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Import MBOX to G Suite Directly With All Attachments, Headers etc.

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
November 14th, 2022
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4 Minutes Reading

The G Suite account provides features including numerous business email accounts, increased team communication, domain-based G Suite Business Email, etc. Therefore, if you import MBOX to G Suite, you may better utilise your MBOX files for both personal and business needs. You may get detailed instructions on “How do i import MBOX into G Suite” in this post. So, if you’d want to undertake a similar data transfer operation, keep reading.

How do I Import MBOX into G Suite? The Best Answer

No other solution is able to match the level of specificity offered by 4n6 MBOX Converter Tool. This app’s sole purpose is to simplify the process of importing MBOX files into G Suite account as much as humanly feasible. It is a highly trustworthy software that gives you the guarantee that it will maintain all of MBOX qualities when you are importing it. This utility can import MBOX messages to G Suite without using Thunderbird or any other supportive client. Follow the accompanying step-by-step instructions to comprehend how the tool operates.

download button

Step-by-step Instructions to Import MBOX to G Suite

  • By clicking the green button above, you can download the MBOX file to G Suite import tool. To import MBOX to G Suite, complete its installation and activate it after that.
    download mbox to g suite migration tool
  • Click the Open tab now. Then, Email Data File option. Select MBOX file and then either the pick choose file or choose folder option to upload an MBOX file to the software.
    choose mbox files or folders
  • Browse MBOX file that you want to import into G Suite, and then add them to the MBOX file to G Suite migration tool.
    browse mbox files
  • All MBOX files may be previewed once they have been loaded into the software.
    preview mbox files
  • After that, select IMAP from the list of storage options by selecting the Export.
    select imap as saving option
  • For G Suite, enter your email address and password. Include the name and port number of the server as well. When finished, press the Save.
    click save to import mbox to g suite
  • The tool will now establish a connection with the account, and if the login information is accurate, it will transfer all the files. You’ll be informed once the migration is finished.
    migration completion

So, using the given toolkit, that is how you can directly import MBOX to G Suite. We now wish to share some of the features of the tool with you. You could have a better understanding of the tool’s actual capabilities if you go through them.

MBOX to G Suite Migration Tool: Explore Some Primary Functions

  • This tool is made to mass import MBOX to G Suite, thus even if you have a lot of files to convert, it will take you less time.
  • It can transfer all of the MBOX files’ characteristics, including any attachments.
  • You may view MBOX files using the tool’s built-in preview feature before converting.
  • For forensics research purposes, You may analyze MBOX files emails in Hex & Raw modes.
  • By using the tool’s browse button, you may choose where to save the files that are generated.
  • It assumes responsible for ensuring that all email attributes are maintained during conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have a Thunderbird account set up on my device in order to import MBOX to G Suite?

No, the software is totally self-contained and does not require you to have any MBOX file support client in order to export your files to G Suite.

I need to export my MBOX files to both G Suite and my Gmail account; is this tool capable of doing so?

Yes, the recommended MBOX to G Suite transfer tool provides a comprehensive solution. You may import MBOX files to Gmail, Zoho, Yahoo, Office 365, IMAP, and any other account with the use of this utility.

My operating system is Windows 11, is it possible for me to utilize this MBOX to G Suite importer?

It doesn’t matter whatever version of Windows you’re using because this application supports operating on all of them, so there’s no need to worry about that.


We’ve provided you with an excellent option to import MBOX to G Suite account. The MBOX file to G Suite migration tool allows you to import an infinite number of files directly into your G Suite account. It is an all-in-one solution that also gives you the ability to convert MBOX files to a variety of other file formats, such as PDF, PST, TXT, HTML, and CSV, among others. You may begin converting your files immediately after downloading the utility for free from the link located above.