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How to Migrate Zoho Mail to Google Workspace (G Suite) Account?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 19th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Note: This step-by-step 4n6 guide contains information on how to migrate Zoho Mail to Google Workspace (G Suite) account using tested software.

Both Zoho Mail and Google Workspace (also known as G Suite) are extremely well-known and widely utilized services among customers. However, when compared to Zoho Mail, G Suite offers a number of advanced and appealing features that are unavailable in Zoho Mail.

This has led to an increase in the number of people requiring a migration from Zoho Mail to Google Workspace. When it comes to moving from one platform to another, the requirements for doing so are specified by the users. Some users only require the transfer of their email accounts to another service, while others are interested in making the whole switch from Zoho to G Suite.

Therefore, why do you want to migrate from Zoho Mail to Google Workspace account? No matter what it is, you will get a standalone solution in this post that is capable of satisfying all of your criteria in a few simple steps.

Therefore, let’s go right into the answer without further ado.

Solution to Migrate Zoho Mail to Google Workspace (G Suite)

When we discuss the options for migrating from Zoho to Google Workspace, there are a lot of different solutions accessible online to choose from. However, the majority of them have some restrictions. Additionally, when it comes to large-scale migration, it is usually recommended to use the program that has a solid track record.

Our Zoho Mail Backup Software is one of them. IT specialists have evaluated and determined to be of excellent quality this software. Users are able to move their information from their Zoho Mail accounts to their Google Workspace accounts with the assistance of this program. In addition, no special technical knowledge is needed in order to complete this move. This program is simple enough to use that you won’t have any problems doing so even if you aren’t very technically savvy. Also, it helps you to migrate Zoho emails into other savings like Outlook, PDF, and more.

Also, this tested app comes up with the free demo version facility. With the help of free Zoho to G Suite software, you can check the complete working and features of this app. Also, it allows you to migrate some Zoho mailbox data to G Suite without investing anything. So, free download the app from the below button and start the migration now.


Following These Steps Will Enable You to Migrate Your Emails from Zoho to Google Workspace

Once the program is downloaded successfully, install it properly on your machine. Now, run and click on Open button to begin the process.

click open to migrate zoho mail to google workspace

In the appearing list, you will find Add Account option. Choose it.

click on add account option

Here, enter your Zoho Mail account details to login and click Add.

enter zoho credentials

When you click Add, this software starts analyzing and load your Zoho mailboxes on the left panel as seen in the screen.

loaded folders

Now, click on the mailboxes and get the details preview of your Zoho account data before migration.

check preview

Click on Export button and choose IMAP to add Google Workspace (G Suite) account.

choose google workspace

Enter the credentials of your G Suite account and click on Save button. The tool starts migrating from Zoho Mail to Google Workspace account. This migration will take a few moments.


You will receive a completion message from the tool after the migration has been finished successfully. After that, sign in to your G Suite account in order to view the outcome.

What Advantages Does This Zoho to Google Workspace Software Have Over Its Competitor?

  • Batch Migration of Data: This software is really good for IT admins as it provides bulk feature. Using this option, you can migrate multiple Zoho Mail account mailboxes to Google Workspace at the same time.
  • Selection Migration: Also, this software is good for those users who needs the selective migration. The tool loads all the mailboxes on the left panel. Then, this app will allow you to choose only selected mailboxes whose data you want to migrate.
  • Migrate Email Headers: No solution supports the migration of email headers. However, our solution effectively supports this option. With this program, one may move emails from Zoho Mail to Google Workspace together with their header information.
  • View All Information: This software is helpful to view the complete information of your Zoho Mail account before migrating them into G Suite. The tool provides preview of Zoho emails, attachments, email headers, hex values, and more.
  • Get Accurate Migration: This software is tested by IT professionals and it is completely free from any type of risk. We ensure you that our solution will provide you 100% accurate Zoho to Google Workspace migration.
  • Supports All Windows: Regardless of the Windows version installed on your PC. All of them are supported by the software. This application is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and older versions.

Time to Conclude the Post

In the above content, we have provided information on how to migrate Zoho Mail to Google Workspace account. Here, we provided application that is 100% safe and secure. The application useful to migrate complete data from Zoho Mail to Google Workspace account in easy steps. Also, there is no need for supportive app to perform this task. The software works independently. So, if you are in need to perform this task, close your eyes and go with the app. It works really well.