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Import MBOX to Zoho Mail in Bulk Without Any Account Setup

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 17th, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Migration from MBOX to Zoho is no longer a difficult operation; all you need to do is discover the appropriate solution. The purpose of this post is to also demonstrate the correct way to import MBOX to Zoho Mail. We advise you to continue reading in order to locate the best option.

An Instant Way to Import MBOX to Zoho 

MBOX Converter Wizard is a software for uploading MBOX files straight to Zoho Mail. It’s a tool developed specifically to migrate MBOX files to other platforms, such as Zoho Mail, utilizing IMAP settings. It allows you to import all properties, including emails, attachments, contacts, etc., into Zoho mail. It also allows you to inspect MBOX files before to converting them. To assist you in determining how the tool works, we have detailed each step below. Consider it then.
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Step-by-step Procedure to Migrate MBOX File to Zoho Mail

  • Download the MBOX file to Zoho migration tool by clicking the link above. Follow the on-screen directions for installation and launch after that to import MBOX to Zoho.
    download mbox to zoho migration tool
  • Once the tool’s window has displayed, select the Open Select Email Data File. To upload an MBOX file to the tool, select MBOX file and then either the pick file or choose folder option.
    select mbox files or folder option
  • Select all the MBOX files you wish to migrate into Zoho by browsing them and add them to the MBOX file to Zoho migration tool.
    browse mbox files
  • Once all MBOX files have been presented in the application, it is possible to preview them.
    preview the files
  • Now pick IMAP from the available storage choices by clicking the Export in order to import MBOX to Zoho Mail.
    pick imap as storage option
Note: Picking the IMAP option in the software also enables you to import MBOX files to Exchange, Yahoo Mail and other accounts. You only have to enter the credentials of the select account and save.
  • Enter your email address and password for Zoho Mail. Include the server’s name and port number as well. After completion, click the Save button to import MBOX to Zoho Mail.
    click save to convert mbox to zoho mail

The application will now connect to the account, and if the credentials are valid, it will transfer all the files. After the migration has been completed, you will be contacted.

Learn More about the MBOX File to Zoho Migration Tool

  • Simple to Use: You will have a simple time using the application because it offers the simplest possible user interface, which will make things easier for you. Because of how well everything is explained, using it to import MBOX to Zoho won’t be difficult for you at all.
  • Import MBOX to Zoho Mail in Bulk: It allows you to import several MBOX files at once into Zoho Mail. When it comes to importing a big number of files directly to Zoho Mail using the MBOX migration tool, there will be no limitations for you to contend with.
  • Preview Function: Before you import MBOX file to Zoho Mail, you have the option to preview all of your MBOX files in the tool. For the purpose of MBOX forensics, you may examine them in great detail, using methods such as hex view and raw mode.
  • Search Function: The application has a search function, which you may use in order to locate certain pieces of text, email, or attachments. You are able to search for them based on a certain time period or email address.
  • Backup Folder Name: When you import MBOX file to Zoho mail account, you will be given the opportunity to rename the backup folder, which will help you to more readily recognize it inside Zoho mail. This choice will be shown to you when you import the MBOX file.


Import MBOX to Zoho Mail in the most straightforward manner possible while maintaining data integrity. The MBOX file to Zoho migration tool is a specialist MBOX file conversion tool with several features. The enhanced features allow you to complete the move more quickly. It also comes with a free demo version that you can use to test the tool’s functionality before buying it. You may get the tool from the URL above and start migrating MBOX files right away.