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Import EML to Windows 10 Mail With All Associated Attachments

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 23rd, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

If you have a large number of critical EML files that are difficult to access and manage and you’re also using Windows 10 and Mail client, you may make them complementary. Windows 10’s default email client, “Mail,” is free to use and may be the best option for storing EML. If you share this opinion, you may learn how to import EML to Windows 10 Mail on this instructive website.

The finest email client is Windows 10 Mail; however it lacks import/export functionality. As a result, simply importing EML files into a Mail account may be difficult. However, the only option to move EML files to Windows 10 Mail is to first import them to IMAP compatible services, after which you may join that account to your Mail account to simply and securely access your same EML files.

A Hassle-free Way to Import EML to Windows 10 Mail

EML Converter Tool is software that simplifies the process to import EML files to Windows 10 Mail. It allows you to import EML files to any cloud service, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, and then add that account to Mail app to recover your files. It is a very secure method for moving an unlimited number of EML files at the same time without any slowdowns or errors. We recommend that you look at the step-by-step approach below to learn how the tool works.

download button

How to Upload EML Files into Windows 10 Mail? Detailed Instructions

Also Find the Instructions to Import EML Files to IMAP
  • Download the EML to Windows Mail converter tool to import EML to Windows 10 Mail. You should then install and use it.
    download tool to import eml to windows 10 mail
  • Next, pick Choose Files or Choose Folders beneath the Open tab to upload the EML files to the programme.
    choose eml files or folders
  • Browse the EML files you want to convert, then select and add them to the tool.
    browse eml files
  • You can preview EML files after submitting them to the software, if necessary.
    preview files before import em to windows 10 mail
  • Then select IMAP as your saving option from the Export menu.
    select imap saving option
Note: Selecting an IMAP option will also enables you to import EML to Amazon WorkMail, Yahoo and other services as well.
  • To import EML into Windows 10 Mail, enter your account information and click the save.
    click save to import eml to windows 10 mail

After transferring all EML files to the specified account, you may add that account to the Mail app to view EML files. Find out how to add an account to the Windows 10 Mail app below.

How to Add Account in the Windows 10 Mail App?

  • Click the Start button, type “Mail,” and then select the application.
  • You will see a Welcome screen if you are opening the Mail app for the first time
  • Choose to add a new account.
  • Pick the kind of account you wish to add from the drop-down menu….
  • Followed by clicking the Sign in button, please provide the essential information….
  • Pick the option done.

Your assignment has been finished. You may import EML to Windows 10 Mail app in this manner. Now, if you’d want to learn more about the tool, you may look at some of its features below.

Find Some Traits of the EML Files Converter Tool

  • Data Selection Mode: There are two ways to choose and add EML files to the software. Following the option to pick folders, you will have the ability to select individual files.
  • Bulk Conversion: The tool has the ability to convert several EML files at once. Without any restrictions or delays, you may bulk import EML to Windows 10 Mail.
  • Preview Information: You may preview EML files using the EML to Mail converter before converting them. For EML forensics, you may also read EML files in hex and raw format.
  • OS Support: Any device running the Windows OS is compatible with the program’s system requirements. All versions, including versions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and earlier, are compatible.
  • Standalone: You don’t need to download any additional settings in order to move EML files to Windows 10 Mail because the converter is self-contained.


The EML file to Windows 10 Mail converter programme is a very handy and straightforward solution to export EML to Windows 10 Mail. It comes with a sample edition that lets you import EML into Mail to a limited extent. You may download the full version of the utility to completely convert EML files to numerous formats such as PDF, Text, HTML, MBOX, and others. You may download the tool by clicking the link above and get started on your conversion right away.