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Export Windows Live Mail to Yahoo With All Contacts, Attachments etc.

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 18th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Although Yahoo Mail may not be at the top of the list of email providers, it nevertheless offers a number of features that are superior to those of the winners. The only element that distinguishes Yahoo as one of the most beneficial is account storage capacity. Therefore, it can be advantageous to you if you decide to preserve your unlimited WLM data. The detailed procedures listed below may be used to export Windows Live Mail to Yahoo with all of its data.

How to Migrate Emails from Windows Live Mai to Yahoo Mail?

One of the safest and most effective ways to import Windows Live Mail to Yahoo Mail is using Windows Live Mail Migrator. The software is designed specifically for moving Microsoft Live Mail to numerous option in addition to Yahoo Mail. The establishment of a WLM account is not required to move data since the programme allows for manual folder migration. To further understand how to export Windows Live Mail contacts to Yahoo Mail as well as email, please study the steps outlined below.

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Step-by-step Process to Export Windows Live Mail to Yahoo

  • You may download the WLM to Yahoo Mail Converter by following the link that has been provided above. After downloading, you will need to install and execute the application in order to import Windows Live Mail to Yahoo.
    download wlm to yahoo mail converter
  • Now, choose Open Configured Windows Live Mail Accounts or Folder from the drop-down menu located under the Open tab.
    choose wlm account or folders
  • You should browse the WLM Folders that you desire to import into Yahoo Mail.
    browse wlm folders
  • You are able to do a preview of the data before relocating it when the software has been completely loaded with all of the data.
    preview wlm emails
  • Now, choose IMAP from the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the Export.
    choose imap as saving option
  • Enter the email address, password, IMAP server, and port number for your Yahoo email account here. In the end, you need to hit the Save button to import Windows Live Mail to Yahoo.
    click save to export windows live mail to yahoo mail

So, that’s how you may export Windows Live Mail to Yahoo utilizing our recommended app, which seems to be the most optimal or best option since it just requires a few simple steps. You should explore the tool’s functionalities below to understand more about it.

Find Some Traits of the Microsoft Live Mail to Yahoo Mail Converter

  • Conversion Capacity: The conversion capacity of the utility is unlimited. It provides the ability to batch export Windows Live Mail to Yahoo at the same time and using the exact same procedures.
  • Dual Mode: When exporting Microsoft Live Mail data, there are two possibilities. Either manually choose a folder or pick one of the pre-set WLM accounts are options.
  • Data Analysis: The software also allows you to examine Windows Live Mail files in addition to import Windows live Mail to Yahoo. After sending the files to the tool, you may see them in their entirety.
  • Detailed Analysis: If you want to do Windows Live Mail forensics, the tool is excellent. You may see Windows Live Mail emails in raw and hex modes with this.
  • Support for Devices: The software is compatible with any Windows-based gadgets. You may use the WLM to Yahoo Converter utility with any version of Windows, including versions 11, 10, and earlier.


Can I export data to Yahoo Mail without having Windows Live Mail installed on my device?

Since the software gives you two alternatives for converting data, you may choose one of them based on your needs. If your account is not set up, you may manually choose which folders to import from Windows Live Mail to Yahoo.

How many WLM files can the WLM to Yahoo converter convert at once?

Using the provided WLM to Yahoo converter, an endless amount of files may be converted. You may only see a limitation while using the demo version. There are no restrictions after the licence key is obtained. You may then efficiently import Windows Live Mail to Yahoo.

Is it possible to export Windows Live Mail to Yahoo using the application on Windows 7?

The application is compatible with all versions of Windows. There are no such Windows prerequisites for running the tool migrate emails from Windows Live Mail to Yahoo Mail.

Can I use the application to transfer contacts from Windows Live Mail to Yahoo Mail?

The tool’s goal is to move all the data. You may export contacts, the calendar, attachments, and any other property from Windows Live Mail to Yahoo Mail.


You may complete your need to export Windows Live Mail to Yahoo right here in this post. It provides you with the finest method for exporting contacts, calendar, and attachments from Windows Live Mail to Yahoo Mail. The all-in-one programme enables you to switch from Windows Live Mail to a number of alternatives, including Windows 10 Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Office 365, and more. To get started with your migration, you must immediately download its free edition.