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How to Open EML Files without Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and Other Email Clients ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 18th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Read this blog to get the right way to open EML files without Outlook Express, Thunderbird or any other compatible application.

Recently, we have noticed a growing number of people concerned about how to open EML files when they do not have any application that supports them. They have provided a variety of explanations for carrying out such a task. Are you one of those users that needs to open EML files but doesn’t have an application that supports it? Still haven’t figured out the answer? No issues. We have chosen to tackle this problem and give consumers with the most reliable and safe method possible.

Before going further, let’s have a look at the most commonly asked user’s queries:

Following Are the Commonly Asked Queries by Users

  • How to open EML files without Outlook ?
  • Is there a way to open EML without any supportive application ?
  • How can I open EML messages with attachments ?
  • What is the way to open EML files without Thunderbird ?
  • How can I check the preview of EML files ?

Why Users Need to Open EML Files without Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc. ?

It could be necessary for the user to open and explore an orphan EML file that has been provided with them by a colleague or a client without first installing an email client.

In order to do in-depth investigation, a Technical Analyst must examine the EML files’ Message Header and Hex Code, as well as their contents.

Solution to Open EML Files without Having Supportive Application

If you need to open EML files manually, keep in mind that you will need a supported tool to complete the task. However, if you are one of those who requires the opening of EML files on an urgent basis and does not have access to a helpful app, you can seek expert assistance.

EML File Forensics Wizard is the solution you actually need. This program was developed to provide answers to all of the questions that users may have. It is possible to open EML files and their attachments with this application. In addition, it includes the capability of previewing EML text, email headers, and other types of data.

You can utilize this software without the assistance of a technical specialist. It offers a very straightforward and clear user interface. In order to open EML files without any supportive application, you just have to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

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Simple Step-by-Step Process to Open EML Files / Folders

1. Firstly, download the software to open unlimited EML files on your Windows computer.


2. Start the application, select Open, and the utility will present you with two alternatives for loading EML files: Choose Folders / Choose Files option.

click open to open eml files

3. This application will load your EML files / folders on the left panel.

loaded files or folders

4. As seen in the picture, you may now simply examine the preview of your EML files without the need for a supporting software.

check preview

Check Out the Benefits of the Software

  • Deep Analysis of EML Files: When using this tool, users may access all of the information related with EML files. The software supports numerous viewing modes, including Content, Message Header, Hex, and Raw Message, among others.
  • Supportive Application Not Required: There is no need to install any supportive application. It is the best app to open EML files without Outlook Express, Thunderbird and other application.
  • Supports EML Files of Every Platform: We all know that EML files are created by so many email client applications. This tool successfully supports all the platform which generate EML files. So, you can open EML files of Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express etc.
  • Open EML Files Message Headers: This software is really useful for forensics investigators. As it provides the detailed preview of EML message headers and other information.
  • Supports All Edition of Windows: It is the best tool to open EML files without Outlook and other applications. Also, this application is Windows-based. You can run it on all the latest and earlier editions.
  • No File Size Limitation: There is no file size limitation imposed in order to open EML files. With this incredible tool, you can open unlimited EML files without facing any type of issues.

The Final Words

In the above article, we have explained why users need to open EML files. Also, we have provided the solution to open EML files without Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and other application. We ensure you that the suggested application is safe and reliable. You can use it without facing any type of issues. Hope the software to open unlimited EML files without supportive app will help you a lot.

You can reach out to us at any moment if you require any form of ideas. Whenever you need us, we will be here to assist you!