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Best MBOX email forensics tool to examine & analyse large MBOX files email messages, email headers with attachments

  • Analyze saved & deleted messages stored in .mbox file, .mbs & .sbd Folder
  • Supports Extracting evidences from MBOX File of Multiple Email Clients
  • Export in Email Files (EML, MBOX, PST) & Document (PDF, HTML, TXT)
  • Export directly to Email Services (Gmail, Office 365, and IMAP)
  • Extract Email Addresses & Phone Numbers in a Text (.txt) file
  • Extract Associated Email & Phone Numbers( in CSV ) & Attachments
  • Supports to Add Single MBOX file / Multiple MBOX files using Folder Mode
  • Advanced search function to find sensitive evidences by Keyword
  • Analyze metadata in 4 Views : Content, Message Header, Hex, Raw Message
  • Save emails and MBOX attachments in the PDF format for legal requirements.

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all-in-one mbox forensics wizard

Best MBOX Forensics Tool

An All-in-one MBOX Forensics Tool

The 4n6 MBOX Forensics Tool serves several functions. It allows you to examine MBOX files in a variety of ways for a comprehensive forensic investigation and save the results to your preferred platform. It is simple to use, and totally safeguards and preserves all your personal information during the analysis process.

offers saving option

Provides Options to Save the Work

The MBOX Forensics Wizard not only allows you to study MBOX files, but also to save them. In legal cases and courtrooms, it is required that you must have a document to submit as the proof of evidence. The MBOX file forensics tool allows you to save your work in PDF as well as in the form of various Internet files. This allows you to simply demonstrate the proof easily, whenever demanded by concerned authorities.

Main Features

Valuable Features of MBOX Forensics Wizard Software

Extract Evidence from MBOX File & Variants

MBOX Forensic Tool analyzes files and offers the preview function that allows you to obtain an in depth image of the facts contained in the .mbox file, as well as .mbs & and .sbd folders. This MBOX email analysis software extracts all the relevant data as well as deleted data from messages and displays all the content in a panel for the purposes of forensic analysis / and evaluation. From the forensic point of view the MBOX Forensics Wizard is a great way to dig deeper into an email and gather crucial facts. It This utility allows you to extract the MBOX file & all its variants created in multiple email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail / Mac mail, Operamail, Netscape and many others.

Carve Out data from MBOX Files / SBD Folders

With this MBOX data forensics software, user can select their preferred file / folder and move MBOX file to any other file format in a few easy and simple clicks. For browsing .mbox file two options are available :

  • Choose Files : This options allows users to browse the MBOX file with extension (.mbox)
  • Choose Folders : This choice allows users to browing the folder containing MBOX file in bulk (Thunderbird Profile Folder / Thunderbird .sdb folder)

Supports Multiple Extraction Options

The MBOX Forensics Tool provides an option to extract required data from MBOX File. You can apply the following extraction filters:

  • Extract only Email Addresses: It allows you to save only email address from MBOX files and folders in Text File (.txt). Also you get additional filters like extract email address from attachments, select field to extract from email address (From, To, Cc, Subject, Message Body, and Message Header)
  • Extract only Attachments : Allows you to extract attachments present in MBOX File in their respective format.
  • Extract only Phone Number: Allows you to extract only phone number MBOX Files in the Text file. This option displays phone numbers before exporting.
  • Extract Associated Email & Phone Numbers: Allows you to extract associated emails and respective phone numbers in the CSV file type. This option displays the Associated Emails & and Phone Numbers before exporting.

