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Best Method to Migrate Office 365 to Outlook.com Account

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 2nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Introduction: In this 4n6 blog, you will find the right solution to migrate Office 365 to Outlook.com account directly in easy steps.

What comes to mind when we think about migrating our important emails, contacts, and other data to a new platform is safety, security, and efficiency. Nobody wants to even risk losing a single piece of their crucial data.

According to our latest study, users are seeking a method to migrate Office 365 emails to Outlook.com accounts. They must do so for both professional and personal reasons. Additionally, the reason varies for each individual user.

Therefore, does any solution now exist that is capable of satisfying the requirements of all users?

The appropriate reaction is “Yes.” So, would you like to know about that amazing application? If so, read below.

An Expert Solution to Migrate Office 365 to Outlook.com Account

Whatever the reason is to migrate data, Office 365 Backup Application is a complete package for you. It is a one-stop solution that can easily migrate complete data from Office 365 to Outlook.com account. The solution has so many advance features. With this app, one can safely migrate multiple Office 365 accounts data to Outlook.com with emails, attachments, headers, and more information. With this amazing utility, you can also download emails to multiple savings like: Office 365 to PST, Office 365 to PDF, Office 365 to Gmail, Office 365 to G Suite, Office 365 to Yahoo Mail, Office 365 to Zoho Mail, Office 365 to iCloud, Office 365 to Exchange, and other savings.

Additionally, this remarkable Office 365 to Outlook.com tool offers a straightforward UI. Even folks without a technological experience are able to utilize this program without difficulty. Office 365 emails may be downloaded to Outlook.com in a few simple steps. So, firstly download the tool on Windows computer and start following the steps mentioned below.


Check Out the Working Steps to Download Office 365 Emails to Outlook.com

Once the program is installed, run it and click on Open tab.

click open to migrate office 365 to outlook.com

Now, you can see a drop-down list. Choose Add Account from it.

click add account

Enter the login credentials of your Office 365 account and click on the Add.

enter login details

The application will instantly load all the folders on the left panel.

loaded folders

Now, click on it to check the detailed preview of your Office 365 emails.

check preview of emails

Click on Export tab and choose IMAP as file saving option.

choose imap option

Here, you have to enter the credentials of your Outlook.com account.

enter login details

Finally, click on Save button to begin the migration process.

save button

You should now be able to see on the screen that the program is beginning to migrate the data from your Office 365 account to Outlook.com. You will be given the completion notification after the migration procedure is finished successfully.

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Is It Possible to Migrate Microsoft 365 Account to Outlook.com Using the Manual Process?

Stop looking if you are seeking for the manual steps. There are no accessible manual steps to complete this activity. So, don’t waste your time. To complete this work, you must utilize professional software. Above software is the best to migrate Office 365 to Outlook.com account. We ensure you that out 4n6 software will provide you accurate and safe result. So, don’t worry about anything.

Check Out the Amazing Features of the Software

Batch Migrate Office 365 Data: The application allows users to batch migrate Office 365 mailboxes to Outlook.com at once. This option of this software is really useful to save time and efforts. Also, while migrating data, this software maintains all the properties. You will get the accurate and safe result.

Save Email Attachments: This Microsoft 365 to Outlook.com tool provides the complete migration. With this app, you can download Office 365 emails to Outlook.com along with attachments.

Perform Selective Migration: The tool is useful for both who needs bulk of selective migration. Once you provide login details, the app loads all folders on the left panel. Now, it will allow you to check only those mailboxes whose data you need to migrate.

Migrate Email Header Information: It is the best tool to migrate Office 365 to Outlook.com account. Also, it provides the facility to migrate Office 365 emails along with the header information.

Check the Complete Preview: This is the best application for Forensic purpose. The application provides the detailed preview of your emails, attachments, email headers, hex view information and more.

Extract the Properties: With the help of this app, you can easily extract the properties like email address, email attachments, phone numbers and other information. Also, you don’t need to install supportive application to perform this task.

The Abstract

The migration from Office 365 to an Outlook.com account is now much simpler than it used to be. With the assistance of 4n6 software, this task may be finished quickly and easily. Downloading all of one’s data from their Microsoft 365 account to their Outlook.com mailbox may be accomplished quickly and painlessly with the aid of the tool that was suggested. Also, it is suggested to take a trial first to check the complete working and features of this software.