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How to Download Emails from Zoho Mail to Desktop Easily?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Overview: This article provides instructions on how to download emails from Zoho Mail to Computer.  If you need to do this work, then you should read the article.

Zoho Mail is among the most widely used cloud-based email services. This program serves its consumers really effectively. This email client is used to manage and organize professional and personal information. It is usually a good idea, according to the recommendations of specialists, to preserve a copy of essential emails and other information. Therefore, if we lose any emails due to a disaster of any kind, we will be able to retrieve them. Because nobody wants to risk their important data being lost.

Because of this, in the following paragraphs, we are going to give you with the most effective option that you can use to download your Zoho emails. Please review the user questions before proceeding.

Query 1: I’ve been using Zoho Mail for a very long time, and my account contains a great deal of essential information. I cannot afford to lose any information. Therefore, I have chosen to download my crucial Zoho account data to my hard drive, but I am unable to locate a solution that can assist me. Please offer a solution.

Query 2: Hello, I need to get all of the information from my Zoho emails, including the headers, onto my desktop at once. The problem is that it’s not possible to export a lot of Zoho data manually. So, if you know a way out that could help me, please let me know.

How to Download Emails from Zoho Mail Account?

This task can be easily done with the help of 4n6 Zoho Mail Backup Software for Windows. The tool is helpful to download Zoho Mail data to most popular savings such as PST, PDF, MBOX, Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, and more. This program makes it simple to download Zoho emails, including their headers, attachments, hex values, and other data. Moreover, the program offers a very straightforward and user-friendly graphical user interface. Both technical and non-technical individuals are able to run this solution without any complications.

Additionally, this fantastic program is quite simple to use. Using this program will not provide any problems. It will download all of your Zoho email messages in a few simple clicks. This section will detail the whole procedure for completing this assignment.

Learn How to Use This Software to Save Zoho Emails with Attachments to Your Desktop

1. Download the free trial version of the software on your Windows PC as a first step. The tool’s freeware allows you to try its full functionality and operation without incurring any costs. Additionally, it will allow you to download some Zoho Mail account’s contents to your desktop or other popular storage locations.


2. After downloading, run it on your machine and click on the Open tab.

click open to download emails from zoho mail

3. Now, click on Add Account option from the list.

click on add account

4. Enter the login details of your Zoho Mail account data and its IMAP Server details. Then, click on Add button.

enter login details

5. This solution will load your Zoho Mailboxes on the left panel. Now, click on the mailboxes and preview all your data.

preview your data

6. Click on the Export tab and choose the required file saving option.

choose saving

7. Now, check folders, choose destination path, and click on Save button to begin the process.


Instantly, the program begins downloading emails from Zoho Mail to a desktop account. This downloading procedure will just take a few seconds.

We hope you enjoy the functionality of this app. Along with the easiest process, this software also comes up with amazing features that can help you to get the desirable result.

Eye-Catching Features of the 4n6 Software

  • The software to download emails from Zoho Mail account is safe, simple, and trustworthy.
  • With this app, you can download Zoho emails, contacts, calendars, notes, and other information.
  • Using this app, it is easily to export emails from Zoho Mail to desktop along with attachments.
  • While exporting Zoho Mail data to desktop or other saving, this app maintains properties.
  • Also, with this app, you can view your Zoho Mail messages, email headers, and other information.
  • The tool also allows users to choose output location where you need to download your Zoho emails.
  • You don’t need a supportive application to resolve how to download emails from Zoho Mail query.
  • This amazing software is compatible with all the latest and earlier edition of Windows OS.
  • Also, this incredible software allows users to extract Zoho Mail properties like email addresses, email attachments, etc.
  • If you need to download emails from selected Zoho mailboxes, it is possible with this software.
  • In addition to English, you are able to install this program on whatever language you choose; it is not limited to only English.

The Final Words

It is usually a good idea to save copies of crucial emails. Therefore, downloading emails and other data from your existing email client is really beneficial. This article describes how to extract emails from Zoho mail query. We have given a robust program for exporting Zoho emails including attachments, headers, and more data. Consequently, if you must complete this activity, this article will be of great assistance.