Store Digital Evidence in Multiple Destinations

Depending on the user's choice, this feature of the MBOX forensics tool allows users / investigators to switch their data from one platform to another at a given time. You can select from numerous export types such as:

  • Email Files: Save data in EML , MBOX , PST (individual file for each folder / single PST for all ) file format . For these export option you get additional exports as : Create Empty Folders , delete Old Folders, Include email folders
  • Document Files: allows you to save MBOX emails in PDF, HTML, TXT format. For these export option you get additional exports as : Create Empty Folders , delete Old Folders, Include email folders , Include Properties. For PDF (Show Page Numbers, Save attachments in folder)
  • Directly to Email Services (Gmail, Office 365, IMAP)- For this option you need to provide details like: Backup Folder Name , Backup email address , Password . For IMAP , additionally, you need to enter Server Address & Server Port Number for destination Mail client(eg: Yahoo, Gmail )

Complete Mail Messages Preview

The MBOX Email Forensics wizard has an inbuilt message viewer that displays entire messages email folders and their data items, as well as formatting important messages, attachments, email headers and meta-properties. To preview this, the tool provides four panes: Content, Message Header, Hex, and Raw Message.

  • In the Content View: Users can easily see all the important properties of email, such as sender, cc, bcc, subject, attachment name, etc.
  • Message Header View: Displays X-Mozilla-Status, Delivered-To:, Received:by , MIME-Version: etc.
  • Hex View: Display data in hexadecimal format.
  • Raw message View: Displays other details of the email message like Return-Path, DKIM-Signature, Content-Type, and Message-Id: etc.

Advanced Search with Multiple Filters

The MBOX analysis software incorporates a powerful search mechanism that allows investigators to inspect MBOX emails by keyword, by date, by name efficiently. Further, this complements the investigative abilities of the software program as it allows investigators to effectively review MBOX emails.

Save All MBOX Email & Attachments

It is one of the best MBOX forensics tool, which keeps track of all the attachments of each email. You can right-click on an attachment to open and save it. This tool allows you to easily access all the mail data including message header, subject, address, start address, date, time, cc, cc, or many more. If an email contains more than one attachments, you can select the Save All option to save them.

Provides Easy Flexible User Interface

With the help of this MBOX Forensics Wizard software, users can easily manage multiple email files and convert MBOX files to various formats as shown in the tool. The tool offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface, which allows even a beginner easily operate the software to perform the required tasks.

Software Specifications

4n6 MBOX Forensics Wizard Software Specifications

Software Download

Size : 42.2 MB

Version : 4.6

Trial Limitations

The Free demo version of the 4n6 MBOX Forensics Tool allows you to only convert a few files.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB RAM

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz Processor

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008

Electronic Delivery

The product delivery is automatic. You will receive an email with the link to download the product and the activation key within a few minutes after the payment has been confirmed.

Software Screenshots

MBOX Forensics Software Screenshots
download mbox forensics wizard
submit mbox file
analyze mbox file
examine mbox in various modes
select saving option


Video Tutorial to Help Analyze MBOX Files


Frequently Asked Questions

To search & find email data with 4n6 software, perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Free Download & run MBOX analysis tool.
  • Step 2: Browse MBOX / SBD / MBS for Analysis of Evidence.
  • Step 3: Preview MBOX in Content, Message Header, Hex, and Raw Message View.
  • Step 4: Choose Destination Export & Extraction settings to Gather the evidence.

This MBOX forensics tool is an efficient Forensic analysis software that allows its users to view the deleted email even though that email is deleted from the email client. This feature proves very helpful in gathering crucial evidences for Investigators.

Yes, you can save all MBOX attachments together by using this best MBOX Forensic tool. It gives a separate option “Extract only Attachments” to save only email address from the MBOX File files & folders in the Text (.txt) files. You also get additional filters like extract email address from attachments, and select field to extract from email address (From, To, Cc, Subject, Message Body, Message Header).

Yes, MBOX email analysis software allows users / investigators to transfer their data from one platform to another at a given time. You can select from numerous export types : Email Files (EML, MBOX, PST) & Document Files (PDF, HTML, TXT). You can , also export directly to various email services, such as (Gmail, Office 365, and IMAP)

There is no limit to the number of collections made with the help of this tool. Users can create an unlimited number of collections and save without any error.


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