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4n6 Gmail mailbox backup software is an automatic solution to backup Gmail emails with all attachment and other data. This tool allows to backup Gmail labels to various offline files and online email services.

  • Gmail backup tool is able to backup Gmail to Email Files: EML, PST, and MBOX
  • Backup emails from Gmail labels to Document File Type: PDF, Text, CSV, HTML
  • Backup Gmail emails to Cloud Email Services: G Suite, Office 365, IMAP services
  • Software allows adding and managing multiple Gmail account to create backup
  • Create backup of individual elements in Gmail email: Attachments, Phone numbers Etc.
  • Gmail backup software allows to delete batch Gmail folders at once to free up some space
  • Preview Gmail emails in four different modes: Content, Hexadecimal, Raw and Headers
  • Maintains the email formatting, associated items, headers and email structure during backup
  • Gmail backup tool is compatible with Windows 11, and earlier versions of Windows.

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Advancement of Gmail Backup Tool

Gmail backup software is not just a regular solution to backup Gmail emails. It offers several advanced features to backup all emails or even selected ones. It allows users to have full control of the process.

  • Software allows to backup all or selected labels from Gmail account.
  • Backup emails from particular time, date, content and other criteria.
  • Archive emails from Name, Subject, From/To, Cc and other email headers.
gmail backup tool

Backup Gmail Emails to Multiple Alternatives

Gmail is a popular and feature-rich webmail service. Although using an online service like Gmail brings many benefits, data loss, theft, or server failure is always a concern that can stop access to data for an indefinite period of time. The Gmail backup tool is the result of overcoming such concerns and future emergencies. The 4n6 software for Gmail Backup is designed to backup Gmail emails to multiple alternatives.

  • Email Files: EML, MBOX, and PST
  • Document Files: PDF, HTML, Text, and CSV.
  • Email Services: Office 365,, G Suite, iCloud, Protonmail, Etc.

Software Features

Key Features of Gmail Backup Tool

Simple GUI

Friendly User Interface

Gmail mailbox backup software is useful for all users regardless of whether they have technical knowledge or not. It has a friendly and interactive user interface that is easy to understand. All levels of users can work on this tool efficiently even at the first time without any technical assistance.

Simple GUI

Backup Gmail Attachments

The software backup emails from Gmail with all metadata. Attachments are those that contain more important information than the email itself. Hence this app aims to backup Gmail attachments along with emails. Alternatively, it can only extract attachments from the entire Gmail folder/account at once.

Simple GUI

Batch Backup Gmail Labels

This application is efficient and has the ability to backup total Gmail data at once. It does not have any restrictions when it comes to data transfer. Professionals can add multiple Gmail accounts in the software and can backup specific or entire folders in one action. This way common users and IT professionals can save a lot of time even with a large amount of data.

Simple GUI

Backup to Popular File Formats

This software enables you to access Gmail emails through Outlook, Thunderbird, or any portable file format. It allows you to save Gmail emails in EML, PST, MBOX, PDF, CSV, text, and more formats. You can choose any of the saving options based on your professional requirements for flexibility in accessing data.

Cloud Services

Backup to Cloud Services

The Gmail backup tool also makes it easy to transfer emails from Gmail to other Webmail services. If you need to back up some data that you can easily access, a cloud service is the best option. This software can effectively backup emails from Gmail to Office 365, Yahoo, OWA, and any IMAP account.

Specific Properties

Extract Specific Attributes from Gmail Emails

In addition to backing up the whole data, this Gmail backup software enables you to retrieve specific attributes from your Gmail account. It can extract email addresses, attachments, phone numbers, and associated emails and phone numbers contained in the emails and save them to simple text format.

Preview Option

Analyze Emails before Backup

Gmail Backup Wizard is a comprehensive tool that can do more than just data backup. It enables you to read Gmail emails before starting the backup process. In addition to the normal preview mode, it offers additional modes to analyze emails.

  • Gmail backup software can be used for forensic purposes.
  • It enables you to view the content of emails in Gmail.
  • It enables you to check the hex and raw values of emails.
Advance Search Function

Advanced Gmail Search Facility

This Gmail backup tool also has a built-in search function that frees up the search task in Gmail. If you want to find specific emails or attachments in Gmail without spending much time, 4n6 Gmail backup software is the best choice for you.

  • Allows you to search emails from a specific time period.
  • Find emails in headers such as "To" and "Subject."
  • Allows you to search email from a specific volume unit.
Email Headers

Backup Gmail with Headers

The Gmail Backup tool lets you choose whether or not to include the email header during the Gmail backup. If you want to navigate the entire email path, every email sender and recipient, you can enable email header inclusion. However, the size of email messages can increase when the email header is included.

Maintain Data Integrity

100% Safe and Reliable

Gmail Backup software is completely safe to use. It is an offline software and does not retain your data like many online backup tools do. It is a 100% reliable Gmail backup tool that preserves the original structure of emails during the backup process and gives you completely accurate results.

User Reviews & Industry Recognitions

Awards & Reviews

CNET Reviews and Award

According to CNET, the 4n6 Gmail Backup Tool for Windows is very user-friendly and easy to use to back up all your Gmail emails. One of the standout features of this app is its speed. Gmail Account Backup Tool is very quick and effective to backup Gmail account data in just a few minutes.

SOftware Informer Reviews and Award

The Software Informer team gave the 4n6 Gmail backup tool its highest rating for its impressive performance. The software provides various backup options to download Gmail emails as per your requirements. Gmail backup software also encrypts and keeps your emails and attachments safe. .

Software Specifications

Gmail Backup Software - Requirements

Software Download

Size: 45.13 MB

Version: 3.7

Trial Limitations

You can backup 10 emails from your Gmail account using the free Gmail Backup Wizard edition. To get around this limitation, you can purchase the full version.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
131.1 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz Processor

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008

Electronic Delivery

The delivery of the product is automatic. After the payment has been completed, you will receive an email containing the product download link and activation key within minutes.

Software Working

Gmail Mailbox Backup Tool - Screenshots

run gmail backup tool
click on open
enter gmail login details
preview your data
gmail mail backup

Software Video

Gmail Backup Software - Working Video

Software FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

4 Steps to use Gmail Backup Software:

  • Step-1: Download Gmail Backup Tool and Install on Windows OS.
  • Step-2: Select Open & Go to Email Accounts >> Add Gmail Account.
  • Step-3: Preview Gmail Mailbox Data and Apply the Required Filters.
  • Step-4: Select the Export Option and Click the Save button.

Yes, the Gmail backup software supports selective mail backup. You my check the folders that you want to backup nd uncheck those that you don't want.

Yes, the Gmail backup software successfully supports to save Gmail emails along with header information.

Yes, with the help of this software, you can backup Gmail emails to popular document formats such as PDF, HTML, etc.

No, there is no file size limitation imposed on this Gmail backup tool. The tool allow you to backup unlimited Gmail accounts without facing any hassle.

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