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Solve Error 0xe000fe36 that is Evoked During the Veritas Backup Process – Complete Solution

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Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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Have you also encountered error 0xe000fe36 during the Veritas Backup process and you are not sure what to do, then don’t worry. In this article, you will get the complete solution to this error, with the help of which you will be able to solve this error very easily.

We assume that if you have come to read this article, you must be aware of Veritas Backup, so there is no point in explaining what Veritas Backup is in this article. What could be the reason behind why error 0xe000fe36 came, let us know about it, so that if you take backup in the future, then you should take care of those things so that you do not face this error again.

Message Encountered by Users While Doing Backup Job

0xe000fe36 - corrupt data encountered

What is the Reason Behind Error 0xe000fe36 Corrupt Data Encountered Backup Process?

The following reasons can be attributed to an incomplete and inefficient backup file process which later corrupts the BKF file and starts showing this error 0xe000fe36:

  • Anti-virus software is scanning the file, and any other file protection or data replication processes are running concurrently with the backup. An example of this would be performing a backup at the same time as a troublesome task against the same resource.
  • Memory cache management is unable to handle the many numbers of open files. The cache manager has used up all of the paged pool RAM that was available as a consequence.
  • The specified path does not contain the file referenced in the job log.
  • The backup software attempted to backup a file that was larger than what the backup API could handle for that operating system version. The outcome is the same (that is, the paged pool is exhausted).
  • If the file you are backing up is open in another application or if someone else is using the file, Veritas Whole may pause the backup process and mark the backup file as corrupt.

Manual Solution to Fix “Backup Job Fails with Error 0xe000fe36”

You can use the NTBackup utility, and the various features and functionalities that come with Veritas Backup applications, to scan for and report this phenomenon. Before using backup software it is recommended to run Windows Viewer to check the entries in case of backup interruption problems. This comes inside our manual solution, for which we have given the details of the steps below.

#1: Using Advance Open File Option (AOFO) in Veritas Application

When you are using the Veritas Backup application, you have to activate the advanced open file option, which greatly reduces the chances of BKF file corruption. The steps on how to activate this option are given below:

  1. Open the Veritas Backup software.
  2. Choose Tools -> Options -> Advanced Open File from the menu.
  3. Select Automatically Select Open File Technology after clicking Use Advanced Open File Option.
  4. Change to the System – Use Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider setting in Microsoft Volume
  5. Shadow Copy Service if the previous settings have previously been tested (Windows 2003 and later).

#2: How Should You Proceed When the Advanced Open File Option Fails?

If the AOFO feature does not work to avoid corruption of the BKF file during the Veritas Backup creation process, then you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Make a new list of options for backup systems.
  2. Launch Windows Task Manager, then give the backup procedure more importance.
  3. Defragment the selected hard disc partition where the data is located.
  4. Start the CHKDSK operation on the partition holding the data.
  5. Use the MS NTBackup software to reactivate the backup system.
  6. Set the PoolUsageMaximum and PagedPoolSize parameters to accommodate the demands of several opened files.

Alternative Way of Fix “Error 0xe000fe36” Using Professional Software 

If you are thinking of using the manual solution, then know that there is a need to have the technical knowledge to do that, if you belong to non-technical background, then you cannot use a manual solution. And there is no 100% guarantee that you will be able to recover your data completely.

In its alternative, we have found a very easy way, with the help of which you will be able to solve this error 0xe000fe36 very easily and will also be able to bring back your data. The name of this alternative solution is 4n6 BKF Repair Tool. This software is very easy to use and even a non-technical user can use it very easily. If you have BKF files in bulk then you can also get back data from those files very easily. And this software is an advanced utility designed to fix any type of BKF file error.

Free Download

4 Quick Steps to Solve BKF Files Error With Screenshots

  1. Download & install this software and then open this software on your Windows platform
  2. Thereafter, Click the Open button and then upload .bkf files by selecting the Choose Folder or Choose file option
  3. After that, hit the Action button and then select the Extract option
    extract option
  4. Choose the Desired location path for the resultant data and then hit the Save button
    solve 0xe000fe36 - corrupt data encountered


In this article, we have espoused you how you can solve this error 0xe000fe36 that occurs during the Veritas Backup process. To solve this error, we have given three solutions, now you can select any solution according to your wish. If you believe us, then you should use professional software only because it is also recommended by experts because there is no assurance of manual solution that after using it, your data will be recovered or not or it will be completely destroyed. If you face any kind of problem during this process, then you can take help from our support team at any time.