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How to Download Zoho Mail to Outlook Account on Windows Machine?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this post, we will describe how to download Zoho Mail to Outlook 2019, 2016, and more.

Zoho Mail is a safe, reliable, and effective email service for your business’s communication needs. This email service provides so many advance features to manage and organize email data. However, this email client is ideal for small, micro, and medium-sized organizations. Users want a more secure platform that is extremely suited and appropriate for their business, such as Outlook, in order to maximize their business growth.

In addition, we have received queries from users who wish to export Zoho Mail data to Outlook account. Reasons vary from user to user for doing this task. Please consider the following explanations.

Why Users Need to Download Zoho Mail to Outlook Account?

There are a lot of scenarios in which a user could find it necessary to import their data from Zoho Mail to an Outlook account.

  • Outlook is the most trusted, effective, and enterprise application developed by Microsoft.
  • Outlook allows access to email messages even without internet connectivity.
  • MS Office is the market leader; thus, the Outlook interface is known and simple to use for the majority of consumers.

How to Export Zoho Mail Data to Outlook Account?

There are both manual and professional options for downloading Zoho emails to an Outlook account. However, due to the limits of the manual technique, consumers cannot obtain the exact and desired outcome. Kindly check the question below in which they describe the challenges they are encountering.

“I’ve been using the Zoho Mail cloud service to handle my data for four years. Now, for business reasons, I must download all of my Zoho data to my Outlook account. I attempted to complete the task using manual procedures, but discovered they were incapable of producing a precise outcome. I cannot export an unlimited amount of data in batch. Is there an application that can perform this task?”

“Hello, I tried manual method to download my Zoho emails to Outlook account with attachments and headers. But I don’t get the accurate results. How it is possible? Please suggest me a reliable method.”

High-Rated and Incredible Zoho Mail to Outlook Software

Our team developed a solution that can easily resolved all type of limitations. 4n6 Zoho Mail Backup Application has the ability to download all emails from Zoho to Outlook account in batch. It supports to export Zoho emails to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and all the other editions. With this app, one can safely download Zoho emails, headers, attachments, and other information to Outlook account without losing information.

In addition, there are fewer procedures involved in downloading Zoho Mail to an Outlook account. The program is extremely user-friendly and produces results in a few simple clicks.

Step by Step Working Process of Using this Software

First of all, download Zoho to Outlook software on your Windows computer.


After that, install it properly on your machine, run and click on Open tab.

click open to download zoho mail to outlook

Here, a drop-down list will open, choose Add Account option from it.

click on add account

Kindly enter the Zoho Mail details here and click on Add tab.

enter zoho mail details

This software will starts loading your Zoho mailboxes on the left panel. Click on the and get the preview of your Zoho Mail data.

preview zoho mail data

Now, click on Export tab and select PST email file format.

choose pst format

Check the folders, choose the location, enable the required filters and click on Save button to begin the process.

saving process

The software starts downloading Zoho Mail data to Outlook PST format. It will take a few moments. Once you got all the resultant files, open them into Outlook 2019, 2016, and earlier editions.

Offers Unique Features That Set It Apart From Others

  • Batch Option: With the bulk feature, you can download Zoho Mail to Outlook in batch at once.
  • Selective Feature: The software also supports to export selected Zoho mailboxes to Outlook account as per need.
  • Support Multiple Savings: You can safely download Zoho Mail data to other savings like Gmail, and more.
  • Get Accurate Results: When exporting Zoho data to Outlook account, this app maintains all the properties.
  • Trial Edition: The application has free demo version to test the working and features. Also, allow you to download some data from Zoho to Outlook account.
  • Download Attachments: Also, it has the ability to download Zoho emails to Outlook with all attachments.
  • Export Headers: This application is capable to export Zoho emails to Outlook account including all header information.
  • Preview Data: It is the best tool that previews Zoho emails, headers, attachments, hex values and other information.
  • Standalone Application: There is no need to download supportive app. You can download Zoho Mail to PST without Outlook installation.
  • Windows Based: You can download Zoho to Outlook software on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and earlier editions.
  • Choose Output Location: The tool allows you to choose required output location where you need to save resultant PST files.
  • Create Single PST: The software successfully supports to create Single PST files of all your Zoho emails.

The Final Words

Downloading Zoho emails to Outlook is no longer a challenging task if you have the correct solution. In today’s post, we discussed our incredible Zoho Mail to Outlook software. It is the most dependable program for exporting all Zoho Mail data, including attachments, to an Outlook account. So, if manual solutions don’t meets your requirements, use the above application. It will help you a lot.