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How to Export All Emails from Thunderbird Desktop Account in Bulk ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 31st, 2023
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6 Minutes Reading

Do you wish to export all emails from Thunderbird? Don’t you discover an appropriate method? What if we told you that you no longer needed to seek for it? Are you prepared to believe us? We have the ideal solution for you, one that will resolve your issue and enable you to export your emails to whatever platform you choose.

Hello, I am currently using a Thunderbird account but am experiencing issues with it and am considering switching. However, its emails are the most precious to me, and I cannot abandon them. Therefore, could you assist me with exporting all emails from Thunderbird, as I am unable to do so?

Allow us to fix your issue based on a request we got yesterday from a valued client that also requires resolution. Assuming both of your problems are same, the answer will be identical as well.

If you are planning on backing up your Thunderbird email and are unsure which platform to use as a replacement, we have an all-in-one solution. A Solution that will give you many platforms in one place. So are you excited? Then let’s get ready.

Perfect Solution to Export All Emails from Thunderbird

The solution that is your key to accomplishing this task is the 4n6 Thunderbird Converter Software. The application will guide you out of the current problem. This application is reliable and has been solving the user’s problem for many years and also can solve yours very conveniently.

This is one of the best programs to export all emails from Thunderbird. Best because it can clear up your confusion about which platform you should use to store Thunderbird emails. This single tool offers you many platforms that you can select from and that is what makes this app all in one.

Would you want to learn more about the storage choices available? To be honest, we want you to do the same thing since that way, you’ll understand the use of our product. Therefore, have a peek.

You Can Export All Thunderbird Emails to;

  • Email Data File: Here you can choose between EML, PST. If you are configured with any different desktop-based email clients, that supports these file format. You can choose from it.
  • Document Files: If you don’t want to save the Thunderbird emails on the above platform, you can choose from PDF, Text, HTML and also CSV. These file formats are best and don’t want you to be configured with an account. These are easily accessible and you can choose from them.
  • Cloud or IMAP Supported Accounts: This application takes care of all sorts of situations. If you want a platform that allows you to access your email from anywhere, this is the option you can go for. Here you can select any email service that supports IMAP such as Gmail, G Suite, Zoho Mail, Yahoo Mail, Exchange Server, Office 365 and more.

This platform meets all of your requirements, so you can now make an informed decision on which platform to choose. However, these storage choices are not the sole advantages of the software.

The process that you need to follow to export all emails from Thunderbird to one of these platforms is also best. It’s very convenient and you’ll find it very small, see for yourself.

Complete Procedure for Exporting Thunderbird Emails to Another Platform

  • First of all, click on the link below to download Thunderbird Emails Migrator on your Windows compatible device.
  • Now process the app installation by agreeing on some casual terms, once the installation is done, launch it. Now you need to click Open.
  • Select Thunderbird Accounts to load files / folders.
  • Once you select the configured Thunderbird account, all the account folders will be loaded into the tool, which you can see on the left panel. Here if you need you can preview the data.
  • Now click on the Export tab and then select the preferred platform to save Thunderbird emails to
  • Once you select the desired storage option, fill in the details in the export options panel and then click the Save button.

Your Thunderbird emails will now be exported to the selected platform in a few moments. Congratulations! Your inquiry is now resolved, your task is now finished.

We must state that you are having an excellent experience with this tool, as you now know the majority of its features. However, we’re curious as to whether you’d like to learn more about it. To begin, we will quickly describe the tool’s features so that you can understand how unique it is and what benefits you may obtain from it. Therefore, have a peek.

Check Out Some Thunderbird Email Exporter Specification

  • This application has a user-friendly interface so that you can use it very easily even if it’s your first time.
  • This application allows you to manually select Thunderbird data if you are not configured with the account
  • You can export all emails from Thunderbird in bulk. You can even export multiple folders at once
  • This application also allows you to export all the attachments associated with emails from Thunderbird.
  • You can also preview Thunderbird emails and also attachments in the tool itself.
  • Allows you to include the email header if you want to see the complete route of the email.
  • You can also browse the location to choose the preferred destination to save the emails

These features will help you understand the effectiveness of the tool. But we have to tell you that there are still many things to discover about the tool. We can only suggest that there are many more gifts for you, so all the best

In Conclusion

Thunderbird Email Migrator is the finest software for exporting all Thunderbird emails. This application is fully automated and will do your task in no time. It offers a plethora of platforms and also provides a plethora of advantages. We can only recommend that you use our suggested tool for a fantastic experience and a pleasant travel.