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Guide to Backup Emails from Thunderbird Email Application to a Variety of Saving Options

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 23rd, 2024
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4 Minutes Reading

It is always advised to keep a backup copy of your important emails. Thunderbird is one of the most popular and best desktop-based email services available. Due to it’s benefits, many users use this application. And, we have seen various queries where users need to backup emails from Thunderbird account.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to capture this highly asked query. So, keep reading the post if you are one of them who needs to perform this task.

Why Should You Backup Mail from Thunderbird?

  • Imagining accidentally deleting emails or whole files. You can choose to suffer the consequences or prepare for them by having a backup copy of Thunderbird on hand.
  • If you can’t locate a reliable internet connection, saving your Thunderbird emails as offline documents like PDFs may assist you examine your emails. This type of backup may also allow you to print your emails for evidential purposes.
  • Backing of Thunderbird emails to cloud sever gives you greater flexibility to access emails that Thunderbird itself can’t give you. By saving Thunderbird emails to cloud account you may access that using any of the web browser from any of the systems.

The Best Method to Backup Emails from Thunderbird

Thunderbird Converter Tool is the method that you may consider as the best way to backup Thunderbird email. This software’s ability to backup mail from Thunderbird to a number of saving formats makes it an all-in-one solution. You may utilize to either store your emails to email files, document files as well as cloud server. Following is the exact description of the saving settings that you may pick from when using the software. Kindly review them.

download button

Use the Thunderbird Mail Backup Tool for Its Many Benefits.

The comprehensive Thunderbird backup tool provides you with more than 25 different ways to save Thunderbird emails. The possibilities for saving are as follows.

  • Email Data File: If you wish to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook or another email client, you may export Thunderbird emails to PST, EML, and other formats.
  • Document Files: If you wish to save your Thunderbird emails offline, you may use document files. Thunderbird emails may be exported to PDF, Text, CSV, and more formats.
  • Email Services: You may export Thunderbird emails to Gmail, Office 365, Exchange, and other services if you prefer cloud servers over offline or email files.

These are just a few of the numerous saving choices available to you. Let’s now go through how to select these storage. The procedure to backup emails from Thunderbird to numerous storage locations is shown below. Please check them.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Backup All Emails from Thunderbird

  • Download the Thunderbird backup utility on your Windows computer. Install and run it to backup mail from Thunderbird.
    download thunderbird backup tool
  • After starting the tool, click on the Open tab and then either pick the account specified by Thunderbird or manually select folders.
    choose folder option
  • Begin browsing and uploading all of your Thunderbird data from the device to the software.
    browse thunderbird files
  • You can check the Thunderbird folders once they are available in the tool’s left pane.
    preview thunderbird emails
  • Now, pick the saving choices by clicking on the “Export” tab.
    select saving option
  • After selecting the saving option, click the “Browse” button to select a location for the generated files, and then click the “Save” button to backup emails from Thunderbird.
    click save to backup emails from thunderbird
Note: You may choose the IMAP saving option if you wish to backup your Thunderbird emails to cloud services like G Suite, Zoho, Outlook 365, and others. After making your choice, you must enter your account information and click the save button.

Find Some Additional Functions of the Thunderbird Backup Tool


We have assisted you with backing up emails from Thunderbird to a variety of options. The recommended Thunderbird backup solution is an all-in-one app with several storage possibilities. It aids in the backup of Thunderbird emails to Windows 10 Mail and other clients. You may download the tool and use it for free up to a point. Following that, you may purchase the license key for limitless conversion.