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How to Import EML Files into Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
December 22nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Outlook supports PST files to import and export data. EML files cannot be opened directly in Outlook. However, converting your EML files to the Outlook data file (.pst) format will assist you in finishing. This blog will help you in understanding the various methods for importing EML to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and other versions.

How to Import EML Files into Outlook Account?

You can manually transfer EML files to your Outlook account, but this method has its drawbacks. To begin with, it can be quite time-consuming, especially when dealing with a large volume of files, since each EML file needs to be imported one by one. Additionally, there’s a risk of losing data, especially when dealing with complex emails that have formatting, attachments, or embedded elements. Furthermore, certain email attributes, such as sender details and timestamps, may not transfer accurately. Lastly, the process lacks automation, making it less practical for frequent conversions.

Therefore, it is suggested to use a professional software to perform this task. Using the expert tool, the import process is divided into two steps. First, we have to change EML files into Outlook importable extension i.e. PST., and then use the Outlook import option to complete the task.

Step 1: Change EML Files into Outlook Importable Format

Microsoft does not provide any direct solutions for importing EML files into Outlook. As a result, you must rely on third-party solutions.

One of the perfect utilities is the 4n6 EML Converter Tool to make EML files importable in Outlook. This is one of the reliable solutions that can easily import EML to Outlook (all versions).

It is a stand-alone utility that does not require any other technical guide or any other app installation. Also allows you to view EML files before conversion. The tool allows you to export data to several formats, HTML, MBOX, Office 365, Text, Gmail, Exchange, Zoho Mail, and more.

The Software has the ability to export emails along with including attachments without any type of disruption. And provides users with an Advanced Search Option to locate a particular email from a large amount database. So, download this amazing utility on your Windows machine and start importing EML files to your Outlook account without facing issues.

Before proceeding to the next step, download the tool.


Complete Procedure to Import EML to Outlook Account Using Expert App

1. Launch the Software on your existing Windows OS system and start the process.

Download EML to PST converter

2. Go to the Open Menu. Select either the files or folders depending on your requirements.

  • Choose files: This allows you to upload a single EML file.
  • Choose folders: This allows you to upload entire files present in that folder.

choose eml folder

3. Upload and you will be able to see the complete data display preview on the screen of the Software panel. Click on a particular email message and view the data in different modes such as Content, Hex View, Message Header, and Raw Message.

complete preview

4. After that, go to the Export menu and select the PST file format to import EML to Outlook.

select pst

5. Enter the desired destination location and click on the Save button the process will start automatically and then you will be able to see the resultant message on the screen.


Note: Now you have a PST file with the same data as in your EML file. Move to step 2 and complete the process to import EML to Outlook.

Step 2: Use Outlook Open and Export Option

Launch Microsoft Outlook and perform the below-listed steps:

1.  Launch Outlook and click on File from the menu and Open & Export >> Import/Export.

eml to outlook

2. From the opened window select Import From Another Program or File and click on Next.

outlook options

3. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) option and hit the Next button.

Outlook import option

4.  Click on the Browse button and locate the PST file created in step 1.  Also, select the Do not import the duplicated radio button.

eml to outlook import

5. Select the folder and hit the Finish button to complete the import EML to Outlook process.

import process completed

A Brief Information About EML and Outlook

EML is one of the known file extensions that has been used to store a single email message with its complete content such as the entire message, email header, subject, images, files, and others also. EML has the ability to store multiple attachments present in a single email.

On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook has been used for official business purposes by most organizations. It basically stores data in PST file format. There are multiple users who want to import EML files into Outlook to complete their needs and requirements. I am explaining different methods to import EML to Outlook.

Frequently Asked Questions by User

Question-1: Can I import EML files into Outlook with attachments?

Answer-1: Yes, perform the steps mentioned in this post. It will help you to import EML files in Outlook with attachments.

Question-2: Does the tool maintains folder older?

Answer-2: Yes, with this utility you can easily import EML files to Outlook with the same folder structure.

Question 3: Can I perform the steps on Windows 11 OS?

Answer 3: Yes, this tool is 100% compatible with all Microsoft Windows OS versions without any hassle.

In Conclusion

Therefore, I  tried my best and provide you with the best solution to import EML files into Outlook format. Perform the steps as mentioned and simply enjoy accessing EML files in the Outlook environment.