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How to Export Email Addresses from Windows Live Mail Account?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
December 19th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

One of the most challenging tasks is extracting addresses from a WLM account since this attribute may be found almost anywhere, including attachments and several email fields. Depending on the amount of data you have, it can take hours or even days to complete. However, the purpose of this post is to show you how to export email addresses from Windows Live Mail in the easiest way possible. Therefore, keep browsing it if you also wish to complete it in the easiest manner rather than in a time-consuming manner.

Retrieving an address from a Windows Live Mail account is far more difficult than extracting attachments or other attributes such as phone numbers. This is due to the fact that it is easy to discover attachments or phone numbers, but it is difficult to find email addresses, since they might be in various attachments and email fields such as Cc, Bcc, To, and more. However, if you follow the below technique, it may take a few clicks to obtain all of the linked addresses at once.

How to Export Email Addresses from Windows Live Mail?

The most wonderful, straightforward-to-use, and extremely secure tool to extract email address from Windows Live Mail is Windows Live Mail Converter. You are not required to read through every email or attachment to retrieve addresses. You simply need to manually pick one or more Windows Live Mail accounts or folders to extract addresses from them all at once. To determine how the tool works, we advise you to complete the steps below:

download button

Step-by-step Process to Extract Email Addresses from Windows Live Mail

  • To acquire the Windows Live Mail email address extractor on your device, please click the download button above. Then, in order to export email addresses from Windows Live Mail, you must install and run it.
    download windows live mail email address extractor
  • Once the utility is running, go to the Open tab and manually choose either the Windows Live mail setup Account or folders.
    choose folders
  • If you want to pick the directories manually, you must first go through all of the WLM files from which you wish to extract addresses. Once you’ve chosen your files, drag them inside the tool.
    browse wlm folders
  • Once all of the data has been entered into the programme, you may examine it before moving on to the next stage.
    examine wlm data
  • Select the Extract tab from the menu bar, then the Email Addresses option from the drop down menu.
  • Select the preferred location for storing your addresses by clicking the browse button. After that, click the Save button to retrieve Windows Live Mail email addresses.
    click save to export email addresses from windows live mail
Note: You should keep in mind that if you go to the extract tab, you may get certain attributes such as the address or attachments. However, if you navigate to the export tab, you may export your WLM data to other email clients such as Windows 10 Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and others. This software is all-in-one and may assist you with much more than merely retrieving addresses.

Therefore, you may extract email addresses from Windows Live Mail account or folders with this amount of ease. We now advise you to review a few of the tool’s features in order to fully grasp it.

Learn More About the Windows Live Mail Email Address Extractor

  • Extract Addresses from Fields: The tool is highly effective and capable of simultaneously extracting email addresses from email fields. Any of the fields, including To, Cc, BC, From, Subject, and Message Body, may be chosen. You may choose from either all of them or just one.
  • Attachments: The ones that can include a tonne of email addresses are attachments. You have the option to extract email addresses from any attachments with this app. Just choose the option before to saving your work.
  • Batch Extraction: The software allows you to export email addresses from Windows Live Mail in bulk. You can extract addresses from as many folders or the whole account at once.
  • Multiple Extraction Option: The application is all-inclusive and provides you with several attribute storing options. In addition to email addresses, you can also extract Windows Live Mail attachments and phone numbers.
  • Compatibility: The tool to extract email address from Windows Live Mail is compatible with all the devices running on Windows Operating System. You may use the too on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and below version.

In Conclusion

The process to export email addresses from Windows Live Mail account has been made as simple as possible. The WLM address extractor is the one that provides a few straightforward steps for you to complete the operation. It’s a comprehensive tool that can export the entire dataset to alternate formats in addition to extracting certain attributes. Windows Live Mail may be converted to various formats including PDF, MBOX, PST, Gmail, and more. Therefore, whatever your need is, the tool can satisfy it. So, download it right now and go to work on your assignment.