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High-Rated Solution to Save Hotmail Emails to PDF Documents

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Note: Do you need to save Hotmail emails and other data in PDF format? If so, here’s a fantastic answer for you to save Hotmail emails to PDF documents.

Which service do you use to organize and manage your email data? Remains the Hotmail account? As Hotmail is a very outdated email service that has been rebranded as Outlook.com, we recommend that you always keep a backup copy of your important messages. When it comes to storing emails, PDF format is always preferred. It is the most preferred, safe, and portable file format among users.

In this blog post, we will outline the whole, step-by-step approach for saving Hotmail data in PDF format. Let’s examine some of the most often asked questions from a prominent online forum.

How do I save Hotmail mailboxes as PDF format in batch without any hassle?

Is there a way that can export my Hotmail emails to PDF documents with attachments?

How to convert selected Hotmail emails data to PDF format without supportive application?

How do I check the message headers of my Hotmail account?

We have just highlighted a few concerns. There are several other requests from customers with different needs to execute this sort of conversion. Below, we will present you to the most incredible program for doing this work.

The Best App to Save Hotmail Emails to PDF Documents

With 4n6 Outlook.com Backup Software, one can safely export the complete data from Hotmail to PDF format. With this app, it is really possible to bulk convert unlimited Hotmail account data to PDF format without facing hassle and downtime. The software allows users to save Hotmail emails, contacts, calendars, and other data as PDF file format.

This application’s user-friendly interface is one of its key assets. Therefore, if you have a Non-Technical background, you do not require the assistance of a technical specialist. You may utilize it without trouble and keep your info.

In addition, we have included a free demo version for the convenience of our consumers. It will enable you to use the application for free. And the software is tested by IT professionals. Using the demo edition provided below, we will now describe the entire approach. Please have a look.


The Step-by-Step Guide to Converting Your Hotmail to PDF Format

1. Install the application properly, run and click on Open from the menu.

click open to save hotmail emails to pdf

2. Kindly choose the option “Add Account” from it.

click add account

3. Here, please enter the login credentials of your Hotmail account including IMAP Server details. And, click Add to begin.

enter email details

4. It will load all your mailboxes on the left panel.

loaded folders

5. You can click on them and get the detailed preview of Hotmail account data.

check preview

6. Now, kindly go to Export tab and choose PDF as the file saving option.

choose pdf

7. Check the required folders, choose the location you want, and click on Save button to begin the conversion process.


By following these simple steps, you can save Hotmail emails to PDF documents.

You Can Save Your Email Headers as PDF Format

This program is being developed with consideration given to all possible types of users. We have included a function in our tool that will convert emails while preserving the information included in the header. If this is something that needs to be done, please make sure that after selecting PDF as the format for saving, you activate the option to “Include Email Headers.”

email headers

In addition to that, our program is packed with a ton of other advanced features. In the following paragraphs, we are going to talk about some of the ways in which you can get the outcomes you want. If you are interested in learning more about them, kindly have a look.

Powerful Functionalities of Hotmail to PDF Converter Software

  • Using this utility, users can save Hotmail emails to PDF documents without any limits.
  • Also, it has ability to save data into other savings like HTML, CSV, Text, MBOX, PDF, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Office 365, iCloud, Thunderbird, Exchange, G Suite, and more.
  • With this program, convert multiple Hotmail mailboxes data as PDF in batch at once.
  • You can use it to export Hotmail emails, contacts, calendars, and it’s other data easily.
  • Also, it will help you to save selected Hotmail data to PDF as per the requirements.
  • With this app, you can also export Hotmail emails including its headers to PDF documents.
  • During the conversion from Hotmail to PDF, this app preserves all properties of your data.
  • In order to export Hotmail data to PDF, you do not have to install any supportive solution.
  • The Hotmail to PDF Software is a tool that runs on Windows and is totally free from any and all types of hazards.
  • With this application, you can extract properties from Hotmail such as email addresses, email attachments, phone numbers, and more.
  • You are able to preview your Hotmail emails, attachments, raw message, hex values, and message headers by making use of this program.
  • Additionally, you have the option of selecting the destination path, allowing you to obtain the output outcome at the location of your choosing.

The Conclusion

We hope you like reading the blog and that you are able to find the ideal answer for your needs. The program that we have provided to save emails from Hotmail into PDF will minimize the amount of effort that you put in. In addition, you state that our program will definitely provide precise outcomes to you, which is something that You really like.