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How to Delete Metadata from OTT Files without Affecting Other Data?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 5th, 2023
Reading Time
5 Minutes Reading


Overview: We encountered various topics on a daily basis as we worked on new problems and offered solutions to users. Yesterday, a client sent us a request asking for a way to mass-delete the metadata from OTT files. We have suggested him our MetaRaser Wizard for Windows to complete this task. So, we decided to write about this topic in this blog to aid those who are trying to complete a similar task but are having trouble locating a solution.

We would like to mention a few advantages of removing metadata from OTT files before describing the working steps.

Advantages of Removing Meta from OTT Files

  • To safeguard the content’s copyright owners’ intellectual property.
  • Decrease the likelihood that content will be shared or accessed illegally.
  • To make sure that copyright laws are not broken when the content is used.
  • Guarantee that the information isn’t used for any promotional or commercial endeavors, including advertising.
  • To make sure that the information isn’t use for any ideological or political objectives.

Users can, in short, secure their OTT files while deleting metadata The steps to complete this task are therefore explained below.

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How to Delete Metadata from OTT Files? – Software Walkthrough

  • First of all, download OTT Metadata Removal Software on your Windows computer.
  • Install and run the application and click the Open tab.
    click open
  • Now, choose Document Files from the drop-down list.
    choose ott files
  • Choose OTT Files and click on Choose Files or Choose Folders option to browse your files.
  • This solution will instantly load the selected files on the left panel. Click on the loaded files and preview your OTT.
    preview ott files
  • Now, click Actions option and select Clear Metadata from it.
    choose clear metadata
  • Choose the required location and click the Save button to begin the process.

The program begins deleting OTT file metadata. The removal of the metadata will only take a short while. So, please wait. Once it done, you will get the completion message.

That’s it. This is how one can delete metadata from OTT files without facing issues.

What Sets OTT Metadata Removal Software Designed by Professionals Apart from the Competition?

Using specialized software to remove metadata from OTT files has a number of benefits. Manual or online solutions are typically less reliable and secure than professional software. Additionally, it offers more complete metadata removal abilities. The removal parameters can be easily configured and customized by users of professional software, ensuring that the metadata is completely eliminated. Also, professional software is also more feature-rich and flexible than manual or online solutions, allowing for the batch processing of multiple files at once, which increases efficiency and lowers cost.

Therefore, it is advised to always choose a professional solution when removing metadata from OTT files.

Amazing Features of 4n6 OTT Metadata Removal Software

  • The application has a very simple and user-friendly graphical user interface for the ease. Even the Non-Technical user can operate this app without facing issues.
  • AWith this app, it is possible to delete metadata from multiple OTT files in batch at the same time. You don’t need to browse OTT files one by one.
  • Also, you can remove metadata from selected OTT files as per the requirements. This app will help you to save time and efforts.
  • The OTT Metadata Scrubber Software offers dual mode to browse OTT files or folders. It is suggested to use Choose Folders option to save time.
  • Also, with this application, you can preview OTT files before removing metadata from files.
  • This application has the ability to delete metadata from OTT files without any file size limitation. You can delete meta from unlimited OTT document files.
  • Also, you can download, install, and operate the app on Windows 11, Windows 10 and earlier edition.
  • OTT Meta Removal Tool allows you to choose the output location where you need to save output. This feature will help you to access the output easily.
  • Additionally, we guarantee that the application will deliver accurate results devoid of errors.
  • Only the metadata is remove from OTT files; all other data is kept intact.

The Conclusion

In today’s article, we have covered how to delete metadata from OTT files. Here, we’ve offered the fastest, safest, and most effective way to complete this task. The software is completely dependable and can easily delete meta in large quantities. So, if you are having OTT files and needs to remove metadata from them, use the suggested app. The application will help you a lot.