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Remove Metadata from XLSX Files and Avoid Sensitive Data Leakage

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Nick Rogers
Published On
November 27th, 2023
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Summary: Do you have multiple XLSX files from which you need to remove metadata? Looking for the solution? If so, this is where your search will come to an end.

Let’s start the article by referencing the users’ queries:

  • How do I remove metadata from multiple XLSX files without any supportive application?
  • Is there any way to erase metadata from some XLSX files without affecting other information?
  • How to clean meta from XLSX files in bulk on Windows 11 computer?
  • I’m trying to find a way to remove metadata from XLSX files before sending them to a colleague. However, I am unable to identify the answer. Someone, please offer suggestions.

These are merely some questions. Many more users are looking for the answer to complete this task. Therefore, in the below content, we are going to provide you the most effective solution to remove metadata from XLSX files even without installing supportive app. Please read the brief explanation of why doing so is crucial before continuing.

Importance of Removing Metadata from XLSX Files Before Sharing

When sharing XLSX files, it’s crucial to remove the metadata to protect the privacy of users, businesses, or organizations. Metadata may include private or delicate information, such as the author’s name, the creation date, or the program used to create the file. If this information is not deleted before sharing, the recipient might have access to it, jeopardizing the author’s or the company’s privacy.

Furthermore, the metadata might include remarks or other details that reveal private information or business secrets. To keep the data secure, this information must be deleted before sharing the file.

Is It Possible to Manually Erase Meta from XLSX Files?

You can manually clean metadata from XLSX files, yes. Open the file in Microsoft Excel and choose File > Info > Properties > Advanced Properties > Remove Properties to accomplish this. Any associated metadata will be deleted as a result. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that some metadata, like author or comments, which are stored in the document itself, might not be eliminated through this procedure. It is best to make use of a third-party software tool in order to completely remove all metadata from the file.

Highly Recommended XLSX Metadata Removal Software

4n6 MetaRaser Software is the most reliable, tested, and complete solution to remove metadata from XLSX files. With this solution, it is possible to remove metadata in bulk or selectively as per the need. The application has a simple interface so that no one face any issues while using the app. Additionally, the application offers a lot of appealing features to help users achieve their goals. When you use the app, it only removes file metadata. The rest of the data will not change. Also, you just have to follow the easiest steps to get this task done.

Step-by-Step Process to Delete XLSX Metadata

  • Firstly, download the software and install it properly.
  • Run the solution and click Open tab to begin the process.
    run the app
  • Now, a drop-down list will appears, choose Excel Files from it.
    choose excel files
  • Choose XLSX and click on Choose Files or Choose Folders option to browse your files.
    browse files or folders
  • This utility will load your selected files on the left panel. Now, click on the files and preview your XLSX data.
    preview data
  • Now, go to Actions button and select Clear Metadata from it.
    choose clear metadata option
  • Choose the location where you need to save output and click on Save button.
    process of removing metadata from jpg files

See the Live Working Status

The application starts removing metadata from XLSX files. You can see the live working status on your screen. This process of cleaning metadata will only take a few moments. So, wait until the process completes.

Is the App Limited to XLSX File Metadata Removal?

No, with this utility, it is possible to remove metadata from various files such as:

and more..

Some Eye-Catching Features of the App

  • Capable to clean metadata from XLSX files in bulk without facing issues.
  • Successfully supports to remove meta data from XLSX files selectively to save time.
  • You can preview XLSX files before removing metadata from it.
  • With this app, you can choose the location where you need to save output.
  • There is no file size limitation to remove metadata from XLSX files.
  • Also, the application provides dual modes such as Choose Files or Choose Folders to browse files.
  • You can run XLSX Metadata Removal Tool on Windows 11, and earlier edition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to preview XLSX files before removing metadata properties?

Answer 1: Follow the steps of XLSX Metadata Removal Tool to preview data:

  • Step 1: Run the application and click the Open tab.
  • Step 2: Click the Excel Files and choose XLSX option.
  • Step 3: The application load files / folders on left panel.
  • Step 4: Click on loaded XLSX files and preview the complete data.

Question 2: How do I test the app without purchasing it?

Answer 2: If you need to test the app, download the free demo edition. The freeware will help you to test the working and features of XLSX Metadata Scrubber Tool.

The Abstract

Hope you like reading the post.

The software suggested to remove metadata from XLSX files is safe and reliable. With this app, it is possible to delete meta in bulk or selectively without facing any type of issues.

Additionally, our tool assures you that only metadata properties will be deleted. Your XLSX files’ other contents will not change.