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How to Import EML Files to iCloud Mail?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
September 20th, 2022
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4 Minutes

Although EML files are the greatest for storing individual emails, they are not the best for accessibility. To open EML files, you must have an account such as Outlook or another programme. However, by importing them to iCloud, not just accessibility but also any other issues may be rectified. This article explains how to easily import EML files to iCloud without having to invest any effort. Therefore, if you want to do such a data transfer and need an immediate answer, you must keep scrolling down.

An All-in-one Solution to Convert EML to iCloud Mail

The 4n6 EML Converter Tool is one of the most extensively used and trusted methods to export EML to iCloud. This Windows-based software provides simple instructions for importing numerous EML files straight into iCloud without the requirement for account creation. It is an all-in-one programme that functions as both an EML converter and an EML viewer. Furthermore, the programme provides a plethora of different storage choices in addition to the iCloud account for storing your EML. It is advised that you read the complete instructions below to figure out how the tool works.

download button

There is a free demo version of the recommended EML Converter tool. People who wish to try out the tool before investing on a licence should get this version. This release adds the ability to export EML files to a variety of formats, including Windows 10 Mail and Apple Mail, as well as Outlook , Thunderbird. Get familiar with the product in person by installing the demo.

Step-by-step Procedure to Import EML Files to iCloud

  • Simply click the link above whenever you are ready to download the EML to iCloud import programme. The next step is to install the software. Once the installation is completed; run it to import EML to iCloud.
    download eml to icloud import tool
  • Then, you need to click the Open. After that, you have a choice between the following available options: Choose Files or Choose Folders.
    choose files or folders option
  • Simply choose the EML files you want to import from your computer’s file system, then click the “Open Folder” button to upload the files into the programme.
    browse eml files
  • The EML documents that you choose will now be shown in the left pane of the tool. You are now able to look at a preview of your EML files and the information that is linked with them.
    preview eml files
  • Choose IMAP from the list of available options in the drop-down menu that appears next to Export.
    select saving option
  • Now, in order to import EML files to iCloud, you will need to input your iCloud email account and password, as well as the name of the IMAP server. After that, pick the Save.
    click save to import eml files to icloud

Discover Some Traits of the EML to iCloud Import Tool

  • Simple User-interface: You won’t have any trouble figuring out how to utilise the programme to import EML files to iCloud since it has the easiest-to-navigate user interface. This will therefore make your work much simpler.
  • Migrate in Bulk: Batch Migration is a feature that enables the user to import several EML files into iCloud Mail all at once. There will be no constraints for you to worry with when it comes to importing a large number of files straight to iCloud Mail utilising the EML to iCloud import tool.
  • Preview Tool: You have the option to examine all of your EML files in the programme before importing them into your iCloud mail account. Using techniques such as hex view and raw mode, you may do a thorough examination of EML files for forensic purposes.
  • Search Function: The programme has a search function, which you are able to utilise in order to find certain snippets of text, emails, or files. You may search for these things using the search function. You may search for them based on a certain time period or email address, whatever you want.
  • Name of Backup Directory: To facilitate easier recognition inside iCloud Mail, you will be offered the option to rename the backup folder when importing the EML file. When you load the EML file, you’ll be presented with this option.


Import EML files to iCloud Mail in the simplest way possible while preserving data integrity. The EML to iCloud import tool is a specialised application with several capabilities. It also includes a free trial version that you can use to test the functioning of the application and convert EML files to CSV, PDF, MBOX, Text, and more. You may get the utility from the aforementioned URL and immediately begin transferring EML files.