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Direct Solution to Migrate Emails from Zoho to Gmail Account

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 3rd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Read this 4n6 blog and get to know how to migrate emails from Zoho to Gmail account directly. This post will present you with an approach that has been tried and proven to be safe.

We are all aware that Zoho Mail is a very well email service that operates in the cloud. This service is used by a large number of users, including businesses and other people, to manage and organize their email data.

Recent study on Zoho Mail Migration questions shown that consumers need to migrate emails from Zoho accounts to their Gmail accounts. This application is Gmail, thus we do not see the need to elaborate. It is widely acknowledged as one of the most popular free cloud email providers.

Let’s Examine the Various Concerns Users Have Regarding the Zoho to Gmail Migration

Hey, how do I migrate emails from Zoho to Gmail account directly without supportive app?

Hi, is it possible to migrate multiple Zoho accounts data to Gmail at once?

How do I migrate Zoho emails to Gmail with attachments and other included properties?

Is there a way to import selected Zoho mailboxes to my Gmail account?

How do I migrate my Zoho Mail data to Gmail account including email header information?

These are the five questions that are asked the most frequently by users. It is clear that the requirements of each user are unique in order to accomplish this activity.

So, is there an application available that can solve such type of queries? And the answer is Yes. It is possible using a well third-party application. So, keep reading the post and learn about the most effective method.

Quickest Solution to Migrate Emails from Zoho to Gmail Account

4n6  Zoho Mail Backup Software is one of the applications that can be found on the internet that is the most trustworthy and rapid. IT administrators have examined and evaluated this program, and their findings indicate that it is the most reliable software for migrating Zoho Mail data.

With the help of this program, it is possible to batch migrate unlimited Zoho mailboxes to Gmail account at once. Also, it supports to migrate the properties that are attached with your Gmail emails. The program also allows users to perform bulk or selective migration as per the need.

In addition, we have found that the solutions that are available are really difficult to implement. You cannot operate those solutions, for example, if you do not have the necessary technical skills. Nevertheless, we keep this fact in mind and work to improve its functionality. The user interface for our product is quite straightforward. This program is so simple to use that even a non-technical person shouldn’t have any trouble with it in any way, shape, or form.

Don’t you believe? Please have a look at the working process of this app.

Steps to Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail Account Using 4n6 Software

1. So, start with downloading Zoho to Gmail Migration application on Windows computer.


2. After that, install it properly and from the first screen, click on the open button.

click open to migrate emails from zoho to gmail

3. Now, from the list, choose the Add Account option.

click on add account

4. Here, you just have to fill the details of your Zoho Mail account and click Add.

enter zoho mail credentials

5. When you click Add, this app detects your data and load them on the left panel.

loaded folders

6. If you need to preview your Zoho data, it is possible with this application.

preview of zoho mail

7. Now, click Export and choose the Gmail saving.

choose gmail account

8. Enter the login details of your Gmail account and click on Save button.

saving process

The application begins migrating emails from Zoho to Gmail account. You can see it live on the screen. Also, this migration process will only take a few seconds.

We sincerely hope that you now trust us when we say that operating this program is actually rather simple.

Leave All Worries While Migration

If you are concerned about anything, please release your concerns immediately. This program has been rigorously tested and is guaranteed to produce reliable results. Additionally, this method keeps all attributes while moving Zoho mail emails to Gmail accounts. You will not encounter any form of difficulty.

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Key Functionalities of Zoho to Gmail Software

  • Migrate emails from Zoho to Gmail account with attachments in easy steps.
  • Successfully supports to migrate multiple Zoho Mail accounts to Gmail in batch.
  • Also, allows users to download selected Zoho mailboxes to Gmail account.
  • You can migrate Zoho emails to multiple formats like Outlook PST, PDF, MBOX, and more.
  • With this utility, one can safely migrate complete data without losing information.
  • You can export Zoho emails, headers, and other information to Gmail account.
  • No need to install any supportive app to perform migration using our software.
  • Also, with this application, you can enable the filters for selective migration.
  • This software is Windows based and operable on every earlier and newer edition.
  • Comes up with the free demo version to test the working and features without investment.
  • Also, Zoho Mail to Gmail migration application is safe, simple and tested.
  • It automatically detects and loads all the mailboxes of your Zoho account by entering credentials.
  • The utility provides the preview of Zoho Mail data like emails, and other properties in exact manner.

The Conclusion

Hope you like reading today’s article on how to migrate emails from Zoho to Gmail account. In the above informative, we have explained about our best Zoho to Gmail migration app. Using the app, one can safely migrate the complete data from Zoho to Gmail without any data loss.