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Remove Metadata from DOT Files in Bulk with Tested and Reliable Method

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 18th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

A Microsoft Word template file is known as a DOT document file. It contains formatting options for a document, such as details about the page layout and style. The DOT file format is used to save the file, and it serves as a template for future documents. Do you need to remove metadata from a number of DOT documents? If so, this blog will be very helpful to you. Here, we are going to explain the process to remove metadata from DOT files.


It is critical to remove DOT file metadata because it may include sensitive data including such author name, document title, and other personal information. Anybody with access to the file could view this metadata, potentially revealing private information. Removing this metadata aids in the protection of privacy and the security of personal information.

How to Remove Metadata from DOT Files?

It is possible to delete meta from DOT files in multiple ways. The desired information can be removed manually by opening the file in Word and doing so, or the metadata can be removed using a third-party tool.

In most cases, it’s faster and easier to remove metadata using a third-party tool. Also, it ensures that every piece of metadata is correctly and completely removed, which is not always the case with a manual approach. In addition, some third-party tools provide additional security features, such as file encryption, that may not be available when removing metadata manually.

We’ll introduce the highly regarded app to delete metadata from DOT files in the sections that follow. Therefore, read on to learn everything.

Most Professional and Tested DOT Meta Removal Software

4n6 MetaRaser Wizard is the highly recommended and safest application available on the internet. This program is trustworthy and risk-free in every way. According to their needs, users can choose to remove metadata from all or a subset of DOT files. It also guarantees that only metadata is deleted. The file’s other details remain unchanged.

This DOT Metadata Scrubber Software offers so many features for the ease of users. Also, in order to delete meta from unlimited DOT files, you just have to follow some easiest steps mentioned below.

Step by Step Process to Scrub Meta from DOT Documents

  • Firstly, download DOT Metadata Removal Software on your Windows computer.
  • Once the app is downloaded successfully, install and run it and click the Open button.
  • A drop-down list will appear, choose Document Files from it.
    choose document files
  • Now, select DOT files and click on Choose Files or Choose Folders option to browse your DOT files.
    choose dot files or folders
  • This application will instantly load the selected files on the left panel. Click on loaded files and preview DOT files data.
    preview dot files
  • Now, go to Actions option and choose Clear Metadata from it.
    clear metadata
  • Choose the appropriate destination path to save the output. To start the process, click the Save button at the end.

From DOT files, the application begins removing metadata. This removal procedure will only take a short while. So, kindly wait until the procedure is finished.

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Check Out the Amazing Features Offered by DOT Metadata Removal Tool

  • Simple User Interface: The best thing about this application is its simple UI. Even the Non-Technical user can operate this solution without any assistance.
  • 100% Safe and Secure: This program has been tried and true. The DOT file metadata is the only thing the tool removes. Other information stays the same.
  • Dual Options to Browse Data: The application comes up with dual mode feature such as Choose Files and Choose Folders. You can choose the option to browse DOT files or folders as per the need.
  • Preview DOT Files: It is the best tool to remove metadata from DOT files. Also, before removing metadata, the application provides the detailed preview of DOT files.
  • No File Size Restrictions: There is no limit imposed on this software. With this app, it is possible to remove meta from multiple DOT files at once without facing issues.
  • Standalone Application: Also, the application is completely standalone. There is no need to install and download supportive app to scrub meta from DOT documents.
  • Windows Based Software: This DOT Metadata Scrubber application is compatible with all the latest and earlier edition of Windows. You can run it on Windows 11, 10, and earlier editions.
  • Choose Output Location: The app allows users to choose the required output location to save resultant files. This feature will help users to easily access and manage the resultant files in future.

Questions and Answers

Question 1. How to remove metadata from DOT files manually?

Answer 1. You can use a text editor or command-line program to delete the metadata from dot files. As an alternative, you can manually remove the metadata by selecting the dot file in a file manager. Use the “rm -i name.ext>” command if you’re using a command-line tool. By doing this, the metadata related to the dot file will be deleted.

Question 2. Is it possible to stop metadata from being kept in a DOT file?

Answer 2. You can set your text editor up so that it does not save information when you save a file.

Question 3. Can I use DOT Metadata Removal Tool on Windows 11 computer?

Answer 3. Yes, this application is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

The Abstract

We believe that after reading this blog, you will recognize the importance of removing metadata from DOT files before sharing. The suggested app to remove metadata from DOT files is reliable and safest. So, if you need to perform such task, just download the app and get this task done. Also, it is suggested to first go with freeware edition. The free demo will help you to test the tool without investing anything.