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How to Import EML Files to Thunderbird Desktop on Windows ?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 26th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Want to know how to import EML files to Thunderbird Account instantly in bulk? If yes, then continue reading this blog.

We had also received many users’ queries on this topic. Therefore, we have decided to capture the import EML to Thunderbird topic in this blog to help those who need to perform this task. So, let’s begin this post by mentioning the most popular user queries.

User Queries 

“Hey, I got a batch of EML files from my office colleagues and Since now I am using a Thunderbird Account for official work. So, I want to import EML files to Thunderbird account. Can you suggest a better way to do this process instantly?”

“I have my Windows Live Mail Account backup emails file in the form of EML file format and Now, I want to move the EML to Thunderbird Email Client. Therefore, I am finding a way to import EML files to Thunderbird. If you have any easiest solution then, do tell me.”

Import EML to Thunderbird Using Software

Use the 4n6 EML Converter Software to import EML files to Thunderbird instantly. The Software comes with a unique desired feature to Import only a single but a bulk of data including attachments within a single attempt.

It allows users to do multiple tasks within a single time period. And, it is possible to locate a single email from the bulk of emails using a specific intent such as To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Email Headers and by using the filename and file size.

Steps to Import EML Files to Thunderbird

1. Download the EML to Thunderbird migration tool and Install the utility on your Windows OS system and Start it.


2. Go to Open Menu and choose the folder or files option.

choose folder

3. Choose either files or folders from the system directly and upload the data on the software panel.

loaded eml files

4. See the data display preview and click on a particular message to view the data in several modes, and select the required EML files to import them into Thunderbird Account.

complete eml preview

5. Click on Export Menu and choose Thunderbird as the Email Service.

export thunderbird

6. Enter the destination path in which you saved your files and Click on the Save button. The process to import EML to Thunderbird will start, wait until complete to 100%.

save eml files

View the live process and get the resultant prompted message.

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Advance Features of EML to Thunderbird Converter

  • Migration of Bulk: Bulk migration of data can easily be done. With this software, users can easily migrate multiple EML files to Thunderbird accounts without facing hassle.
  • Extraction of Email Elements: Users can easily extract meta characteristics such as email attachments, email addresses, and phone numbers separately. Contact numbers have always been extracted in the form of Text file format.
  • Flexible GUI: This EML to Thunderbird Converter provides a user-friendly interface and hence, can easily be accessible by all Internet users. Just by seeing the software panel, it becomes easy for users to understand the options.
  • Advanced Filtrate and Exporting Feature: The Software has come with a unique filtrate option to search for a particular email from an unlimited number of data using different keywords or data included in that email. Also, at the end of the EML to  Thunderbird migration process. It provides an option to include email headers, restore old folders, and many more.

Free EML to Thunderbird Import Tool 

If you want to import your EML files to Thunderbird with the help of a free manual solution, then that is also possible. But that is possible as long as your data is in a limited number of files. If you have data in bulk then with a manual solution you can’t. To import EML files in bulk, you will need to purchase EML to Thunderbird converter software. This tool also lets you convert 10 files for free in the trial version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many EML files will I be able to import into Thunderbird?

A. You can import the bulk of EML files to Thunderbird in a single cycle.

Q. Will I be able to extract attachments along with EML emails?

A. Yes, you can easily download attachments along with EML emails.

Q. Can I use this EML to thunderbird migrator on my Mac OS system?

A. No, you cannot use this software on my Mac OS system.


Therefore, we have tried our best to solve your problem and the steps described above to import EML files to Thunderbird are very easy and flexible to use. I suggest you continue with this EML to Thunderbird Converter Tool other than any tool to easily import EML to Thunderbird in just a few clicks. For more information, you can continue with our technical team.