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Extract Attachments from Windows Live Mail in Batch

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
November 21st, 2022
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4 Minutes Reading

One of the most important characteristics connected to Windows Live Mail accounts is attachments. They are capable of holding far more significant information than any other property. Therefore, having a backup of these is essential. If you agree with us, you may learn how to extract attachments from Windows Live Mail if you don’t already know.

The majority of the emails we get contain attachments. Even a single email has several attachments, and the more the number of emails, the greater the number of attachments. This makes it difficult to remove them all at once and in a shorter amount of time. There is, however, a way that simplifies this procedure. To discover more, continue reading below.

How to Extract Attachments from Windows Live Mail in a Single Procedure?

One of the most effective tools to extract multiple attachments from Windows Live Mail account is Windows Live Mail Migrator. The software is extremely quick and effective, allowing you to manually choose WLM files or directories and retrieve attachments from them all at once in a single step. You don’t have to go through each email to extract information from it. Simply choose as many WLM files or folders as you wish and export attachments from Windows Live Mail with a few clicks. You may read the entire tutorial to learn how the tool works.

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Step-by-step Process to Retrieve Windows Live Mail Attachments

  • To begin, click the green icon above  to download the Windows Live Mail attachment extractor. Install and run it after downloading to extract attachments from Windows Live Mail.
    download windows live mail attachment extractor
  • After starting the programme, go to the Open tab and choose either the Windows Live Mail configured account or the Choose Folders.
    choose folder
  • Begin exploring your device’s Windows Live Mail data. Once selected, get them into Windows Live Mail Attachment Extractor.
    browse windows live mail folders
  • You may now evaluate all of your attachments before extracting them in this stage. You may also look at other attributes such as email.
    preview attachments
  • Now, go to the Extract tab and choose Attachments from the drop down option.
  • Select the location for your attachments by clicking the browse button. Then, to export attachments from Windows Live Mail, click the Save.
    click save to extract attachments from windows live mail

The procedure will just take a few seconds, and you will be informed once all of your attachments have been retrieved. Time to become familiar with some additional capabilities of the Windows Live Mail Attachment Extractor. For a better understanding of the tool, review them below.

Read more About the Microsoft Live Mail Attachments Extractor

  • Extract Windows Live Mail Attachments in Bulk: The software has the ability to retrieve an unlimited number of attachments from the Windows Live Mail account or folders all at once using the bulk extraction feature. When extracting several attachments in bulk, the application does not report any errors or impose any limits.
  • Browse Place: When you use the Windows Live Mail Attachment Extractor, you will be given the chance to pick the location of your choosing to save the results. You may do this by clicking the Browse Location button.
  • Windows Compatibility: Compatibility with Windows denotes that the programme can be installed and used with the Windows operating system. On Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and lower editions of Windows, you have the ability to extract attachments from Windows Live Mail.
  • Preview Function: The software comes equipped with its own viewer as a preview function. Before you extract any of your attachments, you have the option to see any of them. Additionally, you are able to examine Windows Live Mail emails as well as other attributes.
  • A Device That Does It All: In addition to extracting attachments, the application gives you the ability to export the entirety of your Windows Live Mail data to a variety of different file formats, including PDF, MBOX, PST, and a great deal of other file formats. In response to a request, you are able to extract email addresses as well as telephone numbers.


We have provided you with an excellent method to extract attachments from Windows Live Mail. The Windows Live Mail attachments extractor is an excellent tool for retrieving large numbers of attachments at once. The programme provides a one-stop shop for exporting attachments, emails, and other data from Windows Live Mail to other email clients such as Windows 10 Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and others. Give this all-in-one tool a go to address any issues you’re having with your WLM account.