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How to Migrate Thunderbird to Zoho Mail Account Directly in Bulk?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Accounts like Thunderbird are wonderful if you only want to use them in a certain location, but if you need to check your email at any time and from any location, this account is not for you. Consequently, you must search for a cloud-based account, and Zoho appears to be the best option. So, you wish to migrate Thunderbird to Zoho; let’s discover a solution.

Why do you think we are continually searching for writing topics? No, the queries received by the support team aid us greatly in deciding what to write about. They offered us a sense of what people are seeking and the type of solution they require.

Hello, support team I have a problem with the Thunderbird account and I want to change it with the Zoho account. Now the problem is that Thunderbird has a lot of mailboxes that I can’t leave. Please help me migrate Thunderbird to Zoho so I can continue with the emails in the future.

See such inquiries give us a subject. Therefore, it is also our responsibility to solve the problem of all those who are faced with the same problem and this blog will then become the platform to solve everyone’s problem in a single time.

A Suitable Solution to Migrate Thunderbird to Zoho

The solution that can solve your problem and get you out of the current situation through migration is the Thunderbird Converter Software. This application is an absolutely perfect solution to migrate Thunderbird to Zoho as easily as possible.

download button

Let us now explain to you directly why this application is so helpful and useful for the said task. Everything you want in your ultimate solution is included in this application. Do you need a convenient process to follow, need a comfortable journey? Well it’s all there. This application gives you the ease you need in completing the task.

First, let’s explain the full process you need to go through to migrate Thunderbird to Zoho. This guide should be followed because you will already know what to do next by the time you run the tool to complete the task. So take a look.

Procedure for Migrating Complete Thunderbird Data to Zoho

  • Firstly, Get the application on your Windows compatible device by clicking the Download button provided above. Install the application agreeing to the agreement and then finally launch it.download thunderbird to zoho migration tool
  • Now click on the Open. Then click on your configured account  or Choose folder.
    click choose folder option
  • Once you select account from the device, you will see that all the Thunderbird folders have started to load into the tool, if you need you can open and view them.
    preview thunderbird emails
  • Now click on the Export tab and then click on IMAP as an Email Service.
    select imap saving option
  • Then enter Zoho email address and password also enter Zoho’ IMAP server name and then click on Save button.
    click save to migrate thunderbird to zoho

Your selected data from the Thunderbird account will now be migrated to Zoho in a few moments. Once the process is complete, information will also appear on the tool’s screen to inform you about it.

These are the only steps you need to follow. See how convenient this process is, well, we already told you. Now we should give you some specs for a better understanding of the tool. So if you need to go deep into the tool, go through them one by one.

Get to know Some Features of Thunderbird to Zoho Migrator

1. Migrate Data in Bulk: The main purpose of suggesting this tool is that it requires less time to migrate Thunderbird to Zoho. You only need to go through the process once and that’s because you can migrate multiple folders in one go.

2. Migrate Entire Data: It’s not just the email that is in the email account. There are lots of things like attachments, contacts and other data. So it is important that you migrate them all. And this application is beneficial for this purpose as it can migrate all the data without leaving anything behind.

3. Thunderbird Preview: You know what, this app not only helps you migrate Thunderbird to Zoho, it also helps you preview it. You can also use this application as a compatible application to open Thunderbird files and folders.

4. Include Email Headers: This application allows you to choose whether or not to include the email header when migrating the emails. If you want to see the full history of the email just enable this option and if you don’t need it just disable it.

Is it enough for an overview? Well, we haven’t disclose all the qualities of the tool. We’d like to hide a few so that you can experience more and more surprises as you run the tool to complete the task.

In Conclusion

Do you want to migrate Thunderbird to Zoho? You can do it easily, the Thunderbird to Zoho Migrator will help you a lot with this task. This application is fully automated and can get your job done within a minute. It is easy to use and offers you many advantages during your migration journey. We therefore strongly recommend that you try this out and experience it for yourself.