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How to Convert MBOX to CSV? Top Solutions

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Nick Rogers
Published On
April 17th, 2024
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Want to organize your MBOX email data into a structured format? Converting to CSV can be the best solution. You can convert MBOX to CSV to analyze email statistics and integrate it with other applications for processing, sorting and filtering. Keep reading this article to discover the manual methods and top-rated MBOX to CSV converter to achieve the conversion easily.

We all know that MBOX is supported by most Windows, iOS, macOS and Linux based applications. A single MBOX file can contain a lot of persistent data about a specific profile configured with a email client. An MBOX email may contains headers, message text and attachments in a structured manner.

On the other hand, CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a list of data that contains information in specific rows and columns. Most users prefer saving data in CSV format due to their ability to retain the data in an organized manner.

A lot of users want to open MBOX files in CSV format along with attachments for several reasons. We have listed the main benefits of this conversion, you can explore them below.

Why Should You Convert MBOX to CSV?

  • Switch between accounts: CSV files are supported by many platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and CRMs. Therefore, converting MBOX to CSV can be useful for merging your data between multiple accounts.
  • In-depth Data Analysis: The CSV file displays data in a tabular format which facilitates the analysis process. By converting MBOX email to CSV, you can analyze your data, extract insights, and create reports to understand communication patterns.
  • Filtering: By converting your mailbox data file to a CSV file, you can sort and filter your data based on different criteria. You can sort data by email frequency, sender, recipient, and trend over time.

These are some of the benefits of sorting MBOX email data to CSV file. Now, let’s get back to our business and find out one of the best solutions to convert MBOX file to CSV format.

Top Ways to Convert MBOX File to CSV 

There are various method to complete the job, however not all the method are suitable for all users. In the section below, we will guide you through the process of converting from MBOX format to CSV using manual and expert methods.

The manual method is completely based on the system based email client and is a bit long. On the other hand, the specialized method uses the best MBOX to CSV converter that is completely independent and straightforward. Let’s start by reviewing both methods in detail.

Method 1: Using Thunderbird Application 

  • First, if you don’t already have Thunderbird installed on your device, download and install it.
  • Configure your email account(s) if you haven’t already.
  • Now, go to File > Import > Import Everything.
  • Select the file you want to convert from MBOX to CSV.
  • Thunderbird will add the your MBOX file into your account.
  • Next, install the “ImportExportTools NG” add-on from the add-ons store.
    install add on to convert mbox to csv
  • Go to your MBOX folder previously imported into the client.
  • Right-click on the mailbox folder containing the imported MBOX emails.
    select mbox emails
  • Choose “Save selected Message” and select “CSV” and click OK.
    select csv

This method to convert MBOX to CSV depends on the email account. If you want to easily convert files from MBOX to CSV independently and in just a few minutes, regardless of the data size, consider the following method:

Method 2: Highly-rated MBOX to CSV Converter

The 4n6 MBOX Converter Tool is the effective and efficient tool to convert MBOX file to CSV with attachments. This utility can easily be used by both technical and non-technical users. Also, it provides a filter search option to search and save specific MBOX emails as document CSV files.

The MBOX to CSV Converter converts your files to Excel CSV in bulk in a single cycle without any loss of data. It also acts as the MBOX viewer tool, as it enables you to examine mailbox files in detail. Just download the free offline conversion tool and continue with the process.

Steps to Export MBOX Format to CSV in Bulk

  • Download, Install and Run the MBOX to CSV Converter.
    download mbox to csv converter
  • Go to the Open Menu >> Email Data Files >>MBOX Files
    click open and select mbox
  • Browse MBOX files or folders and get them into the MBOX to CSV Converter.
    browse mbox files
  • Check out the complete preview of your MBOX files before conversion.
    view mbox before conversion into csv
  • After that, Open the Export Menu and Select CSV as the file format from the drop-down list.
    select csv option
  • Browse the destination path and click on Save button to convert MBOX to CSV.
    convert mbox to csv

Wait for a couple of minutes and see the final exported message. By clicking on the Open Folder, you can see the resultant Excel CSV file.

How to Sort MBOX Emails as CSV Spreadsheet| Watch Video Tutorial

Explore Basic Features of the Software 

  • Works Offline: This software is completely offline. It does not retain your data for a longer period of time as majority of online MBOX to CSV converter do.
  • Batch Conversion: The tool allows you to convert MBOX to CSV in bulk with all email text, attachments like image, documents and links and other metadata.
  • Preview Emails: You may read MBOX files prior to conversion. For forensic purposes, you may also check the Hex and raw values of the MBOX emails with this software.
  • Convert Specific Emails: The advanced filter option allows to convert MBOX email to CSV using different criteria such as date, time, filename, file size, To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, etc.
  • Windows Based: The Windows MBOX to CSV tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, such as Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  • Self-sufficient: This application is completely standalone and does not need you to setup any desktop email client in order to convert MBOX Text to CSV format.
  • Initially Free: There is a free version of the tool available for try and testing purpose. The free trial version allows the conversion of 10 MBOX emails to CSV from each folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) Why should I convert MBOX to CSV?

You might need to convert MBOX file to CSV document to organize, analyze, or protect your email data. CSV is a widely supported format for tabular data that can be easily imported into spreadsheet software and databases.

Question 2) How do I locate the MBOX file in my email client?

The location of MBOX files varies depending on your email client. In Thunderbird, you can find them in your profile folder. In Apple Mail, look for the “Mail” folder within your user library.

Question 3) Is there a free method to export MBOX file to CSV?

Yes, you may initially use the 4n6 MBOX to CSV converter for free for conversion of MBOX to CSV. Also, you may use MBOX-supported open source email clients like for free conversions.

Question 4) What are the limitations of converting MBOX to CSV?

Converting MBOX to CSV may result in some data loss, especially if your emails contain complex formatting or attachments. CSV is a simplified format primarily for text-based data.

Question 5) How many emails can i convert from MBOX to CSV at once?

You may export multiple or even unlimited numbers of MBOX data files to CSV spreadsheet in a single procedure with professional application.

Question 6) Can I use this MBOX format to CSV Converter on the Mac OS system?

No, the software does not support any versions of Mac OS. However, you may use it to convert MBOX to CSV of any version on Windows.

Question 7) Can CSV files contain MBOX attachments?

No, CSV files can not contain attachments of MBOX files or any other file format as they store data in a pain text format in a tabular form.

The Conclusion 

We have provided you with the best ways to convert MBOX to CSV. You can easily convert a file from MBOX as CSV document using an email client. Alternatively, you may use the best MBOX to CSV converter for bulk conversion of files without any email client. Most professionals recommend the pro software to carry out the conversion process.