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Export Thunderbird to EML files using Manual Import/Export Function

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 26th, 2024
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This page describes the many methods to export Thunderbird to EML files. There are several manual approaches that allow you to employ add-ons, convert each email one by one, or convert entire folders at once. Follow each of the steps below to export Thunderbird messages to EML with much better simplicity.

Use the Manual Method to Export Thunderbird to EML Format

There are two very straightforward approaches that may be utilised to preserve Thunderbird messages in EML format. Pick the one that best fits your needs from the available options.

Method-1: Use the “Save As” function in Thunderbird.

  • Select emails to convert. CTRL+A selects all emails in a folder.
  • Right-click the emails you want to save and choose Save As.
  • Select a folder to save the EML files to, then click Select Folder.

Method-2: Utilize the “Save Selected Message” feature in Thunderbird.

  • Use CTRL+A to select all emails or CTRL+S to choose specific emails.
  • Right-click emails > Save Selected Message > EML Format.
  • Click Select Folder to save EML files.

Method-3: Using an Add-On, Export Thunderbird Emails to EML Format

  • Select desired Folder in Thunderbird after opening it.
  • Right-click on the chosen Folder and select ImportExportTools. All messages in the folder may be exported in EML format.
  • Click Select Folder after choosing the location where you wish to save the converted EML files.

These are a few manual methods to export Thunderbird to EML files. In addition to the manual ways, there is another method that provides you with considerably greater ease. Please have a look at it to see whether it’s the right fit for you.

The Best Way to Export Thunderbird Messages to EML

The issue you can have while using the aforementioned manual technique is resolved by the Thunderbird File Converter. It is the technique that spares you from having to manually convert each email. Simply choose the entire folder collection, and an EML file will be saved. It’s a simple way to export Thunderbird emails to EML with all attachments. Additionally, it provides you with a few easy steps to backup emails from Thunderbird to EML. To understand how the tool functions, you must go through them.

download button

Step-by-step Procedure to Export Thunderbird Emails as EML

  • Download, install, and run the Thunderbird to EML Software on the device where Thunderbird is installed or your files are saved.
    download thunderbird to eml converter
  • Now, pick either Open Thunderbird configured accounts or Choose Folder from the open tab.
    choose folder option
  • Begin by viewing all of the files you want to convert to EML format and loading them into the Thunderbird to EML Software.
    choose thunderbird files
  • After you’ve uploaded all of your files into the programme, go to the Export tab and choose EML as the saving format.
    select eml saving option
  • To export Thunderbird to EML files, first click the browse button to choose a location for your output files, and then click the Save.
    click save to export thunderbird to eml
Note: As you can see from the export page, you have various storage choices for your Thunderbird email aside from EML files. You can export Thunderbird to Outlook, Gmail, Zoho, Office 365, and others. The tool provides a plethora of storing alternatives to help you retain your emails more appropriately.

In a few seconds, your Thunderbird folders will be converted to the EML file format, and you’ll be informed when it’s finished. Let’s now examine the Thunderbird file to EML Tool in more detail. Now, we’d like to show you some of its features in action. So, please read them over.

Learn More About the Direct Approach

  • To convert data, you can pick any of the accounts set with Thunderbird.
  • You may also pick the data manually if you do not have an account established.
  • Export Thunderbird to EML in bulk without experiencing the error or slowdowns.
  • Export all emails from Thunderbird with all attachments, contacts, and calendars etc.
  • Analyze Thunderbird emails and attachments before converting them into EML files.
  • This app is useful for forensic experts since it displays the hex and raw data of emails.
  • You can incorporate email headers when converting emails to the EML file format.
  • You may use the search option to search emails in Thunderbird from a given time or sender.


It is now straightforward to export Thunderbird to EML format. We have supplied you with manual and automatic methods to export Thunderbird messages to EML. After reviewing their related benefits and usability, you may utilise any of them. The automatic technique (Thunderbird to EML Tool) provides you with a few simple steps and also allows you to convert Thunderbird to other email clients such as Outlook, G Suite and Email files such as PST and document files such as PDF and more.