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How to Import EML to Hotmail Account in Some Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
December 17th, 2022
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4 Minutes

“How to import EML to Hotmail Account?” You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re searching for an answer to this query. Here we will tell you all the effective method to transfer EML files to Hotmail with which you will be able to move your EML file to Hotmail.com very easily.

So, keep reading the article and get your task done. Let’s start this post by mentioning a user query:

User Query;

“I have EML files that I wish to transfer from my EML  files to my Hotmail account. These are my most critical emails, and if even a little amount of my data is lost, I will be in a great deal of difficulty. anybody has a way to safely import my Hotmail emails please contact me.”

“Hello, can anyone please provide me a method that can export EML files to Hotmail account. I have searched for the solution but didn’t get any method that allow me to convert my files in bulk. This task is really important for me. Please help.”

In the same way, are you also one of those people who has to do this task? If so, the answer is provided below for you.

Best Way to Import EML to Hotmail Account

There is no manual solution to import EML to Hotmail. For this, you have to go towards an automated solution. According to us, the automated solution is the best as there is no fear of losing files or any security hack. This is the best software 4n6 EML Converter Tool. The panel of this software has been designed keeping in mind the non-technical users so that there is no problem in using this software. When you export your EML files using our software, it maintains properties. There will be no changes done with your EML files. You will get accurate conversion result. Let us now see how to import EML to Hotmail with this software.

download button

Techniques – How to Use 4n6 Utility and Export EML Files?

  • Firstly, download and install the EML to Hotmail Converter tool.
    download eml to hotmail converter
  • After that, click the open button and select the choose folder/files option.
    click choose files or folder option
  • Thereafter, select the emails and preview them in different four modes.
    preview emails
  • Hit the export button and choose the IMAP option.
    select imap as saving option
  • Lastly, enter the Hotmail login details and hit the Save button.
    click save to import eml to hotmail

See how easy it is to import EML to Hotmail account directly. The above process is perform by using the demo edition of our software. The trial edition is useful to test the working and features. Also, it allows you to import some EML files into Hotmail account. If you need to import complete EML files into Hotmail account, please buy the licensed edition of the tool.

Eye-Catching Feature of this EML to Hotmail Converter

  • This software is highly capable of converting bulk stored EML files without any hassle.
  • Supports to import EML files to multiple formats like HTML, Text, and more.
  • The EML to Hotmail Converter is capable of import EML to Hotmail as well as many other email clients such as Gmail, Thunderbird, Zoho, Roundcube, Exchange Server, and many more.
  • Convert EML files with attachments in a few seconds with help EML to Hotmail converter.
  • While importing, this software can maintain the email folder structure as it was before.
  • This software supports the latest version 11 of Windows as well as all previous versions
  • One can preview EML files content, attachments, email headers other other information.
  • You don’t need to install any email client to import EML files to Hotmail account.
  • Its most interesting feature is that this software maintains the formatting of the emails as it was before, it remains the same after importing.
  • Users can download this utility on Windows 11, and all the earlier editions without facing hassle.
  • Also, it allows users to choose only those EML files or folders which they want.


In the preceding section, we showed how to import EML into Hotmail using one of the most reliable apps available. Do you want to manually import your EML files into Hotmail.com and risk losing your data, or do you wish to export your EML files into your Hotmail account in their entirety? If manual solution matches your needs, please choose for the manual approach. Download and use a professional program to get a precise and exhaustive outcome.