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Fix CRC Error in BKF File Using Very Easiest Steps – Complete Solution

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

You are one of those users who make a backup of their data and save it in their local system, if you keep a backup then it is a very good thing. Because everyone should keep a backup of their data, because who knows, if that data gets deleted from your system for some reason, then you can restore it with the help of that backup file.

But it has been seen many times that when the backup file becomes too old or gets corrupted due to any reason, then many types of errors start showing in it, and in every situation, a different type of error is shown. Today we are going to discuss the solution to the error, name of that error is CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error in BKF files. To fix CRC error in BKF file, the solution we are going to take the help of today is very easy to use and you will be able to do your hours of work in minutes with that solution.

fix CRC error in BKF file

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Causes of CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) Error in BKF File

One of the most common reasons for all such errors is that whatever hard drive you have saved your BKF backup file, that hard drive may fail due to any reason. But there can be other reasons for this, which we have explained in some points below, you can read those points by which you can save your file from corruption in the future:

  • The read/write head of the tape device is partially destroy, which results in the CRC error.
  • The BKF file for Symantec VERITAS backup exec is corrupt.
  • There are read/write issues because the media device is broken.
  • The SCSI controller is sending data at an excessively fast rate.
  • Incorrect wiring or cable connections.
  • SCSI-related issues or mistakes in general.

Now let us know how to fix CRC error in BKF file, that too with very easy methods.

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Best Solution to Fix CRC Data Error in BKF Backup File

There is only one solution to fix CRC error in BKF file, and that is the automatic solution called 4n6 BKF Repair Tool. If you are thinking that you will solve this error with the help of a manual solution, then you are totally wrong, because, with the help of a manual solution, you can restore only healthy file data. If you are seeing any error in the file then you cannot fix it with the help of a manual solution.

To fix that error you have to take the help of this automated solution as this software provides you a double advanced option to scan your BKF file with the help of which you can make complete repairs before restoring the data. Can Is. This software is very easy to use and even a non-technical user can use it very easily without any help.

Free Download

Learn How to Fix Cyclic Redundancy Check Error in BKF File With Screenshots

  1. Download & Install this professional software and then Open the software on your Windows operating system
  2. Click the Open tab in the menu bar and then upload the .bkf files with the help of the Select Folder or Select File option
  3. After that, you can view your .bkf file on the right side of the software panel
  4. Thereafter, click the Action button in the menu bar and then select the Extract option in the drop-down menu
    select extract
  5. Select the desired location path for the resultant data and then finally, click the Save button


Now let’s end this article with a conclusion, today we have explained to you in this article how you can fix CRC error in BKF file. If you use the professional software mentioned by us, then you will be able to complete this work very easily, that too without any help. If you want a blog related to this error or any other error or query or want to discuss something with us, you can take help from our support team any time.