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Backup Windows Live Mail Emails to a Variety of Platforms

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 26th, 2022
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4 Minutes

Overview: The issue of accidentally deleting or losing important emails cannot be resolved without a backup. The Windows Live mail account also raises similar concerns because it is already out-dated and keeps its data on a local storage. So, if you’re concerned about data security and want to backup Windows Live Mail emails to a safe location, you may discover how in this post.

Why Should You Backup Windows Live Mail Messages?

  • The primary purpose of an email backup is to ensure their security. In the event that you lose your emails inadvertently, you will only be able to access them on another platform if you establish a backup.
  • The second and most compelling argument is that, now that the Windows Live Mail account is nearly out-dated, it is time to move on. You can better utilise Windows live mail messages if you backup them to currently utilised email software such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

How to Backup Windows Live Mail Emails?

The Windows Live Mail Migration Tool is one of the best and most important programmes to backup Windows Live Mail folders to a variety of destinations. It is an all-in-one solution to backup Windows Live Mail to external hard drive, another Mail client, or even cloud services. You may use the software to backup Windows Live Mail to Outlook, Thunderbird, and other popular email clients. We have developed a list of all the actions you must do in order to utilise the programme; review them and begin backup emails from Windows Live Mail.

download button

Step-by-step Process to Make a Backup of Windows Live Mail

  • You may easily download the Windows Live Mail backup programme by clicking the above link. Install and launch the software to backup Windows Live Mail emails after that.
    download windows live mail backup tool
  • Select Open Configured Windows Live Mail Accounts or Folder from the drop-down menu on the Open tab.
    select folders
  • You must now browse the Windows Live Mail Folders you desire to backup.
    browse folders
  • Once you have uploaded all of the folders to the application, you will be able to check it before to backup.
    preview data
  • By selecting the Export Tab, you may select the saving option. Here, we choose the EML format so that you may backup Windows Live Mail messages to Outlook.
    select saving option
  • Simply click the Browse button to select the desired location for the output files. Now click Save button to backup Windows Live Mail messages.
    click save to backup windows live mail emails

You will be notified as soon as the backup of Windows Live Mail is complete, which should not take too much longer. You may now examine some of the functionality of the toolkit to have a better understanding of the possibilities it possesses.

Key Features of the Windows Live Mail Backup Tool

  • Backup Windows Live Mail Emails to Email client: The utility is all-inclusive and provides several saving options. Windows Live Mail messages may be backed up to Windows 10 Mail, MBOX or PST if you wish to open them in Thunderbird or Outlook.
  • Backup Windows Live Mail to the Cloud Server: The programme, in addition to an email client, also gives you the ability to backup Windows Live Mail folders to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, and any other IMAP-compatible client.
  • Backup Particularly: If you do not need to backup all of your data, you may backup certain pieces of it. If this is your sole desire, the Windows Live Mail backup utility enables you to extract attachments, email addresses, and contacts.
  • Backup in Bulk: The programme is really effective and allows you to backup Windows Live Mail folders in mass. You may simultaneously backup an unlimited number of folders to any of the available storing choices.
  • Data Analysis: The Windows Live Mail backup tool also enables you to inspect Windows Live Mail messages before to their backup. For in-depth study, you may see all of your emails in Hex and raw format.


You may now backup Windows Live Mail emails efficiently and quickly. We have provided you with a fantastic WLM backup tool for backing up emails or folders to several platforms. You may backup Windows Live Mail folders to Exchange, Thunderbird, and other savings with the application. You may download the application for free using the link above and begin using it immediately to complete your backup.