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How to Save Gmail Emails to a Folder on Desktop for Ease Access ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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5 Minutes

Hello, are you using a Gmail account to send and receive emails ? If you answered yes, you almost certainly have a high number of Gmail emails. And as an employee, student, or business professional, you value each email.

Have you ever considered the possibility of losing these emails? Losing critical emails may be costly in a variety of ways. As a Gmail user, you should be aware that exporting emails to your desktop is not straightforward.

The process of saving Gmail emails manually is very lengthy and hectic. You can only download your Gmail emails one by one. Also, there is no option of selecting all the mails at once and download them. Furthermore, you cannot choose any folder on your own as a destination saving.

However, you can now store Gmail emails to a desktop folder. For that. all you need to do is choose as many emails as necessary and then store them anywhere you like. Are you not convinced? After reading the following words, you will believe. Therefore, do not leave this article and continue reading.

Quick Solution to Save Gmail Emails to a Folder on Desktop

4n6 EmailBakup tool for Windows is a complete solution to your problem. This tool is very useful in saving all your emails in the desired location. Also, you can create folder on your own, browse location on the tool and save them. This tool also allows you to select multiple Gmail emails and even multiple folders to download.


To save your emails on the Desktop folder, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Download the application on your pc or tablet
  • Install and run the application
    email backup
  • Click on the Open tab
    add account
  • Select add account and fill your Gmail account details such as email, password also fill IMAP server(imap.gmail.com)
    detail fill
  • Then, click on Add button
  • You will see all the folders are now displayed on the left panel
    email view
  • Go to Export tab and select EML as file saving
    select eml
  • Now, browse location and select Desktop as your saving location
    destination path
  • You can also choose option such as open folder after exporting is done, skip greyed out folders etc.
  • Click on Save button visible on the right panel.

Your files have now been saved to the location specified. It’s never been easier to save numerous emails with a single click. However, with the assistance of this tool, you may certainly do this.

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What makes this tool more valuable to you? Any guess? Let us tell you. This application has many useful features you can enjoy. What are you waiting for? Read all the features given below:

Find Some Traits of the Gmail Email Backup Tool

  • Select all folders at once: This tool enables you to simultaneously choose several folders such as inbox, sent, and draught. This is not feasible if you wish to do the operation manually. This function enables users to store all Gmail emails to a specified folder without wasting time.
  • Manage accounts: You can add multiple accounts to the tool. So, if you want to save emails from different accounts. You can surely do it without any hassle.
  • Advance search: This application allows to you to search emails. So if you need emails from the particular time period you can easily do it. All you have to do is select dates.
  • Support for multiple formats: This application allows you to save your files as MBOX, PST, PDF, HTML, TEXT, and CSV.
  • This tool also supports a lot of other things. So, we are giving you small details in case you need them in future
  • Save multiple email accounts data: The tool supports export your data from multiple email accounts such as IceWarp, Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Outlook.com, AOL, DreamHost, G Suite, GoDaddy, and many more.
  • Extraction from the email: This application is very useful if you want to extract email addresses, phone number and attachments from the mails. So, if you ever in need of phone numbers containing in multiple emails, you can easily extract. This feature saves a lot of time.
  • Preview of Messages: This tool allows you to view each email. You can easily open them and read, if it holds some valuable information or not. Do you want to see only those emails containing attachments? You don’t need to open each email as this tool clearly shows the sign from the above.

There are also many other features. Hence, once you start using the tool, you may find it more useful for you.

The wrap-up

This article is all about how to save Gmail emails to a folder on desktop. We have given you a complete solution for this. If you find this article most useful for you, let us know. Kindly give us suggestion if you find any difficulty. Good bye.