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How to Migrate Thunderbird to Exchange Server Account Directly ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

If you want to migrate Thunderbird to Exchange, you will find the best solution here. The main goal of this blog is to solve the customer’s problem by providing the most valuable solution that can meet their need. So if you are the one who is here in hopes of a solution, your wish is not going to go away.

Hello, 4n6 support team. Can you help me with a program that will allow me to bulk migrate Thunderbird to Exchange? The Thunderbird mailboxes are in tons so please offer me an efficient solution. Many Thanks.

Such customer inquiries are the main source for generating ideas on the topic to write about and provide an absolutely perfect solution for it. You may have related the situation with the help of the query above and you may need an absolutely same solution.

We therefore offer you the absolutely suitable solution for this task. The way that best suits your needs and provides you with comfort in completing the task. So take a look.

An Appropriate Solution to Migrate Thunderbird to Exchange

4n6 Thunderbird Converter Software is something you need to meet your needs. This application is the way that can get you out of the current problem. It is fully automated and only requires a few clicks from you. Yes, this application doesn’t require much effort on your part. It’s easy and efficient. Also, it allows you to migrate data into various savings like Outlook, Zoho Mail, Gmail, Exchange, G Suite, and more.

download button

The reason to share this application with you is that it can bulk migrate Thunderbird to Exchange as required by the query. Yes, it doesn’t matter how many mailboxes you have, they can all be migrated together in a single task.

But this bulk migration is not the only reason to suggest this tool. There are many others like; some of the great features that you can use to make your trip more comfortable. And the other is the process is very smooth. You need to look inside the process to become familiar with it.

Process for Migrating Thunderbird to Exchange Server

  • First of all, you need to click the given link to download, install and launch Thunderbird to Exchange migrator to your Windows supported device.
    download thunderbird to exchange migration tool
  • Now, click the Open tab. Then, choose the folder from the options given.
    click the choose folder option
  • Once you select the configured Thunderbird account, you will see that all the account mailboxes have started to load on the tool. Here, you may preview your Thunderbird emails before migration.
    preview emails
  • Now click on the Export tab and then on the drop down menu on IMAP.
    select imap as export option
  • Enter the Exchange email address and password, enter the IMAP server name for Exchange, and finally click the Save.
    click save to migrate thunderbird to exchange

Once you’ve added the account, the tool will first check your credentials and then start the process. The complete migration only takes a few minutes. Information will be displayed on the tool’s UI to let you know that the process is complete.

Now that you know the process, it is time to prepare for some of the tool’s quality features. It is important to know them as they will tell you how effective this app is and what values it generate for you.

Check out Some Task-related Features of the Thunderbird Migrator

1. Simple User Interface: Do you know what makes this application easy to use? It’s the simple user interface. The reason for simplifying the whole process is because of the UI. You will not have any problems completing the task, everything is simple and convenient.

2. Manually Select Thunderbird: Well, this application not only gives you the option to select the account, it also allows you to manually select the Thunderbird data. This manually selected support is useful in such situations when you are not configured with the account. Hence, it’s easy to migrate Thunderbird to Exchange using this app.

3. Migrate Complete Data: We need to let you know if you have any confusion about data migration. You can easily migrate the complete data regardless of what it is, email, attachments, contacts and other data. So feel free during the migration

4. Thunderbird Preview: This feature is a bonus for you. You can also use this tool as an assisted application to access the Thunderbird files. If you don’t have a supported application that allows you to access Thunderbird files, this app is for you. This app doesn’t only migrate Thunderbird to Exchange; it also allows you to preview it.

5. Search Function: Sometimes the most important emails come in a certain time frame and from a certain email address; sometimes you just want to preview them. Hence, this feature helps in this situation. Here you can apply filters to show specific emails and also the attachments.

We have provided you with some of the many features so that you can get an idea of the capability of the tool. But don’t think these are the only functions. There are many surprises waiting for you, so good luck.

In Conclusion

You can now easily migrate Thunderbird to Exchange and that’s because of the Thunderbird Migrator. This application best suits your needs as it cares about your comfort and values your time as it can get the job done in a few moments. This tool is something that you have to experience. Hence, we strongly suggest you to try this tool to accomplish this task.