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How to Import EML Files to Gmail Account Directly with Headers?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
March 7th, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

Are you facing a problem to import EML files to Gmail Account? If yes, then continue with this blog. Here, you will be able to get the 100% perfect EML to Gmail Converter that helps you to achieve desired results.

EML is a single message storage file consisting of the entire data included in a single email such as hyperlinks, images, graphics, email headers, and the entire data of a single email in the original format.

Multiple Email Clients supports EML files. Most of the users need to export EML files to another platform for several reasons. Some users queries are mentioned below:

User Queries:

“I found more than 500+ EML files in my Windows system in C Drive and do not know where they came from. I am using a Gmail Account and searching for a way to import EML to Gmail Account. Also, I had tried a lot but didn’t get the way. Can Someone help me with this concern?”

“One of my friends has sent me a lot of Thunderbird data in the form of EML files and told me to import EML to Gmail Account. I had also searched for so many solutions but only been able to import one file at once which is taking me more time. Is there anyone else present who can provide a better and easiest way?”

Instant Solution to Import EML Files to Gmail Account

Download EML Converter Tool on your existing system and convert the EML file data to your Gmail Account. The Software allows you to import multiple data in a single attempt in the original format without any loss. With this app, one can convert unlimited EML files into Gmail account along with all properties. With this app, users can easily accomplish this task without facing hassle.

You can easily upload the EML files in Google Mail Account along with including the attachments and other meta properties individually. It is also easy to find a particular email from unlimited data on the Internet.

Steps to Export EML to Gmail Account:

1. Download the EML to Gmail Converter Software and Click on the Open Menu.

click open option

2. Choose files or folders depending on your choice and upload the data on the Software panel.

choose folder option

3. See the data and Select the required emails from them.

content view

4. Click on the Export Menu and Choose Gmail as the Email Service to import the data.

select gmail

5. Enter the correct login credentials of your Google Mail Account and Add.

enter email id and password

Wait for a few minutes and see the final message of conversion on the panel.

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Features of EML to Gmail Converter Software

  • Supports Bulk Migration: This EML to Gmail Converter allows users to do the numerous conversion of EML files directly into the Gmail account without any kind of data loss.
  • Quick Search Option: Using this feature, users can easily find a specific email using different intents such as Data, Time, Subject, Filename as well as a focus keyword.
  • Removal of Email Elements: The EML to Gmail Converter Software allows extracting email elements such as Email Addresses, Phone numbers, and Attachments separately. Attachments will be extracted in the form of a PDF format.
  • Dual Options to Upload Data: The EML to Gmail Converter allows users to upload the EML file data either from files or folders depending on their needs. By choosing files, the user will be able to upload only one file. By choosing a folder, users will be able to upload a complete folder consisting of multiple files.

Frequently Asked Questions by User’s

Q. Will I be able to Import EML files to Gmail Account along with including attachments?

A. Yes, you can easily EML data to Gmail with attachments easily.

Q. Can I be able to use this EML to Gmail Converter on the Mac OS platform?

A. No, the Software currently does not support any Mac OS version.

Q. Does the utility allow numerous conversions of data?

A. Yes, the Software allows bulk migration of EML data into Gmail Account.

Q. Is it possible to import EML messages to Gmail account including header information?

A. Yes, with this application, you can easily import EML files including all the header information.

How to Open EML File in Gmail for Free?

The EML to Gmail Importer provides 2 different versions: Demo version and Licensed Version. The Demo version is free of cost and can easily import 10 EML files to Gmail at once. On the other hand, the Licensed version allows users to migrate the bulk of data within a single cycle. You may also use the licensed version of the to convert EML files to various other saving like MBOX, PDF, Text, CSV etc. in addition to Gmail.

In Conclusion

In order to import EML files to Gmail account, use the software suggested above. The application is helpful to export complete EML files into Gmail account without facing any type of issues. By using this EML to Gmail wizard, all the users can open entire EML files to Google Mail instantly. We assure you that the provided application is safest and reliable. one can easily perform the conversion without facing any type of hassle.