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How to Export Hotmail to Thunderbird Account Directly in Simple Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 19th, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: This article will walk you through the process to export Hotmail to Thunderbird desktop account. In this section, we will walk you through the complete procedure, step by step, so that you can complete this task without facing hassle.

Still searching for a method to export Hotmail to Thunderbird account? Not able to discover the appropriate method to complete this task? No worries, we’re here to help.

We are all aware that Hotmail (now Outlook.com) and Thunderbird are the most popular email services. Hotmail is hosted in the cloud, whereas Thunderbird is desktop-based. Users want to switch from cloud-based to desktop-based services for a variety of reasons. And when it comes to the Hotmail application, people have already abandoned it due to its numerous flaws. Additionally, some are still shifting. Therefore, we have come up with a method in this blog to convert Hotmail data to Thunderbird accounts. Thus, let’s start the article.

Best Way to Export Hotmail to Thunderbird Desktop

4n6 Email Backup Software is one of the highly ranked applications. This software makes it simple to convert unlimited data from a Hotmail account to Thunderbird without any difficulty. The application enables users to export a large number of Hotmail mailboxes or specific Hotmail data to a Thunderbird account. This application’s simple user interface is one of its most intriguing features. Users can utilize it without requiring technical support. Additionally, it can export emails, contacts, calendars, and other data from Hotmail to a Thunderbird account.

In addition, we’ve added lot of features to our software. And hence, our software is extremely useful for resolving any type of user concern. Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions that can be easily answered.

How do I export Hotmail mailboxes to Thunderbird desktop at once?Is it possible to convert Hotmail emails to Thunderbird with attachments?

How do I convert my Hotmail folders to Thunderbird without supportive app?

Is there any way that supports to convert selected Hotmail mailboxes data into my Thunderbird account?

How to migrate Hotmail emails to Thunderbird along with header information?

In a similar way, the software is able to easily resolve any and all types of users’ questions. In order to better assist users, we are going to provide an in-depth explanation of the procedure below.

Steps to Convert Hotmail Mailboxes to Thunderbird

1. Firstly, download Hotmail to Thunderbird Software on your Windows computer.


2. After downloading, run it and click on the Open tab to begin procedure.

click open to export hotmail to thunderbird

3. Click Add Account option to add your Hotmail account.

click on add account

4. Here, fill the login credentials of your Hotmail account and IMAP Server details. Then, click Add.

enter login details

5. This software will start analysing data of Hotmail account and load folders on the left panel.

loaded folders

6. Click on the folders and preview all your Hotmail account data.

check preview

7. Now, click Export and choose Thunderbird from saving.

choose thunderbird saving

8. This app will automatically detect the location of configured Thunderbird profile. Finally, click on Save button to begin the conversion process.

saving process

The application starts exporting Hotmail data to Thunderbird account. This conversion process will take some moments.

Examine Best Features of the Hotmail to Thunderbird Tool

  • Export Data in Batch: You can easily export multiple Hotmail mailboxes to a Thunderbird account using this application. There is no longer any need to select Hotmail folders one by one.
  • Supports Multiple Savings: Using this software, it is possible to convert Hotmail data to various savings like PST, PDF, CSV, MBOX, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, G Suite, and more. Also, it provides extraction feature. With this option, you can extract attachments from Hotmail account.
  • Convert Email Headers: With this incredible software, you can export Hotmail emails to Thunderbird with header information. You just have to check the option “including email header”.
    include email headers
  • Export Complete Data: Using this amazing tool, it is possible to convert Hotmail account emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and other data. Also, there is no file size limit imposed on this software.
  • Preview Complete Data: With the help of this app, you can easily preview the data of your Hotmail account. The software previews content, message headers, hex view, raw messages and more.
  • Convert Selected Mailboxes: Using this Hotmail to Thunderbird software, one can easily convert selected data. You just have to check only those folders whose data you need to export into your Thunderbird account.
  • Maintains All Properties: It is the most reliable tool that can perform conversions in a secure and accurate manner. This incredible tool ensures that all of the properties are kept intact during the conversion from Hotmail to Thunderbird.

The Wrap Up

So, are you Hotmail user and needs to export data into Thunderbird account? Make use of the program that we have suggested without giving it any further thought. Using this application, one is able to export all of the data from their Hotmail account into Thunderbird desktop without any problems occurring. Therefore, in order to complete this task on Windows 11, as well as earlier editions, use the application.