from each folder. Buy full version to overcome this limtation.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
131.1 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz Processor

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008

Electronic Delivery

Delivery of EML to PDF converter software is automatic. After the payment has been completed, you will receive an email containing the product download link and activation key within minutes.

Software Screenshots

EML to PDF Converter Tool - Working
click on open files
select your eml fiels or folders
preview your eml files data
choose pdf saving option
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Software Video

EML to PDF Converter - Working Explanation

Software FAQ

EML to PDF Converter Tool - Asked Questions

5 Steps to Batch Convert EML Files to PDF Format:

  • Step-1: Launch EML to PDF converter software on your computer.
  • Step-2: Browse the EML files by Open Folders or Open Files option.
  • Step-3: Click on Export EML > Document Files > PDF.
  • Step-4: You can select the necessary files and click on Save.
  • Step-5: Convert EML to PDF has been completed enjoy accessing it

Yes, you will be able to open the EML files which are within the folders also. Just browse the folders containing those EML files by selecting Open > Choose Folders.

Yes, this action can be performed using EML Files to PDF Files Converter application. After selecting the required EML files to be converted, you will have PDF Export Options available. Click on the toggle button Show Page Numbers from the options available there and click on Save. This helps you in showing page numbers on the converted PDF files.

Yes, you can convert single or convert multiple EML files to PDF . After you open the EML files, simply select that one required EML file which is to be converted into PDF from the shown EML files. You can de–select other checkboxes.

You can choose the required destination path where you need to save the resultant output. This feature will help you to easily access and manage the resultant output.

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