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How to Extract Data from BKF File in Windows 10, 11, & All Version?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 6th, 2024
Reading Time
5 Minutes Reading

If are you looking for a way to extract data from BKF file, then you have landed on the right blog. Here you will find two such solutions, with the help of which you will be able to extract your data very easily. As we know, data extraction is not even such a simple task, quite often you can lose your data while extracting data. If you will use our mentioned method then you will be able to extract data from your files without losing your data.

While recovering data from BKF file, you have to keep one thing in mind your file is not corrupted or affected by the virus. Because if your files are corrupted or affected by viruses then you have to use our second solution, if your files are healthy then you can use the first solution. In this blog, you will find two perfect solutions to extract data from BKF file, let’s understand both the solutions in depth and know how they will use this method

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Best Way to Recover Data from BKF File

There are two methods available to extract data from BKF file, with the help of which you will be able to recover your data very easily. Among them, the first solution is manual and the second solution is automatic.

If you want to use the first solution then you will need two things, first, your files must be healthy and second, you must have the nt5backup.cab utility. If you don’t have one of these, you’ll have to use another method. You want to know about Windows NT Backup Restore Utility, then you can read other blogs. Let’s first implement the method by reading the steps on how to use it.

Method #1: Extract Data from BKF File by Using Manual Solution

  1. Firstly, download the nt5backup.cab utility and then extract the files in your system
  2. After extracting the file, double click on the ntbackup.exe file
    download ntbackup software
  3. Thereafter, the backup and restore wizard screen will be open automatically and then hit on the Next button
    click next
  4. Click on the Next button after selecting the Restore files and setting the option
    restore files
  5. After clicking on the browse button, a new popup screen will appear, from which you may pick your BKF file and then click on the OK button.
    browse bkf files
  6. On returning to the previous page, you will see your files on the right, and if you want to deselect any of them you can do that too, after selecting it click on the Next button
    click next
  7. To complete the procedure, press the Finish button and wait a few minutes for the restoration process to finish up.
    finish button
  8. If you want to view a report after the restore finishing, you can click the Report button.
    report button
  9. You’ve finally reached the point where you can view the final report.
    see report

Disadvantage of Above Mention Manual Method

Data may probably extract from BKF files under Windows using the previously mentioned standard approach, but there are some drawbacks to the procedure as well:

  • The typical method of extracting data from Windows backup files is time-consuming and exhausting. To complete the process, a tremendous amount of steps require.
  • Only Windows Operating System editions higher than Windows XP can use the NTBackup utility.
  • Since data extraction from BKF files involves a number of processes, it is a challenging operation. A small error can result in output corruption or data loss.

Method #2: Professional Solution to Recover Data from Corrupt BKF File

If you are facing all these problems then you should use a professional solution. 4n6 BKF Repair Tool is the best solution to repair your BKF files. If your file is corrupted or affected by a virus or if any data has been deleted from your files, this software can extract data from BKF file of all types. Furthermore; this software is very easy to use because of its simplest GUI. This tool can be used by anyone whether he/she has technical knowledge or not.

Free Download

How to Use BKF File Data Extraction Software?

  1. Firstly, download this software with the help of the Download button and then install it on any windows platform
    bkf repair software
  2. After the installation, browse the BKF files. You may select Choose folder or Choose file option and then upload it
    upload bkf files
  3. After the uploading BKF files, click on the Action button and then choose the extract option in the drop-down menu
    select extract button
  4. Finally, choose the destination path for the output files and then hit the Save button.
    click save


We’ve covered manual and automatic methods to extract data from BKF file in this blog. Your choice of approach is entirely your own. However, because of its dependability and smooth outcomes, we usually advise attempting the professional one. You may now access our website to get the tool’s free demo version. Examining the features of this program will be helpful.