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How to Import EML to Yahoo Mail Account Directly?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 18th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Note: Do you want to know how to import EML to Yahoo Mail account? Here, we will discuss a step-by-step solution to solve your query.

There are multiple users who are searching for a day to import EML to Yahoo Mail Account.

EML files usually store a single message including all the data such as attachments, hyperlinks, text, and email headers. It has been supported by multiple Email Clients such as Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, and Outlook Express, etc.

We had also received a number of user queries. Read the following queries to understand the need of users:

User Queries: 

“Greetings to all. I hope everything is well. I’m having a problem. When I send an email from an EML file to a Yahoo email account, nothing happens. However, I double-checked with Gmail and it seemed to be correct? Is there anything you might suggest?”

“Hello there, I have several EML files on my WLM account, but I’d like to convert them all to yahoo’s EML file format. I’m looking for a technique (that is both effective and safe) or a software tool that may assist me in this translation procedure. Is there anybody in this community who has ever been in a scenario like this? Please assist me in converting my EML files to a Yahoo account. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.”

Reason Behind Why Import EML to Yahoo Mail?

  • Cloud storage enables you to access your EML files at any time.
  • Users want to move from EML-based Email Client to Yahoo Mail.
  • Yahoo Mail offers a great feature for chatting without setting up any kind of messenger.
  • It offers 100% guaranteed privacy support and 24 * & Technical support.

Instant Solution to Transfer EML Files to Yahoo

We recommend you to continue with one of the easiest tools, the 4n6 EML Conversion Tool. This tool allows users to upload the EML files directly to Yahoo Mail Account. It has been developed to meet the requirements of the users and also provide a filtrate feature to locate a specific email. With this application, users can easily convert unlimited EML files created by any EML supportive platform. Also, it preserves all the properties when you import EML to Yahoo Mail account. With this solution, you can also convert EML file into several savings like PDF, HTML, MBOX, Office 365, Thunderbird, Exchange Server, etc. This utility will save users most of the time and effort by importing bulk EML files within a single attempt.


How to Use this EML to Yahoo Converter Software? – Steps

1. Firstly, run the Software and Click on the Open Menu.

open eml files

2. Select Choose Folder/Choose Files >> EML files.

choose folder

3. Upload the EML data and see the data on the screen of the software panel and select the required emails by viewing the email messages.

preview panel

4. Go to Export Menu and Select IMAP as the Email Service.

select imap

5. Enter the login credentials of Yahoo Mail there and click on Add.

enter email id details

6. After that, wait for a couple of moments and see the resultant executed message.


Hence, this is the simple process to import EML files to Yahoo Mail Account in bulk quantity.

Why Do Users Use EML to Yahoo Converter Tool?

  1. Bulk Conversion: The EML to Yahoo Converter can easily import the bulk of EML files to Yahoo Mail Account. While migrating a large number of files, there will be no data loss and the conversion will be done in a couple of minutes.
  2. Extract Email data: This EML to Yahoo Converter can easily download attachments, phone numbers, and Email addresses separately. Email Addresses will be retrieved along with To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, and other Email header contents.
  3. Unique Search Option: Users can easily be able to locate an email from the bulk of data. Using the different intents such as To, Cc, Subject, Filename, and File size, it is easy to carry out the data instantly.
  4. Selective Conversion: It also has the ability to provide users with an option to transfer selected EML data to Yahoo Mail Account. Basically, the software works according to the needs of the users and can also do multiple tasks within a single period of time.
  5. Export Email Headers: With this utility, it is possible to convert EML files to Yahoo Mail including header information. This option is really good for Forensics Investigators.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much EML data will be uploaded at once?

A: You can multiple files import EML to Yahoo Mail Account in a single attempt.

Q: Can I extract attachments along with the emails?

A: Yes, you can easily download the attachments along with emails.

Q: Will I be able to download this software on a Mac OS system?

A: No, this utility only supports Windows OS versions.

In Conclusion:

Therefore, we had discussed simple steps to import EML to Yahoo Mail Account instantly in bulk quantity.

There are multiple solutions given on the Internet but I suggest you continue with this utility as it saves more time and effort for the users.

The overall working of this software is easy to use and provides a well-descriptive interface that will be easy for both the technical as well as non-technical users.

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