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Guide to Migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird Desktop in Easy Steps

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 5th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Introduction: In this informative 4n6 post, we are going to provide the best, reliable, and tested tool to migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird account.

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is one of the most popular cloud-based email services among consumers. This email service is used mostly by business users to handle the email data associated with their work.

According to the findings of our most recent research, certain cloud users may consider moving to desktop-based applications. The primary factor that allows for such accessibility. You will not be able to view your Office 365 emails if you do not have a reliable internet connection. Additionally, there are a variety of different scenarios in which a user can be required to carry out such a task.

Let’s Have a Look At Common Reasons to Migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird

  • Office 365 accounts must be renewed after a certain amount of time. Therefore, people opt to migrate all of their emails to a free application such as Thunderbird account.
  • As a web-based service, Office 365 stores its data repository on the server. Due to the occasional malfunction or downtime of the Exchange server, it might be difficult for users to access their mailboxes.
  • However, being a desktop program, Thunderbird keeps all of its data locally. The users are able to access his or her mailbox without using an extra platform. Consequently, this platform accessibility allows users to transfer their data from Office 365 to Thunderbird.
  • Office 365 is entirely accessible online. In offline mode, users lack access to their mailbox’s existing e-mails. However, Thunderbird enables users to access their mailboxes even while they are offline. As a result, Thunderbird is more handy for users since it does not restrict access to the inbox without an Internet connection.

There are more reasons why a user would need to move from Office 365 to a Thunderbird desktop account, in addition to the ones listed above. Let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the answer that will make tackling this challenge much simpler.

Technique to Migrate Microsoft 365 Data to Thunderbird Desktop

This task can be accomplished manually or using a professional method. As a result of the various restrictions inherent in manual processes, professionals constantly recommend using professional tools. Manually, it is impossible to get a comprehensive and successful outcome.

Our team developed an amazing Office 365 Backup Application for Windows users. With the help of this app, users can safely migrate Microsoft 365 account data to Thunderbird desktop. It has the ability to download complete data from Office 365 account along with all the attached information. You can easily migrate Office 365 emails, attachments, headers, hex values and other information to Thunderbird account.

The tool also allow you to migrate data into several savings like PST, PDF, Gmail, G Suite, AOL, Yahoo, Outlook.com, Zoho, and more. Additionally, this application has a number of fantastic features that, when combined, will provide you with useful results.

Check Out the Amazing and Powerful Features of the Software

  • Migrate Data in Batch: Using the program, you can migrate multiple Office 365 data to Thunderbird account in batch. This bulk migration feature is useful for saving valuable time.
  • Save Emails Attachments: The software is useful to get the complete migration. It successfully supports to migrate Office 365 emails to Thunderbird along with all the attachments.
  • Migrate Complete Data: With this utility, you can easily perform the complete migration of Microsoft 365 account. It has the ability to save Office 365 emails, email headers, hex values, and many more.
  • Simple and User-Friendly: Microsoft 365 to Thunderbird software has a very intuitive interface. Technical as well as Non-Technical users can operate this solution without any experts help. Also, it is a tested utility. This program is complete safe from any type of virus and risks.
  • Maintains Properties of Office 365: This tool guarantees that it will provide an accurate result. When migrating data from Office 365 to Thunderbird, the program preserves all attributes. No modifications to the original formatting of your material.
  • Complete Windows Supportive: Office 365 to Thunderbird Converter is Windows-based application. You can easily run it on Windows 11, Windows 10, and other earlier editions. Start the process of migrating by first downloading the software for free using the button that has been provided.


Working Procedure of Office 365 to Thunderbird Application

After downloading, run it and choose Open tab from the above.

click open to migrate office 365 to thunderbird

Now, please choose Add Account option to add your Office 365 account.

click on add account

Here, enter the login details of Microsoft 365 account and click on Add button.

enter the login details

When you click add, this app starts analyzing the data and load mailboxes on the left panel. Click on it and check the complete preview.

check the preview

Now, click on Export button and select Thunderbird as the saving option.

choose thunderbird

This software will automatically detect your location, but you also have the option to change it. To finish, select “Save” button.

click save

The app initiates the Office 365 to Thunderbird account migration. It will take only a few seconds.

The Conclusion

In this article, we have explained the way to migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird desktop. Using above app, one can safely migrate complete Microsoft 365 account data to Thunderbird along with all properties. Also, the app is safe and secure. Also, it is helpful to overcome all the limitations of manual method.

So, if you are one of them who needs to perform such task, use the app and get the right answer.