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How to Convert MBOX to TXT Format? Simple 5 Steps

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Nick Rogers
Published On
November 22nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Do you need to convert MBOX to text format for easy access to data without any email application dependency? Are you looking for a professional MBOX to TXT converter to easily and bulk convert files at once? If yes, then this article is a must read for you.

MBOX is a file type that stores email messages in rich text format. These files are universal and compatible with a wide range of email applications like Thunderbird, Apple Mail (previous version), etc. It has the ability to keep all configured profile data in one file.

While MBOX files have a lot of advantages, they have some disadvantages as well. MBOX files are not easy to access. You must either configure with the compatible MBOX client or the Free MBOX Viewer. However, if you do not want to use any of the options, converting them to plain text format is best. There are many benefits to converting MBOX files to TXT format, which you may find below.

Quick Steps to Convert MBOX to Text Format

  • Download, install and launch the MBOX to TXT Converter
  • Add your MBOX files/folders into the software panel.
  • Select Text from the list of export options.
  • Select location for output and click the save button.

Advantages of Converting MBOX to TXT 

TXT files are standard text documents containing plain text. It is used to save information in a text file without any special formatting. Text files can be easily opened with Geany, Microsoft Notepad, Notepad ++, EditPad Lite, Atom, Visual Studio Code, DocPad, and many other text editors. There are many advantages to using text files. Some of them are listed below.

  • Easy to open and view in multiple text editing applications.
  • Users can easily edit the information with a text editor.
  • You can easily find the email you need.
  • A text file that is easy to read by double-clicking.a
  • Text files are small or versatile.
  • Send email data as an email attachment.

How to Export MBOX Files to TXT ?

4n6 MBOX Converter Tool  lets you convert MBOX to TXT format in a couple of clicks. With the help of this app, one can easily convert unlimited MBOX files into TXT format without facing hassle. It supports to export MBOX files created by any MBOX supportive app.


This MBOX to TXT converter can convert MBOX to Text along with all associated attachments. This app is safe to use and keeps your emails safe. There will be no change in message format or attributes associated with the MBOX files, even after the conversion. You can read the full working steps of the tool below.

Working Steps of the MBOX to TXT Converter 

  • Download, install and run the software to convert MBOX to Text format.
    run the mbox to txt converter
  • Click the Open tab >> Email Data Files >> MBOX Files >> Choose folder/files.
    click open select mbox file
  • Once all the Text files are imported into the tool, preview them.
    preview mbox file
  • Click the Export option and select the TEXT as a storage format.
    select text format
  • Then select a destination and click Save to begin the conversion process.
    click save to convert mbox to text

Watch the Video to Learn the Easy Tutorial:

MBOX to TEXT Converter – Benefits & Features

  • Advanced Search Function: MBOX to TXT Converter is a sophisticated application. It has a search feature that lets you look for certain MBOX emails using different criteria including date, time, topic, copy, and so on.
  • Support Batch MBOX Conversion: The best approach is to use an MBOX to Text file conversion application. It can convert MBOX to TXT in bulk while preserving data integrity.
  • Use Various Search Filter: The software has a unique search feature. Users may utilize many criteria, such as date, to locate and view the MBOX email they require.
  • Save All MBOX Attachments: When you convert the MBOX file; you’ll be able to store all of the email’s attachments in the appropriate place.
  • View Emails before Conversion: MBOX to Text Converter is a simple-to-use software. It has a consistent user interface. The user may get a full preview of emails that have attributes.

In Conclusion

Currently, many people are looking for ways to convert MBOX to Text format. Therefore, in this article, we presented an intelligent and fast approach, that is, MBOX to TXT Converter to export multiple MBOX files to text format without any errors and data loss. The software is an all-in-one that may also split MBOX files into individual message. Thus to enjoy all of the tool’s benefits download it immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How to manually convert MBOX to TXT format?

A) There is no way to manually convert MBOX files to TEXT format. You must use professional software to make this conversion possible.

Q) Thunderbird Add-one allows export of MBOX files in PDF and CSV format, does it allow export in text format as well?

A) No. The Thunderbird ImporteExportwizard add-on provides only a few storage options. Exporting MBOX in text format is not allowed.

Q) How many MBOX files can i convert at once?

A) The MBOX to TXT converter allows you to convert unlimited MBOX files in a single operation.