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Thunderbird to PST Converter for Windows Users – 100% Tested and Simple

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
June 22nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Have you been using Thunderbird as your email client for a long time and now need to convert files to PST format for some reason? Are you looking for the best and most reputable Thunderbird to PST Converter but can’t seem to find it? No worries. We are all aware that when a person considers converting data from one location to another, the security and accuracy of their data comes first. As a result, everyone wants to use a software that can convert Thunderbird to PST format safely. We have seen many similar questions on various forum sites including:

How do I bulk convert Thunderbird files to PST format at once? Is there any tool to convert Thunderbird to PST without Outlook installation? How to export Thunderbird Mail to PST with attachments? What is the best Thunderbird to PST Converter available for free download? I’ve been looking for a long time but haven’t found anything. How do I convert my Thunderbird emails to PST format including all header information?

There are numerous questions with varying requirements. As a result, we developed the most reliable and tested Thunderbird Converter Wizard for users. This application is capable of meeting the needs of all users without difficulty. With this utility, you can convert an unlimited number of Thunderbird emails to PST format, including all of their properties. Furthermore, all you have to do is follow the simple procedure outlined below.

How to Convert Thunderbird Mail to PST Format?

1. To begin, free download Thunderbird to PST Converter on your Windows computer. (It is a completely free utility that allows you to test the app without spending any money.) download

Note: In case, if you have Thunderbird MBOX files on your computer and needs to convert them, then you can take the help of MBOX Converter Software. It will help you to convert MBOX files from Thunderbird to PST without any supportive application.

2. Once the app is downloaded on your machine, run it and click on the Open button. click open 3. The utility now provides you with two options for loading your Thunderbird data: Open Thunderbird Configured Accounts and Choose Folders. Note

  1. Open Thunderbird Configured Accounts option will automatically detect and load data from your configured Thunderbird profile.
  2. Choose Folders option will allow you to manually browse your Thunderbird files from your computer. (Use the option if Thunderbird account is not configured on your computer)

So, choose the option that best meets your requirements. browse thunderbird data 3. After selecting, this application will instantly load all your files on the left panel as shown in the screenshot. loaded thunderbird files 4. Double-click on the loaded files and preview Thunderbird profile content in detail. preview thunderbird data 5. Now, go to Export option and choose PST as saving option. choose pst 6. Finally, choose the location where you need to get resultant PST files and click on Save button to begin the process. The application starts converting Thunderbird emails to PST with attachments. This conversion process will only take a few moments. thunderbird to pst converter begin conversion

What Sets This Thunderbird to PST Converter Apart?

What distinguishes our application from the many others available on the Internet? The answer is given below. This app has a lot of advanced and eye-catching features to export Thunderbird mail to PST like:

  • Capability to Convert Multiple Files: With this solution, it is possible to convert multiple Thunderbird files to PST format in batch at the same time. This feature saves time because we don’t have to select files one by one.
  • Convert Thunderbird Files with Attachments: The application has the capability to convert Thunderbird emails to PST including attachments. Also, it allows you to save attachments before converting into PST format.
  • Thunderbird Application Not Required: In order to convert Thunderbird to PST, the app doesn’t require Thunderbird installation. You can manually select and convert Thunderbird files to PST format.
  • Preview Thunderbird Emails in Different Modes: Thunderbird to PST Converter provides several preview modes. You can easily preview Thunderbird content, message headers, raw messages, and hex view before the conversion.
  • Convert Thunderbird Email Headers: Using this solution, you can easily export Thunderbird emails to PST including header information.
  • Windows Based Thunderbird to PST Converter: This utility is compatible with all the latest and earlier versions of Windows including 11, 10, 8.1, and more. Also, the application comes up with freeware edition. It will help you to test the complete working and features without facing issues.
  • Preserves All the Properties: The tool preserves all properties when converting Thunderbird emails to PST format. This app will not change or modify the original content formatting or folder hierarchy.
  • Extract Properties from Thunderbird Files: The app allows users to extract properties in addition to exporting Thunderbird Mail to PST format. This tool can extract Thunderbird email addresses, email attachments, and phone numbers.
  • Supports Multiple File Savings: The application has the ability to export Thunderbird mail to PST and other savings like PDF, EML, Microsoft 365, Zoho,  and more.

Feel Free While Using the App

When you use this Thunderbird to PST converter software, you can relax. We guarantee that this app will give you 100% accurate results. In addition, above we mentioned a number of features that will help users achieve the desired conversion without difficulty. So, just download the application on your Windows computer and start converting Thunderbird files into PST without facing hassle.