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Guide to Migrate Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail with All Contacts, Calendar

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 12th, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

Even though Windows 10 Mail doesn’t have import/export capabilities, there are still alternative methods to integrate Thunderbird with it. With the aid of this post, you may learn how to migrate Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail with your whole contact book and emails. Continue to read this entire article’s contents for more information that will be helpful to you.

Directly sending emails into your Windows 10 Mail account is significantly more challenging due to the account’s lack of import features. As a result, you cannot directly transfer Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail. The Mail account lacks import features, but allows for the addition of email providers. If you export Thunderbird to an email provider such as Gmail or another, you may then add that account to the Mail client to receive all emails. If you want to completely comprehend the procedure, you may look at the detailed instructions below.

How to Migrate Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail? The Best Solution

One of the most specialised tools for transferring Thunderbird emails to other email clients, such as the Windows 10 Mail app, is the Thunderbird Converter Tool. Since Windows 10 Mail does not allow you to directly import a Thunderbird, this tool enables you to export all emails from Thunderbird to email providers so that you may add it to the Mail app and get all of your desired emails. It is entirely dependable and safe. To learn what actions you must do, go to the directions below.

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Complete Steps to Take Thunderbird Mail Backup in Windows 10 Mail

Note: The 4n6 Thunderbird Migration Tool is all-in-one and provides several saving possibilities. Aside from Windows 10 Mail, you have many storage options for your Thunderbird email. Thunderbird may be exported to G Suite, Zoho, Office 365, Exchange, and other services. The application offers a myriad of storage options to assist you in better retaining your emails.

  • Download the Thunderbird to Mail Import Tool, install it, then run it on the device where Thunderbird is installed or your data are saved.
    download thunderbird to mail migration tool
  • Now, from the Open tab, select either Open Thunderbird configured accounts or Choose Folder.
    choose thunderbird account or files
  • Begin by locating and importing all of the files you wish to transfer to Windows 10 Mail into the Thunderbird to Mail converter.
    browse thunderbird files
  • You may inspect your files in detail when you’ve uploaded them all to the application.
    preview emails
  • Now, in the menu bar, navigate to the Export option and choose Email service as the saving format.
    select saving option
  • Enter your backup email address and password for the selected account. Then press the Save button to import Thunderbird address book to Windows 10 Mail.
    click save to migrate thunderbird to windows 10 mail

Your Thunderbird folders will be moved to the chosen email provider in a matter of seconds, and you’ll be alerted when it’s done. After that, you can add that account to Windows 10 Mail so you can view your address book and Thunderbird emails.

Read More about the Thunderbird to Mail Migration Tool

  • Batch Migration: You may mass migrate Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail with this tool. There are no limitations on the data that may be selected and exported from Thunderbird.
  • Transfer All Data: The software may import Thunderbird address book to Windows 10 Mail in addition to importing emails. All of your general characteristics are importable.
  • Preview Files: Thunderbird files may also be viewed with the Thunderbird to Mail Converter. It enables you to preview every email, contact, and any piece of information associated with your Thunderbird files.
  • Multiple Preview Modes: The tool provides multiple preview modes for data. You may examine Thunderbird email messages in hex, raw, or header mode. Utilize them based on your needs.
  • Search Option: Utilizing the powerful search capability, this Thunderbird to Windows 10 Migration tool enables you to find certain properties from a big number of Thunderbird files.


We’ve shown you the best way to migrate Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail. The Thunderbird to Mail Migration tool is a specialised solution to import Thunderbird contacts to Windows 10 Mail. It boasts the finest features and the most straightforward approach ever. It also includes a trial version for converting Thunderbird emails to a variety of formats such as EML, PST, PDF, Outlook 365, and others. You must first download the free version from the above link and begin moving your data.