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How to Convert EML to HTML Files in the Simplest Way?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
March 15th, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this informative blog post users will get to know about how to convert EML to HTML in brief. If anyone is facing the same issue then refer to this blog for getting the perfect solution.

User Query: “My organization has recently decided to convert EML to HTML Format. Now, we have an EML file. I have to complete the task of Outlook EML files to HTML. But the issue is I don’t know the correct procedure to complete the given task. If anyone knows this, kindly help me out from this situation. Thank you in advance.”

– Kevin, Switzerland

EML file is a well-known file format developed by Microsoft for MS Outlook and Outlook Express. It always contains a message with the subject, sender, recipient, date, and time. There are many email clients which support EML file formats like MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. This format is used by both personal and professional users to fulfil their requirements. But if users do not have an EML file supported email program, then it is difficult to open this file. To solve this issue particular issue many users, choose to Convert EML to HTML procedure. By this, they will be able to access the data anytime. I will describe the more query in below continue the reading…..

  • How to convert EML Files to HTML in bulk?
  • How to convert Outlook EML to HTML?

What Benefits Users Will Get After Convert EML to HTML?

There are multiple benefits users will get after converting into the HTML file format. Those are:

  • HTML format can be used easily without facing any issues.
  • This file format is supported by all browsers. HTML can be easily optimized in the website in HTML according to browsers to the web developers.
  • The biggest advantage of using HTML is that is completely free of cost.
  • HTML is user-friendly. Users need not have any prior knowledge of any special language for using it. English is enough.
  • Also, users will be able to see the changes instantly in the HTML file.
  • It is light weighted and fast to load as well.

These are some reasons due to which users look for how do I convert EML to HTML format. HTML format is quite simple to use than EML file format.

Users also search solutions for performing this task through the manual solution. But there is as such no manual solution available for the users to complete this task.

In fact, manual solutions include limitations that have to be faced by users if they select to perform the task through manual solutions. Therefore, it is good to avoid the manual technique and better to use technology solutions for completing the task.

All-in-One Solution to Convert EML to HTML

4n6 EML Converter Tool is an ideal tool for every user who wants to convert EML file to HTML format. By using this user program users can access all email items emails, attachments, contacts, calendar, etc. of EML in HTML. This software is safe and secure and free from viruses as well. This program always keeps the EML folder hierarchy. It can be easily operated by all types of users. This software supports the selective conversion of EML files as well.


This application provides a compact view to hide the system folder. Also offers a search option to search by keyword within multiple EML files. It is capable to convert single or bulk EML files at once. Hence, by using this users will get a lot of benefits and will not have to face any hassle as well.

Now, have a look at the complete working procedure of this application.

How to Convert EML Files to HTML?

To do this activity fast and easily, follow the procedures outlined below:

    • To begin, download and launch EML to HTML Converter on your computer, then pick EML file items from the drop-down menu.
      download EML converter
    • Then, using two options, Choose Files and Choose Folders, explore EML files.
      choose folder
    • Users must now choose the folder option, which allows them to explore a folder containing a large number of EML files.
      browse eml folder
    • Users may also choose the file option, which allows them to navigate through a file containing EML files.loaded emails
    • EML files may be viewed in a variety of ways using the software.
      preview option
    • Then, for the EML to HTML conversion procedure, navigate to the export option and pick HTML as the file type.
      select html
    • Then, to convert EML files to HTML, pick the target location and click the Save button.
      select save

What are the helpful features of EML to HTML Software?

There are certain features of this application which is beneficial for users. Some are mentioned below:

      • Always maintains the metadata properties
      • This application has the option to convert bulk as well as single EML message
      • All versions of the Windows operating system are supported.
      • Save resultant data at the user’s desired location
      • No need for any supportive/external application
      • Also has an advanced Compact view option

Concluding Lines

In the above blog, we have discussed converting EML to HTML. Many users were facing difficulties in completing this process. By following the above-mentioned steps the user can accomplish the task. It will successfully change EML files to HTML format. If users are looking for risk-free conversion, choose this program. Here, users will get all the answers to this query. We hope that even after reading this blog, readers will not have any problems with this.

If the problem continues, the free trial version is the best option. Through this users will be able to know about the application well. After satisfaction user can purchase the licensed version as well.