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Guide to Delete Meta from XLT Files in Bulk to Ensure Privacy!

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
Reading Time
4 Minutes Reading

 Note: This informative blog contains information on how to delete meta from XLT files in bulk.

Spreadsheets created in Microsoft Excel and saved in the Open XML file format are known as XLT files. The name of the spreadsheet, its author, its creation date, its company, and its most recent editor are all examples of metadata found in XLT files. A description of the information kept in the spreadsheet may also be included in the file.

We have seen a number of online searches from people looking for a way to remove meta from XLT files. To protect sensitive information before sharing their files is the usual justification.

Are you one of those people who needs to delete metadata from multiple XLT files? If so, the best solution is provided below.

Authentic Solution to Delete Meta from XLT Files

4n6 MetaRaser Software is one of the highly recommended, safe, and reliable application available on the internet. With this app, you can secure and remove meta from an unlimited number of XLT files. The tool only deletes files’ meta properties. Other information stays the same. Also, the application allows users to delete meta from XLT files in bulk or selectively as per the need.

Also, there are no such formalities. To complete this task, you simply need to adhere to the straightforward steps listed below.

Step by Step Process to Remove Metadata from XLT Files

Note: It is advised that you first download and test the free demo version. You can test out the features and functionality of the software for free using the freeware. Additionally, one file at a time can have its meta data removed. Purchase the licensed version to remove files from multiple files once you are satisfied with the freeware version.

  • After downloading the app, install it properly and run. Then, go to Open tab to begin process.
  • A drop-down list will appear, choose Excel Files from it.
    click open
  • Again a drop-down menu will appear, choose XLT and click on Choose Files or Choose Folders option.
    choose files or folders
  • This solution will quickly load all the selected XLT files on the left panel.
  • Click on the loaded files and preview XLT files in detail.
    preview xlt files
  • Now, go to the Actions option and choose Clear Metadata from it.
    clear metadata
  • Here, this app will allow you to choose location where you need to get output. Finally, click the Save button to begin the removal process.
    click save

The solution starts deleting meta from XLT files. It won’t take long for this process. You’ll receive a message indicating that it’s finished once.

What Else Can This XLT Metadata Removal Tool Do?

In addition to supporting XLT files, the tool can also remove metadata from a variety of files. Here are a few examples of supported files:

Read More About 4n6 Software

  • Safe and Secure: The application is safe and reliable to delete meta from XLT files. There is no risk associated with this application.
  • Simple User Interface: Both, technical as well as Non-Technical users can easily operate this app without facing hassle.
  • Supports Bulk Removal: With this app, it is possible to remove metadata from multiple XLT files in batch at the same time.
  • Choose Selected Files: With this software, one can also delete meta from selected XLT files to save time and efforts.
  • Select Destination Path: The application allows users to choose the destination path where they need to get resultant files.
  • Standalone Application: This software is completely standalone to delete meta from XLT files. You don’t need to have a supportive app.
  • Windows Compatibility: It is completely a Windows-based solution. You can run it on every latest and earlier Windows OS to delete meta from XLT files.
  • Preview XLT Files: When you browse your XLT files, this software will load them on left panel. Now, you can get the preview of XLT files before removing metadata.

The Abstract

A crucial security measure to prevent sensitive documents from being used for nefarious purposes is removing XLT metadata. In today’s article, we have provided the most reliable and powerful tool to delete meta from XLT files. Using the suggested app, one can easily accomplish this task without facing any type of hassle.

We guarantee that the only thing this application will do to XLT files is remove the meta. The rest of the information in your XLT files will stay the same.